A Canadian Recap…

I know…I promised this yesterday.  But I had a hell of a time downloading my pictures.  My camera and computer just did not want to cooperate with one another. 

But I finally got my act together and I now present to you…

What I learned in Canada…

  • If you are going to take notes for the blog post you plan to write about your vacation, you should do it before you start drinking…because if you do it after, those notes won’t make any sense.  I have a note that reads “True Blood…didn’t like it, friends with the hula hoop and taking lessons and once shook hands with a cow wearing a suit.”  I can’t tell you what the hell that means, but I know it was awfully funny when I wrote it down.
  • You can find lots of things at the West Edmonton Mall…like a water park, an amusement park, an ice rink, a seal show, hand painted hermit crabs and a dress made of latex.

Why does one need hand painted hermit crabs???

I think this is a good look for me.

  • When the waitress tells you that the drinks are really strong, you should believe her.  You should not act like a jerk and pretend you like your drinks that way…because you will feel like an ass when you have to cut the drink with cranberry juice.  (Once I added the juice, this was the best drink I’ve ever had.)

    Basically...it was straight vodka with a few berries before I added the juice...way too strong.

  • Despite what New Yorkers think, it is possible to find delicious pizza outside of NY.

    Wild mushroom pizza with pesto, pine nuts and truffle oil. You are so jealous right now.

  • Flip flops are not appropriate footwear for hiking…despite what your friend says.
  • A waterfall always looks better from the bottom than the top. There really is no need to spend the extra energy to climb all the way up.
  • Hula hooping is a very popular pastime in Canada…as is hitchhiking. 
  • I never thought I’d enjoy eating dinner in an alley behind a restaurant…but Chef Cowan’salley burgers are a religious experience.

A kobe beef burger topped with cheese, pastrami, arugula and pickles...you are even more jealous now.

  • Sometimes there are bears hanging out on the side of the road.
  • When the sign says “Don’t fee the animals” it’s still ok to give Cheetos to a chipmunk.  It’s pretty funny to watch them eat it.
  • Canadians really like dead animals hanging on the walls…and hunting.  Also…when they stuff a polar bear, they leave the penis there for all to see.

  • Canadian wisdom dictates that spit is a really good antidote to mosquito bites…and Canadians are so polite that they will offer to lick your mosquito bites for you.
  • If you tweet about how good a restaurant is while you are eating, the chef will send you wonderful things to your table.  Also…any restaurant that has pig shaped paper clips is alright in my book.


Pork rillette…this was so delicious that we were practically licking the jar.

I know I’m leaving out a million things…Robyn and Wilzie made sure my trip was jam-packed with fun.  We went to a bunch of Fringe shows.  We visited the farmers’ market and had delicious waffles.  We ate until I thought I was going to pop.  We shopped…a lot.  They were fantastic hosts and I had an amazing time.  Thank you both so much for having me.


  1. Seriously, dude – those flip flops were awesome to hike in! You know you’re just jealous.
    Also, my new Sketchers are wicked comfy too.
    You got some great wildlife pictures – the chipmunk eating a cheeto, the bear eating twigs, me eating an alley burger…
    And you must have been drunk, because those notes made perfect sense to me!
    I am glad you had a good time, we really enjoyed having you here! You are welcome to our tiny house any time.

  2. We loved having you!

    We also had a blast eating and drinking our way through Edmonton (and Banff, and Calgary) with you, and dragging you around at all hours of the night to quirky little shows at the fringe.

    You’re welcome back anytime… especially if you bring more of those delicious champagne truffles from Teuscher!

  3. Okay, I have to say this first…. HOLY COW, SHANA!!! YOU LOOK AMAAAAAAAAZING! Seriously. I almost didn’t recognize you in the first photo. Which isn’t to say that you weren’t beautiful before–obviously you were!–but you really do look fantastic in your new sexy body. :)

    Also, is that bear showing teeth?! And why are you so close to him? The hell!!!!???

    Sounds like you had an amazing time and some good tour guides! This was a great recap, Shana!

  4. OMG you went to Canada!? LUCKY!!! That pizza looks delicious and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I want to go to that mall.

    And I agree with Charlotte…you look amazing!
    And also I love that bear.


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