Random Musings Friday…

I am very excited this morning.  In 12 hours I will be on my way to the airport to pick up Allyson…who will be visiting me for 10 whole days!  This is big.  There is a very packed week ahead involving trips to the Statue of Liberty and the Zoo, a Broadway show, lots of shopping, a barbecue at our house, my nephew’s 3rd birthday party, lots of shopping and tons of non-Jenny Craig dining.  We will also be revealing the winner of our bet and I’ll be sure to post a few pictures of our adventures. 

I just have to make it through 8 hours of work and then I’m off for a week and a much needed break.  I can’t wait.  Of course…I have about three days worth of work to get done in the next 8 hours…so let me get to this week’s random musings so I can get back to work…

  • There is a girl on the bus that wears a turtleneck sweater, a trench coat and tights every single day…even though it’s been 80 degrees all week.  And for two days the bus had no air conditioning.  I don’t understand how she’s not melting.  Yesterday, he tights were sagging around her ankles…giving her the appearance of actually melting.  I found this rather amusing.
  • Can someone please explain the appeal of those “toe shoes”…you know…the ones that look like feet?  Not only do they look bizarre, but how can running in shoes like that be good?  They barely have a sole.  Aren’t the soles important to absorb the shock from the impact of your foot on the ground?  I don’t get it.
  • There was a woman walking in front of me the other day wearing a green jacket.  A man standing on the corner said to her “Nice jacket…I love that green on you.”  Being a typical bitchy New Yorker, I would have either ignored him or mumbled “Bite me” as I walked by.  She stopped and said “Really?”.  He said “Yes, really.”  She said “You aren’t making fun of me?”  Their conversation carried on as I walked by…and I decided that clearly she was from out of town.
  • Best headline I’ve read recently…Man Caught in Women’s Underwear After Killing Neighbor’s Goat.  (Thank you Amanda, for the tweet that led me to that story.)

Alright…off to work and then on to my fabulous week!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone.


  1. Seems like you have a great week planned. And I’m looking forward to all the stories and pics you’ll have to share afterward. Have fun!

  2. Have a FABULOUS time and I’ll see you lovely ladies soon! XOXO

    PS: Clearly that woman was from out of town. I would have given a b*tch face, too!

  3. The toe shoes make about as much sense as running barefoot. I don’t get either!

    Have so much fun with Ally (I’m seriously all green with envy out here)!!

  4. I think I may be that girl on the bus…I can’t help it – I am always cold!
    Have so much fun with Ally! I am wicked jealous, but will try to console myself by crying on Nathan Fillion’s shoulder 😉

  5. Have a super fun weekend! Can’t wait to hear all about it! :-)

  6. OMG I love my FiveFingers. They’re honestly the most comfortable shoes I have if I’m going to be walking/standing/working for long periods of time (I’m a barista so I do a lottttt of standing). When I wear them I don’t get low back, foot, or hip pain when I wear them – which I get with tennis shoes. In the winter I’d put them on inside my boots and then take my boots off when I got to work and just walk around in my toe-shoes. I love them. They are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

    There’s a lot of info/dispute about the running side of things, and I *tried* to run in mine, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. They take a lot of getting used to for running because they force you to land on the front of your foot which diminishes the “braking” effect that heel-to-toe runners experience. I wore mine on one run and my calves ached for days. Feet were fine, but my calves hurt. The other upside to them is that they’re much, much lighter than your average shoe – people super concerned with sprinting/speed work appreciate that because less weight in any capacity conserves energy.

    But like I said…I don’t care about the running. I just love mine because it really is like walking around barefoot…only I don’t have to worry about ruining my feet. And I’ll take barefoot over shoe-footed any day 😀

  7. I hope you had/are having an awesome Memorial Day weekend. I’m not so sure about those toe shoes but I’m pretty sure my current running shoes which have very thick soles are doing something weird to my feet. Turtleneck girls sounds crazy.

  8. I hope you are enjoying your break!

    I’ve had students wear those ‘toe’ sandals to class… they are just ‘different’… of course, this is coming from a guy who wears Red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars to class…

    Go figure, huh?

    Goats? I recently posted a goat story…


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