Random Musings Friday…

It’s Friday again!  It always seems to take forever to get here.  Although I was super busy this week and the time really flew. 

I only have a few minutes this morning…work is blowing up on me today.  Someone was supposed to have done something five months ago…and I found out last night that it’s not done.  Now it’s become my problem…and I have about three hours to take care of it…when I could have had five months.  Some people really annoy me. 

Anyway…this week’s random musings…

  • Speaking of people who annoy me…I read that Octomom’s house in foreclosure.  How has social services not taken those kids away from her yet?  I mean, she’s got 14 kids and no job in a house that is, literally, falling apart.  And really…did she have any kind of plan for this?  Do you think it ever crossed her mind that it’s expensive to have 14 kids and maybe she should figure out some kind of career plan or financial plan?  I hope someone smartens up and gets those kids into good homes.  They don’t deserve to suffer because their mother is an asshole.
  • The other day, I was driving and I saw a school bus fail to make a complete stop at a stop sign.  As I drove past, I saw that the driver was talking on his cell phone.  There were kids in the back of the bus.  It totally blew me away that the care of children is being left to someone so clearly irresponsible.  There’s never a cop around when you need one. 

I know…it’s a super short list this week.  Sorry.  I promise that next week will be better.


Have a great weekend!!!



  1. I’m so disgusted by Octamom and couldn’t agree more–those poor kids need to go to better homes. But I can’t imagine splitting them up either, which makes me even more upset that something like this could happen in the first place. Disgusting.

    :( I can’t believe that about the school bus driver. Is there a way to report someone like that?!

  2. Also, have a great weekend!

    (Oh, and WP just yelled at me and told me to stop posting so quickly. LOL!)

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