What is it with people???

J and I are considering making a major purchase.  No…not another house.  A new car.  Our car is pretty old and we are thinking of upgrading…possibly to an SUV. 

Over the weekend, J was surfing around the internet, looking at different models and he found a car that he really liked…and a dealership that was offering it for a pretty good price.  The online offer seemed too good to be true, so I decided to call the dealership to find out a little more about the car…and to determine if the online price was real.  My father has been in the car business my whole life and now my brother is also.  I know how it works…they advertise a great prices to get you into the dealership and then they try to talk you into a more expensive car when you get there.  But J really liked this car and I figured it was worth the phone call. 

I spoke to a very nice guy who took down my information and assured me that he would call me back after checking his stock to let me know what he had available and at what prices. 

Then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

He never called back.  So yesterday, I called him again.  I left him a voicemail with my work and cell phone numbers and asked him to please call me back. 


J said to forget it.  The dealership is far from our house and the guy was clearly not interested in selling us a car…but I wanted to give it just one more try.  I was able to reach the salesman and, after making 12 excuses for not returning my calls, we got down to business.  The car we saw online was no longer available (shocker!), but they had the same car in a different color.  I asked about the price and the salesman wanted to know when we could “stop in”.  Now…this place is 45 minutes from our house.  I have no plans of just stopping in.  I want numbers first and if it’s worth our while, we’ll come in to see the car.  I told him as much and he said he’d work up the numbers and call me back in 15 minutes. 

Guess what…he never called back. 

Seriously?!?!  I know from my father and brother that business sucks right now.  People just aren’t buying cars.  Except, apparently, from this dealership.  This dealership has so much business that they aren’t bothering to return the phone calls of potential customers. 

I guess I get it…a little.  I’m a nightmare customer.  I know all the tricks and I’m not going to be suckered into paying for things I don’t need.  I’m demanding to know numbers before I’ll even come into the showroom.  I want what I want and only what I want and I won’t ever be convinced that I need satellite radio or tinted windows or a remote starter.  It’s not going to be an easy sell and this guy knows it.  So he’s just not bothering.  It must be nice to do so well that you can turn customers away. 

So J and I are going to stick with our trusty little car for now.  She’s old and banged up, but she runs well…and she’s paid off.  And maybe someday I’ll figure out how people in sales, who get paid on commissions only, can afford to be so cavalier in how they treat their customers. 

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  1. Good for you! I know who to call when Mike and I need to go car shopping! :)

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