Dear Politicians,

I watch the news every morning and it seems that things in Washington are getting more ridiculous by the day.  Every day it’s something new…bickering, finger-pointing, threats.  The President and the Speaker of the House actually went on TV the other night and insulted each other and whined that the other wasn’t playing fair.  Really, guys?  This morning I heard that a Congressman played a clip from The Town…a really bad, really violent Ben Affleck movie about bank robbers…during a meeting to get other members of Congress motivated.  Motivated to do what, exactly?  Rob a bank?  Shoot some people?

All of this is nonsense.  Didn’t you all learn to share and play nice back in kindergarten, like the rest of us?  My nephews are better at conflict resolution than you are…and they are 3 and 5.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves. 

You are adults and it’s time you started acting like adults.  You were elected to your current jobs because we, the people of the United States, had faith in you…believed that you would do the best jobs you could…that you would represent our interests…that you would lead this country the right way.  Instead, you are leading us into one disaster after another. 

Well…I, for one, am fed up with it.  And so are a lot of other people.  I don’t care if you like each other…I don’t care if you get along…but I do care that you learn to work together.  Put your egos aside and do your damn jobs.  As John Boehner said, it’s time to get your asses in line…forget your differences and do what is best for this country. 

Do it now…or don’t expect to have a job in November. 



  1. I had to repost this on FB because I am officially ignorant of what is going on in Washington. I haven’t watched the news since Camp Victory and it is saving my sanity to keep it that way. But I appreciate knowing that very little has changed. I would love to vote new people into office…but WHO??

    • And that is exactly the problem. Who the hell do you elect? I’m sick of career politicians. We have to get real, normal people back in office. But before you can elect them, you have to convince them to run.

  2. I seriously am appalled by the way politicians have been acting. I mean, I know they’re kind of like children anyway but for real. This is getting out of hand and ridiculous.

  3. One of the many reasons I strongly dislike politics and the -icians that come along with it. Do your freakin jobs! We’re not paying you to be asshats to each other.

  4. Both parties seem to think compromise is a bad thing. It’s more about egos than a genuine concern for the future of this country. Also, don’t come on TV and interrupt my shows to tell me that nothing has been accomplished. Osama Bin Laden killed? Definitely worth cutting into television to make an announcement. Complaining about the Republicans and John Boehner? Do that crap on your own time.

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