What I learned…part 1…

I’ve been dying to blog about Allyson’s visit to NY…but have been trying to figure out how to write about 10 days without boring you all to tears.  Or making it super long.  I decided to tell you what I learned over the last week and a half…

  1. Even though it’s a chocolate martini and it goes down easily, it’s still alcohol.  When Ally arrived we headed straight to the Friday’s next to the airport for some cocktails.
  2. Balloon animals come in all shapes and sizes…and apparently aren’t always made of balloons… 
    This is the Jeff Koons “Balloon Flower” sculpture in front of World Trade Center 7.

    There were also balloon penises and balloon vagina hats at the drag show we attended.  Sadly, I have no pictures of those.

  3. The Statue of Liberty is far funnier/more interesting when photographed from below that from the front


    So much better...

    And from the other side...

  4. Changing to the long lens and then leaving the regular one in a locker results in the need to do this
    It pains me to think about how dirty that floor is.
  5. It’s impossible not to get sucked in and buy a foam Liberty crown

  6. It’s very hard to take a picture of the top of a moving cab while standing on the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge

  7. Boys really love a lawn tractor.  J got a new one to mow the grass in CT and during the barbecue we had, all the boys took turns mowing.  And when it wasn’t their turn, they stood staring longingly.  I wish I’d taken pictures.
  8. Don’t be the only sober person when there is a beer drinking contest going on

    Do you like our refrigeration system?

  9. It really is possible to be together non-stop for 10 days and never run out of things to talk about.  Before Ally arrived everyone was saying things like “10 days is a really looooong time”.  It wasn’t.  And we never ran out of things to talk about.
  10. A $20 glass of Champagne tastes better than a $20 bottle.  When we met Charlotte for drinks at The Campbell Apartment (which is the coolest bar…you should check it out if you come to town), I had the most delicious glass of Champagne.  During tea at The Plaza I had a great glass of pink Champagne.  Isn’t it pretty???
  11. A peacock jumping out from behind a fence will scare the crap out of a person

    These guys just wander freely around the Bronx Zoo.


  12. J looks exactly like this gorilla when he’s annoyed

  13. Chris Rock’s Broadway show is fantastic…and they say “fuck” a lot.
  14. There really is such a thing as too much ice cream

    Vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and raspberry sauce...sadly, I was only able to eat a 1/4 of it.

  15.  Cannolis are a necessary part of life.  Ally had never had one before.  She had many on this trip.  She’s hooked for life.

That’s what I learned from Friday night through Wednesday morning.  Come back tomorrow for the rest…




  1. We will have to agree to disagree on #14. I’ve tested this theory many times and have never found it to be true. My stomach is special though and has it’s own little compartment just for ice cream.

    In the 6 years I lived on the east coast, 2.5 of which were in or around NYC, the rest within driving distance, I never went to the statue of liberty. I’ve done the circle line A LOT though, so much I could probably be the tour guide.

  2. Looks like you two had a lot of fun! Can’t wait to find out more about your adventures!

  3. ahh! So jealous of it all. Looks like a great time to be had by all. I have to say, even though the cab picture isn’t what you intended? Still pretty cool.

  4. Awwww, love your pics! The one of Ally in the Statue of Liberty foam hat is too cute for words. That ice cream is making me drool all over my keyboard, thankyouverymuch.

    Also, fancy schmancy new sign-in system!

  5. YAY!! And by the way this is such an awesome recap thus far that I have no idea how I’m going to top it. But y’know….I have a thing about you eating my dust so I’ll find a way. Although, you are way more succint than me and thus will result in more people reading all the way to the end. Also you have pictures. Now…if airlines would stop being retarded, I could get to the bidness of blogging!! Good job, sausage head! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s post! xoxo

  6. It looks like you guys had a blast!! Love the upskirt photos of the Statue of Liberty…very cool. 😉 Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear more of the story.

  7. This looks like SO much fun I am totes jealous! Ally you look fabulous!!!!! I bet you girls had a blastttt!

  8. Shenanigans! There’s no such thing as too much ice cream! If you eat the whole thing, that means there’s NOT ENOUGH! 😀


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