Housing dreams…

J and I love houses.  We love to look at them and talk about them and mentally remodel them.  We look at the listings online all the time…just to see what’s for sale in the areas that we like. 

We have a dream house.  It’s in Greenwich, CT.  It came on the market just before we bought the house in Stamford.  When I say house…what I really mean is estate.  It’s a giant main house with a guest house and a pool house and it’s on the water with its own private beach.  It’s beautiful.  We look at the photos online all the time.  Once, we even drove by it.  We love it.  We love everything about it, including the neighborhood.  We’d love to buy it.  And someday…if we ever have $9.5 million…we will buy it. 

Until then we’ll just keep playing the lottery and hoping.

And we always stay on the lookout for new houses…just in case another dream house comes on the market for less than $9.5 million.  (Like, $9 million less.)

Part of the criteria for a dream house is that the neighbors are normal.  Because we have some doozies right now…like the neighbor who waters his lawn wearing a wife beater and boxer shorts.  Or the other neighbors who have screaming fights in the middle of the street.  And then there are the neighbors who keyed the sides of both our cars because they didn’t like that we were parking in front of our own house.  Normal neighbors are a must in any future house. 

So the other day, J had an appointment in Scarsdale…which is a very nice and upscale neighborhood in Westchester.  As he was driving through, he passed the house where Beyonce and Jay-Z live.  I’ve been there and the houses on that block are outrageous.  When J came home he told me that he drove around that neighborhood and that there are several houses for sale and we should look at the listings online…though “we obviously don’t want a house on the same block as Beyonce”. 

Now…I’m not a fan.  I kind of think she’s annoying.  But I also thought J was being ridiculous.  I mean…talk about being picky about your neighbors. 

I started yelling at him for being such a snob.  “What’s the matter???  Even Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t good enough to be your neighbors?  What…are you worried that they might park their Bentley in front of our house and mar the view?”

He let me go on for a few minutes and then said “No Shan…Beyonce and Jay-Z would be fine neighbors…but we don’t want a house on that block because I am not the second richest rapper in the world and I don’t have $20 million lying around.”

Oh…right.  I forgot about that!

Oh well…I guess I’ll keep playing the lottery.



  1. I would not want to live on the same street as Beyonce!
    Wilzie would never stop telling me that he didn’t think I “was ready for this jelly”. It would get very annoying.

  2. If it’s worth 9.5 now, what was it worth before? Good lord! I remember visiting some of the dr’s houses that my dad worked with (he was not a dr.) when he lived in the CT. Ridiculous!

  3. I totally dream house watch! I also am completely obsessed with House Hunters/House Hunters International. We are in our starter house so it’s fun to think about what can be in the future. We are lucky since our neighbors are actually ridiculously nice-they even took this poor former Southerner under their wing and used their snow blower on my driveway all this past winter when I was in shock over 3+ feet of snow.
    PS. still sad that we aren’t new neighbors :(

  4. Bwahahahaha…oh Fojoy. You slay me.

    I also would have no interest in living on the same block as Beyonce because while she is out weeding in her apple bottom jeans, I would know that there is never any way that my body would look that good. And then I would be constantly afraid of walking in on Neal…in the shower…mastering his domain…while thinking about our next door neighbor. I can’t deal with that. I would have a complete come-apart. I’ve seen Jay-Z on that comedian’s show…the one that did “Religulous”….and he was very intelligent-sounding and not at all like one of those rap guys. But I would still have to pass on living next door to one of those rap guy’s girlfriends.

  5. As long as you can deal with some paparazzi in your neighborhood, I think Jay-Z and Beyonce would make fine neighbors. Although I’m with Ally–I’d probably have a come apart, too, living next to such a beautiful woman. Jay-Z actually has his studio in the same building where I take bikram if you ever want to ask him about the area 😉

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