Enough to drive you crazy if you let it…

I don’t talk about my job much.  I could tell some great stories, but…if my bosses ever found out that I was speaking negatively about my job I could get fired and if reveal confidential information, I break the terms of my confidentiality agreement and I can be sued.  So, instead of risking job talk, I talk about J or my dogs or my house or things that happened on the bus. 

But today…well, today I’m pissed off so I’m going to talk about my job. 

If you’ve been reading a while you probably know that I work as an accountant for a family.  My office is very small…just 5 people…and we do all the personal accounting work, like bill paying and financial reporting and tax preparation.  There are three siblings and their families who share in our services and even though that doesn’t seem like a lot of people, we are always really, really busy.  We are also short staffed…instead of 5 people, there should be 8.  Because of the staff shortage, we are even busier than we should be. 

Here’s what is currently going on in my office…

The office director has resigned…but he still works here.  They are paying him a boatload of money to stay on while they search for and train his replacement.  But at this point, he’s basically phoning it in because he’s fed up and no longer cares.  I mean…it’s not like they can fire him.  I understand his feelings, but it’s frustrating to deal with.

We have been trying to hire three additional people for a long time.  The family is extremely selective about who they hire…which is fair since the people who work here have access to all sorts of sensitive information.  We’ve actually hired a couple of people who ended up not working out.  It’s been very difficult to find people to fill the positions who are competent and will show up regularly…and who aren’t on drugs, apparently.  Because of the lack of people, the workload is increased for those of us who are here.  It’s also frustrating.

Then we have my hours.  When I was hired, it was agreed that I would work 40 hours per week, with an increase to about 45 during tax season.  Somewhere along the line, that was increased to 45 hours per week with an increase to 50 during tax season.  I have no idea how that happened, but it’s definitely not what I signed up for. 

So all of that is really annoying, but here’s what really has me in a snit…

My bosses don’t really believe in flex time and want us all working set hours.  We’ve all been sort of pushing the limits of that lately and to keep us all in line, they asked us to formalize our hours a few weeks ago.  Because I’m the most senior person here, the director often shares things with me that he probably shouldn’t and he showed me the list of everyone’s hours.  Everyone was schedule to work an 8-hour day…except me.  I was scheduled for 9 hours.  When I asked about that, I was given a half answer that basically boiled down to…they all have kids and I don’t.  Such bullshit.  Needless to say…I immediately went back to an 8-hour day.

Then yesterday I was given a new piece of information.  Of the three people we are currently searching for, one will be hired as a senior accountant…which is the same as my position.  And yesterday I found out that person will be paid $15,000-45,000 more than me.  I’m angry…but I’m also really insulted.  I’ve been here for three years and I know my clients in and out.  I’ve basically been operating on my own without any support or help for over a year now.  I make what I think is a decent salary, but I had to fight for every raise.  And now, someone new is going to waltz in and make more. 

I’m so disgruntled.   I’ve been looking for a new job, but positions like mine aren’t that easy to find.  J says I should just quit.  I’m not sure.  Any advice is appreciated!


  1. I was a recruiter/head hunter for seven years in San Francisco. I used to place administrative people – office managers, executive assistance and occasionally accounting personnel.
    Here are my thoughts:

    I would NOT quit your job. What I would do is spruce up your resume and look for a new one if you really want to leave. You are far, far more marketable when you are currently employed.

    If you like your job for the most part, and want to stay, I would make an appointment with your bosses for later this week (wait to cool off and formulate your thoughts) to discuss your concerns. And tell them – without emotions – what you want. If you aren’t happy with the outcome, start looking. I would submit resumes to reputable placement firms in your area, start networking, etc.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Boo work. Here’s my advice. Go to the person that makes the decision and make your voice heard. The great part is if J is supportive of you quitting (and I assume that would mean you are financially stable enough to do so) then you can go in with the confidence that you need to be listened to and respected or you have to consider your future there. Its a big thing for women that we don’t demand what we deserve so we’re taken advantage of. Stick it to ’em girlie in a respectful way of course. And consider the outcomes. You either get you what you want. Great. Or you don’t – and at least you know where you stand, and can up the job search to higher priority.
    I’m booing work right now too – mostly I’m bored, I’m not challenged enough and its time for me to move on. I’ve got my performance review so we’re going to have to talk about it at that point. It’ll be awkward but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.
    Best of luck!

  3. I would stay until you find something else, BUT I would also discuss your pay with them. It is in no way right for them to bring on a new person at the same level and pay them more. From what it sounds like they can’t actually afford to lose you.

  4. Wow. That is SO not right.
    Not. at. all.
    First off – good on you for going back to an 8 hr/day…don’t get conned into staying one minute later. Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean that your family is worth any less.
    Secondly, did your boss give you an explanation as to why some new hire would be making more money than you? Because that is complete bullshit.
    Seriously – do they have any idea how lost they would be without you?
    You are a very dedicated emplyee who gets taken advantage of on a very regular basis.
    Since they never let you take any holidays *cough cough* – maybe your upcoming week off will give them an idea of what a mess the office will be in when you’re not around and you can use that as some sort of bargaining tool…
    And I would definitely put some serious leg work into looking for another job.

  5. Awww, girl, I’m so sorry to hear this :( It’s hard when you have any kind of stress on the job, because it’s the kind of stress that can really eat away at you over time. I totally agree with the advice that Hutch gave. Don’t quit until you find something else but you should discuss this with a superior and mention that you know someone will come in and have a significantly higher salary than you currently do but that you have the know-how and contacts that they don’t.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

  6. Wow yes, I would be really pissed. I would definitely try to talk to someone about your concerns. My only similiar experience was in college when I worked at a salad bar for a year and I discovered the new cashier they hired was making a dollar more an hour than me. It was pretty much the only time in my life that I ever demanded a raise. That was on a slightly smaller scale though.

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