The Bet…

I’ve been trying to decide where to start with my recap of “Shana and Ally Take NY”.  We did so much that it was almost impossible to decide.  I was going to start at the beginning with the first thing we did…which, for the record, was to go out for drinks at the Friday’s next to the airport. Then I thought I’d rank things by my favorite activities, but it was all so much fun that it was too hard to choose favorites. 

In the end, I decided to start with the bet.  For those of you who do not remember, Allyson and I made a bet back in January…we were both going to diet until she came to NY.  Whoever lost the most weight by Memorial Day weekend was the winner and the loser would buy dinner at Isabella’s…my favorite restaurant and the place with the small chairs.

The first week, we both tried to follow Weight Watchers…and we both failed miserably…because neither of us has any willpower.  We each tried a few different plans until I settled on Jenny Craig and Allyson settled on The Paleo Solution.  (We will be writing more specific posts on our respective diets soon.)  At first, it was difficult.  I was STARVING.  All the time.  And we all know that J isn’t the most supportive with his constant requests for chocolate cake and cookies and chicken wings. 

Luckily, I had Allyson to keep me motivated.  There was a lot of shit-talking going on in the beginning and I got more than one text a day about eating her dust…which I was totally doing in the beginning.  Since we are both such super-competitive freaks, constantly getting updates from each other definitely kept us on track.  I was able to bake cakes and buy fast food and have a pantry that resembles the candy aisle at the grocery store…and I wasn’t tempted.  Because Ally was walking and eating no carbs and cardio-boxing in her living room.  If I slipped up just once, she’d win…and that was simply unacceptable. 

Much to my good fortune, Ally’s two best friends had weddings within two weeks of one another.  Seriously…if I’d been out to sabotage her, I couldn’t have planned it better.  The last month before her trip was filled with many parties and showers and weddings…and the Kentucky Derby…and much alcohol.  Although that skinny bitch didn’t actually regain any of the weight she’d lost, her losing hot streak slowed down and I was finally able to take the weight loss lead and win the bet with a final weight loss total of 26.2 pounds. 

I enjoyed my victory dinner on Memorial Day…and I’m happy to report that the chairs were much bigger this time.  While they weren’t perfectly comfortable, they were much, much better.  And dinner?  It was delicious.  I had a chopped salad, hazelnut crusted halibut that melted in my mouth and a warm brownie sundae with coffee crunch ice cream…which tasted just as good as it sounds.  This is what it looked like…

Our cutie waiter also brought us some champagne to toast our bet…

Sorry for the dark camera doesn't do well with candlelight.


Even though I technically won the bet, we were both winners in this endeavor.  We both lost a lot of weight (I’ll let Ally give you her total) and we both look fabulous…if I do say so myself. 

I’m so grateful to Allyson for being a competitive lunatic like me and helping me stay on track.  My weight loss was so very needed and even though I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, I already feel so much better.  I can walk up and down stairs without being winded…or, at least as winded as I used to be.  I have less pain in my knees and ankles.  I’m less tired.  I look better.  And the best part…all my summer clothes fit and look great.  I thank Allyson…from the bottom of my heart…for doing this with me and keeping me motivated.  She is truly an amazing friend.

So…because we both have more weight to lose and because the bet kept us so motivated, we have decided to make a new bet.  I’m going to visit Ally in Kentucky in October and she has chosen a restaurant where the loser of the new bet will buy dinner.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Now I just have to lose the 5 pounds I gained last week!


  1. Yay for bigger chairs (and pants, and shirts and dresses…)!
    I am wicked proud of you both.

  2. Congrats you hot bitches!!! I’m so proud of both of you!!!! Maybe I need you girls to keep me motivated [as if a beach vacay in 3 weeks and a wedding isn’t enough!!!] oxox LOVE YOU GIRLS!

  3. Wow 26 pounds. That is awesome. Keep up the good work and I’m glad you guys had a fun week.

  4. OK. I’ve been trying to figure out where to start on this as well..and I’m wondering if we should tag-team. Because I have the photos from this night, as well as how it feels to be sabotaged by my 2 best friends, and how I had actually been to Isabella’s before. I don’t know. It’s hard to write a post about last week that isn’t 10 pages long. And that only you and I would read. Oh the decisions…

    By the way…I’ve already lost 1 of the 3 lbs I gained last week. Need some floss to get my dust out of your mouth? Maybe I should send Metropol’s menu so you can be extra inspired. ;-D

  5. Congrats to you both, that is fantastic!! It’s so much easier to keep up with the eating/working out when there’s a competition involved :)

  6. I’m so proud of both of you girls–you both looked amazing when I saw you. Radiant and beautiful in your dresses. Congrats on your dieting success and best of luck in the road ahead. It’s so wonderful that you have each other to keep motivated! And that dinner sounds delicious (and is making me VERY hungry for lunch).

  7. Congrats, Shana!! I can;t wait to hear about the rest of Ally’s trip :)

  8. WOW! Way to go!! I used to be on Jenny Craig, I also worked there for a while. I loved it! I lost a ton of weight using that program. Congratulations on the excellent weight loss and winning the bet! Gotta love a free victory dinner, too! Sounds delish!


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