Random Musings Friday…

I have the day off today.  I’m very excited about my day off.  I don’t plan on doing much…just hanging out at home…and most importantly, not going to work.  Yesterday at work my boss accused me of making a mistake and sent me a really nasty email.  There was a mistake made…but the mistake wasn’t mine…it was his.  And when this was pointed out to him, I got a half-hearted apology.  So today is a much-needed break from my office.

Normally, right now I’d be checking my email and reviewing my to-do list for the day and starting to field phone calls.  Instead, I’m going to use my time in a much more satisfying way…but telling you about this week’s random musings…

  • I read an article in People magazine last week about a guy who was wrongly convicted of a crime and spent a lot of years in jail for no reason.  The prosecutor convicted the guy on circumstantial evidence…including the fact that he wore a lot of black clothing and was into the occult.  I got kind of nervous…because 90% of my wardrobe is black, I watch Ghost Hunters all the time and I used to have a Ouija board.  I think I might be in trouble if I ever come in contact with that prosecutor.
  • I was reading a book and the character pointed out that while people watching was interesting…it was really people critiquing that was the fun part.  I’d never really thought about it before, but it’s totally true.  People watching is so much better when you have a friend with you and can keep a running commentary on the people you are watching.
  • Remember the car salesman from the other day who never called me back?  Well…his name was Dan Stevens.  That is my ex boyfriend’s name also…though the last name was spelled differently.  Talk about a bad omen…I guess I should have known that the transaction was doomed from the start.
  • I’ve watched Sixteen Candles several times this week (in the middle of the night, of course)…and I really think it’s one of the brilliantly written movies ever.  John Hughes was a genius.  If you haven’t watched the movie in a while…watch it again.  You’ll thank me.
  • Right now…as I type this…the dogs are stretched out across the entire couch and I’m sitting on the floor.  Sometimes I wonder which of us is the owner and which is the pet.

I’m off to go do a whole lot of nothing.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend of similar laziness and relaxation.  See you Monday!


  1. I am working on my Ph.D. and I made my schedule ridiculously heavy M-Thursday so I can have Fridays off. Course, I mostly spend Fridays doing massive amounts of homework but the fact that I can sleep in and drink coffee in my robe makes the craziness worth it. Enjoy your day off!
    PS. Loved your guest post on your half marathon! I am doing my first one on Sunday (eek!) and I loved reading about your experience.

  2. So…LOVE 16 Candles. That is a great movie. Long-Duck-Dong, “I just got felt up by my grandparents” and Jake Ryan. Epic film.
    I had a friend and critiquing people was a daily ritual. Just when I needed it most, I would get an email “Let’s go downstairs and judge”. It was often the best part of my day.
    Hope your day off was wonderful, and you finally got a piece of the couch

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