What I learned…part 2…

When I left off yesterday, we were somewhere around mid-morning on Wednesday.  At that point, we were at the Discovery Times Square Center for the Harry Potter and Pompeii exhibits.  Oh…and we were eating cannolis from Carlo’s bakery…you know, the bakery featured on Cake Boss.  Sadly…just after we were finished there, we had to go to my office for a while…because…well, it’s a long story.  And boring.  So we’ll skip that and get to the rest of the things I learned…

  1. Not all art is meant to be understood. Even the security guard by this sculpture couldn’t explain what the hell it was.

    If a teddy bear really was this close to a lamp, wouldn't it catch on fire???

  2. Buying a great bra really is a life changing experience.  I told you this once before, but now I have Allyson to back me up.
  3. Sometimes you have to take 27 pictures of an angel to get one that turns out semi-decent…especially when you forget the good camera in Connecticut and have to use the crappy point and shoot.

    Even after 27 tries, this was the best I could do...

  4. Everything is funnier when said by a man wearing a dress.  We were very early for our reservations at Lucky Cheng’s (which is a restaurant with a drag show) and when I told the hostess this she said “Oh my God…shit happens…don’t worry about it” and Ally and I cracked up.
  5. Eating French toast can be a religious experience…when it’s this French toast…

    The outside was crunchy and the inside had the consistency of a custard. It was insanely good.

  6. Alexander McQueen was a genius and the world is going to be a less beautiful and interesting place without him in it.  (If you have a chance to get to the McQueen exhibit at the Met…go…it’s worth it.)
  7. Just because a movie wins an Oscar doesn’t mean it’s good.  In fact, it might be slightly painful to watch the whole thing. And you will need wine.  (In this case, Black Swan was the movie.)
  8. It’s very easy to get carried away at the bead store.  I bought a lot of beads and sent them home with Allyson for her to make me many, many new pieces.  I can’t wait to get them.
  9. If you take pictures of a fountain when it’s super windy, chances are you will get wet.

    But you will get really good pictures.

  10. Tea at The Plaza will make you feel like a very fancy lady.  Also…the scones are delicious.  Oh…and no one will judge you if you wear a fascinator and lace gloves.  (For the record, we weren’t the ones wearing these things…but we were jealous that we didn’t think of it.) 

    Fancy lady tea sandwiches...

  11. If there is a bouncy house or a kids play house at a party, J will climb inside and play with the kids.  He might also give them beer.  I took a million pictures of this…unfortunately, with my sister-in-law’s camera!
  12. After non-stop activity for 10 days straight, you will fall asleep on the couch while trying to watch a movie.  Also…you will not wake up in time for mass the next day.  Well…if you are old like us.
  13. Allyson has seen approximately five movies…one of which was The Jerk and the rest of which were Ken Burns documentaries. None of them was Mean Girls…which is sad.
  14. If you send enough pictures of delicious food, chilled cocktails, 5 Guys restaurants and lacy underwear, your friend will seriously consider buying a $1500 plane ticket to come to NY and join the party.

    Neither of us bought these...I thought they were cute...but probably itchy.

  15. When the trip is finally over and you are driving home from the airport…alone…it’s awfully depressing.  It’s a good time to start thinking about planning another trip.

So that is the story of Allyson’s visit and the 30 things I learned along the way.  I hope I didn’t bore you all to tears.  Who’s going to come to visit me next???

Also…make sure you stop by 400 Wake-ups to get Ally’s take on her trip.  She’ll post about it as soon as Delta stops being stupid.


  1. Carlo’s was a very regular stop during my Hoboken days. Before he got big. The last time I visited the line was around the corner and it was pouring outside! I couldn’t believe it. I’m so jealous you guys went to Lucky Chengs! One of the many things I miss about NYC. What better place is there to go after a guy has ripped your heart out? We don’t have that here in Sacramento :(

  2. How is it possible that french toast looks even better than it did when you first (rudely) sent me that picture?!?!

  3. I can barely type right now. Too busy oozing jealousy on the screen.

  4. I watched black swan while I was hammered I’m happy to hear that I watched it the right way.. I still constantly said WTF? All in all the best scene was the hot one between them.. otherwise I just sat there with a very strange look on my face!

    I am so happy you girls had a ball together!!!! ox

  5. I’ll be right back. I have to go change my unders. I just peed a little. That was AWESOME!!

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