Focusing on the joy…

I wasn’t feeling very joyful yesterday.  I was tired and cranky and work was being…well, work.  And it was Monday. 

But then I read Fojoy’s “25 Things That Bring Me Joy” and I got slightly less cranky.  I started thinking about the things that bring me joy…and well, by the end of the day I walked into the house, smiling and in a good mood. 

I wasn’t really planning on posting this list.  I was going to tell you a new story about how my neighbor is a jerk.  But I realized that I don’t spend far too much time complaining and not nearly enough time focusing on things that make me happy.  So I decided to focus on the positive and share the joy.  Here are the 25 things that bring me joy…

#1 – Waking up to puppy kisses every morning and wagging tails (even at 5AM)

#2 – Fitting into all my old clothes again

#3 – Reading a really great book

#4 – Ice cold Diet Coke

#5 – Taking a nap on Sunday afternoon

#6 – Chocolate

#7 – Looking up at the clock and realizing that it’s time to go home

#8 – Pedicures

#9 – The way my hand lotion smells…like roses and mint

#10 – Getting emails that make me laugh in the middle of a workday

#11 – A perfectly toasted English muffin

#12 – Red nail polish

#13 – The amazing new rug cleaner I bought that gets rid of Sofie’s little accidents right away and with minimal scrubbing

#14 – The fact that my neighbor’s new pool liner already has a hole in it (I know this is a little snarky, but trust me…he deserves it!)

#15 – Mascara that makes my eyelashes look a mile long

#16 – Reality television

#17 – The woman on the bus yesterday who told me I look fabulous

#18 – Having all the laundry done, folded and put away

#19 – Fresh raspberries

#20 – Riding the new lawn mower (the guys weren’t exaggerating…it’s really fun)

#21 – Hearing my favorite song while grocery shopping

#22 – Baking cupcakes (or eating cupcakes)

#23 – Perfectly shaped eyebrows (courtesy of Yiwen…who is an eyebrow genius)

#24 – Planning a trip

#25 – Watching J do little happy dances when he thinks no one is looking

And, of course…reading your comments brings me much joy.  So tell me…what is bringing you joy today?



  1. Wonderful list–and I’m addicted to MBFGW, too. Though after the first couple of episodes, the train wreck factor seems to have gone way down!

  2. RSVPs coming in already when invitations were only mailed out on Friday!

  3. Terrific list, Shan!
    A perfectly toasted english muffin? Totally! Can I add with butter pooling in all the holes?
    Also? HURRAY for fitting into your old clothes and planning a trip!

  4. I like these posts! Today my weekly accounting meeting was short and I got Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way to work. Those are my joys for the day thus far.

  5. I love this!!!

    • Brownies for a co-workers birthday – just one won’t hurt
    • Fresh coffee with just the right amount of sweetener/creamer
    • Kisses from Mike first thing in the AM
    • His “good morning” as I walk like a zombie to the shower
    • hot showers that aren’t rushed
    • a great salad w/ all your favorite ingredients [homemade]
    • ice cold water
    • ice cold beer
    • captain morgan and diet coke
    • being ok with knowing you can be a total lush at times 😉

    Thanks for this pick me up girlie! ox

  6. I love this and might have to do it too!

    I wish I had puppies to greet me when i get home from work, I definitely miss that!

  7. I still need to see your eyebrow guru. All of these things make me happy for you, too :) That’s a great list. I love waking up to puppy dog kisses. And that woman on the bus is totally right!

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