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Always Something There To Remind Me…Beth Harbison

Can you ever really know if love is true? And if it is, should you stop at anything to get it?

Twenty years ago, Erin Edwards was sure she’d already found the love of her life. Nate Lawson was her first love…the person with whom she shared all her hopes and dreams for the future. He was the one she thought she would be with forever. Until one terrible night…when Erin made a mistake and Nate could not forgive her. She was left to mourn the relationship she could never forget or get over.

Today, Erin is happily involved with a new man, has a successful career, and is raising a daughter on her own. So why is Nate’s name the first thing that pops into her head when her boyfriend proposes?

Soon, Erin finds herself coming unraveled over the past, and the love she never forgot. The more she tries to forget the past and move on, the more it haunts her.

Like most people, I have a “Nate” in my past…a first love that maybe could have been The One, but wasn’t.  Sometimes I think of him and I wonder “what if?”  What if I’d known then what I know now?  What if I made slightly different decisions when we were together.  Could my life have turned out differently?  Where would I be now?  I know that I’m better off and I’m happy with my life as it turned out…but I always wonder.   This story takes you through those possibilities.

The chapters alternate between the past and the present and we get to see Erin’s relationship with Nate develop and then fall apart.  We also get to see her struggle as an adult to figure out what she truly wants now.  I really liked the format…cutting up the story like that really kept me engrossed and made me want to keep reading to find out what happened next.  I found myself getting lost in the characters…and in my own head.  Erin is very likeable and I wanted so badly for things to turn out alright for her.  I was disappointed when the book ended…not because I didn’t like the ending…but because it was over.

It’s definitely worth the read…especially if you are feeling nostalgic for your high school years.


  1. This definitely sounds like a book I would also like to check up. It reminds me of another book I read, by the author of “Something Borrowed…” but I could be making that up. Either way, I have a gift card to use at B&N and I’ll keep this one in mind :)

  2. Intriguing. I will add it to my – I’m feeling nostalgic book list!

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