Rainy Day Blues…

It was raining when I left work yesterday and while I ran errands in the evening.  While I went about my business, it struck me…as it usually does…that people seem to lose all common sense when it’s raining outside.  They forget how to drive and how to walk and how to be polite.  It’s amazing. 

So I decided to do a public service and  put together a list of rainy day etiquette based on some of the asinine things I saw people doing yesterday… 

  • Driving in the rain works pretty much like driving in the sunshine.  Yes, you have to be a bit more careful due to the slippery road conditions, but in general, it’s the same.  Rain does not automatically require you to drive 20 miles an hour on the highway with your flashers on.  Drive the prescribed speed limit and we’ll all get where we are going a lot faster. 
  • Aiming for the puddles on the side of the road is a douchey thing to do.  You might think it’s funny, but the people standing at the bus stop…who are now going to have to ride a freezing cold bus while soaking wet…don’t think it’s funny at all.  Go find another way to amuse yourself. 
  • If you are driving through a parking lot and there is someone walking with no umbrella, you could stop and let them keep walking.  The extra 20 seconds you spend sitting in your dry car won’t make much of a difference to you…but it will be very appreciated by the person outside in the rain.
  • When you walk into a store and close your umbrella, it’s not necessary to shake it out and get the floor and everything around you all wet.  If you insist on shaking out your umbrella, make sure the is no one standing right next to you.
  • Your umbrella is not an invisible force field and if you poke someone in the head with it, it will hurt them.  When you are walking on a crowded sidewalk, pay attention to where you are swinging that thing.  The same goes for swinging a closed umbrella…because I’m really not interested in getting hit in the stomach by your umbrella because you aren’t paying attention.
  • And lastly…if you work in a clothing store and you sell someone a leather jacket, make sure the jacket is actually covered in plastic.  Double bag it if you have to.  But don’t hand a customer a tiny bag with their leather jacket sticking out and expect them to walk into a rainstorm with it.  And don’t get huffy when that customer complains. 

I think if everyone followed these simple guidelines, rainy days could be a lot more pleasant for everyone. 

Any other suggestions???





  1. Amen to everything on here!

    Also, if you’re walking on a narrow sidewalk and it’s obvious that both umbrellas won’t fit and there will be an umbrella collision when we pass each other, at least attempt to either lower or lift your umbrella to avoid our umbrellas hitting each other.

  2. I do not miss the splash factor of being a pedestrian in NYC! The rain boots only go up so high!

    I carried a plastic bag year round with my little umbrella since you never knew when the rain would come. Stores that don’t have them available at the entrance are just asking for a lawsuit.

  3. These are also true in the winter (except the umbrella ones, natch)!
    It never stops amazing me how many cars will drive by while I am waiting to cross the street in -30 temps and not stop.

  4. I think you pretty much nailed it on the head with all of these. I can’t stand when people in their warm cars don’t allow pedestrians to walk first–with or without an umbrella, I just think it’s common courtesy.

    I’ve nearly been decapitated in NYC more times than I’d like to admit.

  5. I read this post last weekend but I thought about it this week when I was driving through the very crowded grocery store parking lot in the rain. I let all the pedestrians cross in front of me. I stopped a lot for them.

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