Random Musings Friday…

I love a long weekend and I was really looking forward to having Monday off.  Then I was reminded that my office is closed on Tuesday as well!  A nice, four-day weekend.  I can’t wait. 

Here’s what else I’ve been thinking about this week…

  • The other night I fell asleep watching The Green Hornet.  I had a very vivid dream that J and Seth Rogan stole my mom’s Porsche (my mom doesn’t have a Porsche, BTW) and went out joyriding and I was standing on the front stoop yelling at them to bring it back.  I was very upset in my dream and I woke up agitated and cranky.  From now on…the TV will be off before I go to sleep!
  • Why is it that when the person next to me on the bus cranks their music up so loud that I can hear it, it’s never music I actually like or want to listen to?  Today it was Brittney Spears.  Really?  That’s what I have to hear at 7AM???  You can’t listen to something good…or mellow…at that hour?
  • When I see eHarmony commercials on TV, I always have the urge for J and I both fill out the personality questionnaire and see if the system matches us together.  J thinks it’s a stupid idea and refuses to participate.  But I think it would be sort of interesting.  What do you think?
  • Now that it’s summer I’ve seen a lot of women walking around with their clear plastic bra straps sticking out of their shirts.  I find this a wee bit tacky.  I mean, it’s still a bra strap.  It’s not like it’s invisible…I can still see it.  Get a strapless bra if it’s really an issue or just let your regular bra straps stick out…I think it would look better.
  • This morning there was another line near Central Park and we were all talking about how Beyonce was doing a concert for Good Morning America today.  The bus driver stopped for a red light and said, in a very serious tone…”I really have to get on that line…everyone off the bus!”  Clearly he was kidding…but he looked a little wistful as we drove on by. 

I’m going to leave you with a little joke that really made me laugh…

What did the snail said while he was on the turtle’s back???


Thank you, Matt Lauer, for sharing that gem with me yesterday and making me laugh like a three-year old. 

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!



  1. Great Joke Matt Lauer. The biggest thing I miss about having to be at work at 7 am is watching the first few minutes of the Today show everyday. I hate those clear plastic bra straps.

  2. My boyfriend was rejected by eHarmony (too geeky, we’re guessing) and I never signed up because they are all about the marrying and I was not. Instead, we met on soulgeek.com, where being an eHarmony “reject” is a running joke.

  3. A joke I heard last weekend: Why did the squirrel always swim on his back?

    Because he didn’t want to get his nuts wet.

    Matt Lauer would probably like it.

  4. I think it would be very interesting to see if eHarmoney matched you with J. I wonder if it would match me and my husband. On paper, we’re opposites, so I wonder if we really would attract. And also, I freaking hate plastic bra straps. So tacky. Seriously, get yourself a good strapless bra that fits well, or buy shirts that cover your straps. I agree that even regular straps would look better. Clothes in general shouldn’t be made of plastic anyway.

  5. I have also wanted Wilzie and I to sign up for eHarmony to see if we would get matched. But we figured it would be an expensive experiment…
    I also hate those clear plastic bra straps…makes me think their boobs are packaged like a 6 pack of Coke.
    Have a wonderful LOOOOONG weekend. I hope it is far more relaxing than mine.

  6. A) Good luck with the whole “sleeping with the TV off” thing. If J has his way….
    5) I have also been tempted to see how eHarmony would pair me and Neal up. I’ve decided it’s tempting fate and that is a bad idea. Not that I don’t think we’re perfectly matched, I just think that the idea that there’s someone else out there who is “more perfect” for me would annoy me a little…like…poison ivy on your girldom.
    d) I think you should just get a stack of Linda’s business cards and hand them out to everyone you see with a bra strap showing. She can fix that. I’m living proof.
    r) Happy 4 day weekend, darling!! I hope you get to do everything you want, especially if that means nothing at all!

  7. Clear bra straps are the worst! You’re not fooling anyone – just get a nice bra (because really strapless in the summer on just a regular ol’ day sucks we all know it does) with nice straps and be done with it. It’s not a big secret – you wear a bra. Shocking.
    I have asked the Boy if he thinks we’d get matched up on a dating site. He is postive we would not. No way. No how. My brother has tried eHarmony and he keeps getting matched with crazy religious people. Weird.
    Happy long weekend! Ours was Friday, it was glorious. But now I’m back to work. I wish I had 4 days too.

  8. Our office gave us Friday off, now I wish I had today! I remember wearing the clear plastic bra straps when the one shouldered shirts were in style about 10 years ago. I always felt ridiculous. Then I found a strapless bra that actually stayed up without the shelf bra from a cami. My life has never been the same.

  9. I LOVE THAT JOKE! HAHAHAHAHAH… sooo cute :) And also, I have very fond feelings for your busdriver.

  10. DUDE… I mean GIRL! Mike has made the same question about online dating sites wondering if you both when on there if you’d end up being matched together. I’m really curious but then fear he’ll find the perfect girl that ISN’T ME and all hope will be lost for my wedding 😉 hehe

  11. p.s. clear bra straps creep me out they look REALLY uncomfortable!

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