Random Musings Friday…

I was so happy that it was Friday.  I came into the office and was looking forward to a nice, easy day and possibly an early exit into my weekend.

Then I found out that someone made a mistake and none of my boss’ staff got paid today.  All hell has now broken loose and my nice, easy day disappeared before my eyes.  It wasn’t my mistake, but it has become my problem.  Now I’ve got to run out in the rain to go to get cash so I can get everyone paid.  Happy Friday!

Before I go, though, I have to share with you today’s random musings…

  • The other night J wanted Wendy’s, so being the loving and wonderful girlfriend I am, I went out to get him Wendy’s.  Just as I pulled up to the drive-through…the lights went out.  I decided to wait to see if they would come back on and, sure enough, five minutes later the lights came back on.  I was the only person there, so I went inside and proceeded to order enough food for three people.  At the end of my order the guy looked at me and said “Is that for here or to go?”  Really?  I mean, I realize that they are probably supposed to ask…but wouldn’t common sense dictate that I ordered far more food than I could eat by myself?  Of course it was to go.  I found it all very amusing…and slightly insulting.
  • There is a town for sale in South Dakota.  It consists of a saloon, a general store, a post office and two jails as well as several hundred acres of property.  The asking price is $800,000.  For the whole town.  The house down the block from us in Stamford is for sale for $1,700,000…and it doesn’t even have one jail.  I think the town is probably a better deal…even if it is in South Dakota.  My girlfriend and I were considering selling our houses here and going halvsies on the town…but we can’t agree on who would get to be the sheriff…so we’ll probably just stay put.
  • New Zealand has banned parents from naming their children Lucifer.  I find it amazing that enough parents were requesting that name, that the government felt it was necessary to go ahead and ban it.  Why would you ever name your child Lucifer?  It amazes me what some people think about.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. If you’re going to start banning names, why stop with Lucifer? I think Gertrude, or Buelah are almost as offensive.

  2. I’m highly amused at the thought of selling your house and buying a town to be the sheriff. I don’t think anything will make my day more than that image. And for that, I thank you.

  3. What? Only $800,000? Where is my checkbook……………

  4. Oy, I’m sorry about the work snafu–that doesn’t sound like fun at all and I’m sorry it came to fall on your shoulders.

    Also, I think you and your friend should really pool your money together for this town. If only to be sheriff for a day :)

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