I had a couple of different post planned today…all half done and sitting in my drafts folder.  However, between not being able to fall asleep and then J waking up to use the bathroom at 4AM and Sofie thinking that meant it was play time…well, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep and I’m having a big problem stringing thoughts together to form coherent sentences. 

So instead of rambling in a way that makes no sense…I decided to share with you a conversation that had me laughing long after it was over…

J: You bought mushy bananas.
Me: I did not…they got mushy because you let them sit there for a week.
J: It hasn’t been a week. 
Me: I bought them last Wednesday…it’s been a week.
J: Yeah, but they were green…they went from green to brown.
Me: They were ripe though…even though the skin was greenish.
J: But you can’t eat green bananas.
Me: Yes you can.
J: But in cartoons bananas are always yellow.
Me: Yes, but in actual life  you can eat green bananas.
J: You know what else I want to know…how do monkey in cartoons always just squeeze the bottom of the banana and it shoots right out?  If I squeeze the bottom of the banana all I get is a mushy banana.
Me: Really? Is that a serious question?
J: I don’t really like bananas.
Me: Then why did you make me buy them.
J: I need the potassium.
Me: I can get you potassium supplements.
J: Did you just say banana supplements?
Me: No…potassium supplements.  What’s a banana supplement?
J: I don’t know…which is why I was asking.
Me: How many bananas did you eat?
J: Just one.  I only had one with me.  I’ll eat the rest when I get home.
Me: You’re going to eat four bananas when you get home?
J: Potentially.  I think I’m going to call it Bananapalooza. 
Me: (laughing)
J: Don’t you think?  Bananafest just sounded too common.  This is going to be a much bigger deal.

This is what we talk about when J calls me at work. 

This morning, when I told J I was going to use this for today’s post, he just smiled.  He claims to hate being the subject of blog posts, but I swear, I think he secretly loves it and purposely starts these inane conversations just so I will talk about him. 

Sometimes he really does make me laugh.


  1. BANANARIFIC! Mike was on a huge banana kick months ago now he’s wanting apples.. I can’t keep up! 😉

  2. This is hilarious!
    I gotta say, I’m actually with J on this one…you can’t eat green bananas – they taste…not ready, and they’re hard.
    Really, why can’t you just squeeze the bottom of a banana and have it pop out the top? That would be awesome!

  3. LMAO!!! I love this post. You guys are the cutest :)

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