Jean Blues…

I have had one pleasant jeans-buying experience in my life…

Many years ago, about an hour before leaving for vacation, I walked into The Gap looking for a pair of jeans.  I hurriedly pulled several pairs off the shelf and ran to the dressing room.  The first pair I put on fit like a glove.  They were the perfect length…they fit in the waist and the hips…they were tight in all the right places…they made my butt look fantastic.  They were my dream jeans.  I bought them, left the store and went straight to the airport.  I wore those jeans every day of my trip and I absolutely loved them. 

And that was the last pleasant experience I’ve had buying jeans.  I still have those jeans…they don’t fit anymore…but they are my goal and my motivation to lose weight.  Actually, when I got home from my trip, I went back to The Gap to buy a spare pair…just in case something happened to the first ones.  They were gone…not a single pair left in any size…and it seemed that they had discontinued that fit.  

Ever since then, I’ve been on an endless search for good jeans and I’ve never found a single pair.  Everything is either too long or too short…to tight in the hips or too loose in the waist.  Too stretchy or too stiff.  It’s very frustrating. 

I actually found a pair of jeans in January that were ok.  They were a bit big in the waist and a little too long…but they served the purpose and I knew they’d only be temporary.  However…since I started losing weight they’ve gotten too big.  So big, in fact, that the last time I wore them, they kept falling down as I walked.  So I’ve been hunting this past week for a pair of jeans that fits me.  It’s been an ordeal. 

Most stores only carry regular length jeans…so right there, I’ve got a problem…I’m short and I need ankle length.  I actually found a pair of jeans at The Gap that fit me well and were a super soft denim…except they were about 9 inches too long.    So I ordered the same jeans in the same size, but the ankle length from the website…and they were too tight.  I went to Banana Republic…Target…Nordstrom…Kohl’s…basically, any store that sells denim.  I tried on about 10 pairs of jeans.  I ordered another 8 pairs online. 

Nothing fit. 

By Monday night…when the last three pairs of Levi’s I’d ordered arrived and were a bust, I had a bit of a meltdown.  My poor mother took the brunt of that when she tried to be helpful and I snapped at her.  (Sorry Mom.)  I was convinced that I would be jeans-less forever and I no longer cared.  In fact…being very dramatic…I told J that I no longer even cared about clothes at all and I didn’t care if anything ever fit me again and I was just going to wear muumuus from now on. 

Then last night something wonderful happened.  I was on my way to the grocery store and I decided to stop at Dress Barn.  I wasn’t looking for jeans…I was looking for summer dresses on sale.  But they had jeans.  Oodles of them…in different cuts and styles.  I decided to go all in and I pulled one pair from each rack.  I went into the dressing room with very little hope.  The first few pairs were dismissed right away.  Another pair fit ok, but the button hole was so small that I had a really hard time even unbuttoning them to try them on, so they were out.  Another pair fit ok also, but had a very strange jeweled design down one leg that I didn’t like. 

Altogether, I’d rejected 6 pairs and was down to my last pair.  As I pulled them on I realized the denim was really soft and I loved the dark rinse.  They went on really easy, but I didn’t want to get to excited…though I thought I might have a winner.  I buttoned them and zipped them and I held my breath and turned to the mirror and…

They were perfect.  They are slightly tapered at the waist so it doesn’t gap…even when I sit down.  They were soft and comfortable (thanks to a little stretch).  They were tight in the right places and loose in the right places.  And the best part…they were $35!

I bought them…and the next size down.  (I’m hoping these don’t fit for very long!) 

I was so relieved…I finally have jeans that will fit me until I can once again fit into my perfect Gap jeans.  No more jeans shopping for me for a long time!

So…do you hate shopping for jeans as much as I do???


  1. As we discussed, jeans shopping is worse than bathing suit shopping for me.
    Just ask Wilzie, he’ll tell you…nothing can put me in a fouler mood than shopping for jeans.
    So, kudos to you for continuing to try. I probably would have just went with the muumuu

  2. I do hate it, because I’m only 5’3″ so everything is too short. Funny, my favorite pair of jeans I found on a kohls clearance rack for like $11. I wear them everywhere, including work. So glad you found a great pair!

  3. Congrats on finally finding your right pair after all that. I ABSOLUTELY HATE jean shopping!!! I used to have my perfect go to jeans at American Eagle.. they since have started to only sell “HOOCHIE” cut… IE SO LOW YO’ BUTT CRACK WILL SHO’ jeans. I have one pair that I can deal with they are mid rise, but they still make me feel like I have muffin top, even though I purchase a size larger.

    Good for you for not totally giving up and giving it one more try. I get beside myself and being in between sizes drives me insane.

    I know you won’t be in these new ones for long so it’s super smart you bought another size down – rock on girl!!!

  4. Jeans shopping is the worst. At 5’5″ you wouldn’t think I have long legs, but regular length are far too short and I need longs. I have junk in the trunk, so a lot of cuts don’t accomodate this lusciousness without having a gap in the waist. I finally found Old Navy jeans and love the Sweetheart fit. I know sometimes Old Navy gets a bad rap, and I do have to try on a couple pairs in a single size to find the right one, but I almost never strike out. If I got to ON for jeans, I’m 99% guaranteed to walk out with a pair I’m happy with. And pleasant surprise, they actually hold up pretty welll, considering their lowest-of-the-low sale price of $20/pair.

  5. I sometimes hate shopping for jeans. I remember haiting it even more when I was in high school. Now if I find something I like I pretty much always end up going back and getting multiple pairs.

  6. I was very thrown when you said you were short. In my mental picture you’re tall or at least similar height to me (average).

    I had horrible experiences with jeans until I found myself in Century 21 4 years ago and discovered Citizens. For a no ass girl with long legs they are my heaven. Only they’ve discontinued the style or denim, since the new pair I have stretches out after one use. Or maybe it’s that I only buy them discounted.

  7. YES! I can’t stand it. THANK G*D they don’t go out of style quickly and I can rock a pair that fits for several years before they either don’t fit any longer, are worn in all the wrong places, or I just grow tired of them. I feel your pain. Also, because I have short legs and apparently they’re all made with 6-foot-leggy models in mind. But yay to finding a perfect fit!

  8. It’s the worst thing to do, buying jeans. My modus operandi now is to order several pairs online and try them on in the privacy of my home.

  9. COME BACK! I miss you :) *HUGS* and hope all’s well with you, girly.

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