Random Musings Friday…

Happy Friday.  I started the day by chasing the garbage men down the street in my pajamas like a crazy person.  They place everyone else’s cans nicely back in their driveways, but they throw our cans in the street.  So I chased them down to yell at them.  I’m sure that will help…but I was really mad!

Here’s what else I’ve been pondering this week…

  • Why do people feel the need to share the very personal details of their lives while talking on the phone in public?  A woman on the bus the other day was going on and on about how she had to lie to get her father in law into a nursing home.  When she finally hung up, she turned to me and started telling me all the dirty details about her in-laws and how they were bad, awful, horrible people.  Another day, a different woman spent an hour talking about how her brother got arrested and her sister-in-law was getting an abortion.  Really, people?  Keep your personal business off the damn bus!
  • Why can’t people cover their yawns?  Not only do you make me yawn when I see you yawn, but what makes you think I want to see the inside of your mouth?  It’s gross.  Cover you yawn.
  • Have you ever noticed that if someone offers you something of theirs…like their seat on the bus…most people will say “Are you sure?”  Why do we do this?  A man offered me his seat on the bus and I said “Are you sure?”  What was he going to do…reconsider and say “Yeah, you’re right…I’m going stay put.”?  Of course not.  I guess it’s just being polite…but it’s an awfully silly thing to do.
  • Last week, I changed the spell check language on my phone to Spanish.  I have no idea how I managed to do it and it took me over an hour to figure out how to change it back.  Sometimes I’m super smart like that.
  • I got to ride the lawn tractor for the first time last week and while it was super fun…it vibrates a lot.  My ass was totally numb by the time I was finished mowing the grass.  Trying to get feeling back in my ass by jumping around was not as much fun.

I took a sick day today, so I’m going back to bed for a while.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 





  1. You picked a perfect day for a sick day (though I’m sorry if you’re obviously not feeling well). It’s just so gross out there. Feel better soon!

    And I dunno what’s wrong with people, revealing such intimate details of their lives in public. I have an older coworker I used to sit with and I swear I knew whenever her daughter had her period. Just not necessary, people.

    Also, what’s up with the garbage men on your block??

  2. Dang – I was thisclose to taking a sick day to finish (start) painting our spare room, but I didn’t :(
    I am so glad I am not the only crazy lady running around their neighbourhood in pajamas yelling at people – Wilzie calls me the “crazy, neighbourhood rolling-pin lady” – though I have never once weilded a rolling-pin.

  3. Look at you posting when you are sick. SUCH a trooper! I hope you get to feeling better soon. oxox

    I hate when people share all their personal BS on the phone in public. You know what else I hate people that talk on their phone in line while they order food or even buy groceries etc. I just think it’s so rude to the person behind the counter. If I am on the phone I will ask someone if I can call them back or put them on hold if they are OK with it. Just a peeve of mine. I usually don’t like to talk in public anyway… my phone is pointless I use it at home or in my car… and usually not when I’m driving that’s too high tech for me 😉

    Next time your ass falls asleep ask J to scratch it so it can get awake 😉 hehe

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