Random Musings Friday…

If you asked me last week whether I’d be watching the royal wedding, I would have said no…that I had no intention of getting up before dawn to watch two people I didn’t know get married in another country.  If you asked me whether I was checking online and reading the speculation about the wedding details and Kate’s dress and all of that, I also would have said no.  I would have told you that I had no interest in any of it. 

Of course, I would have been totally lying.  Because I was reading everything I saw online about William and Kate and their wedding.  I was planning to watch at least the rebroadcast of the ceremony.  I was DYING to see the dress.  And even though I rolled my eyes every morning as news of the wedding trumped real news on all the morning shows, I stopped to listen to what was being said. 

I really didn’t get up at 4AM.  That wasn’t even a consideration.  But I did think about getting up at 5.  In the end, I woke up around 5:30 and laid in bed, patiently waiting for J to leave so I could change over from CNBC to The Today Show’s royal wedding coverage.  The 20 minutes it took J to leave felt like hours, but finally, he left and I was able to indulge my need to watch.  I turned it on just as Kate was driving to Westminster Abbey and I watched until they got into the carriage for the trip to Buckingham Palace. 

I though Kate’s dress was beautiful and she looked amazing.  I thought it was so sweet when William looked at her for the first time and told her she looked beautiful.  That little moment actually brought a tear to my eye.  I thought the whole thing was lovely and I hope they have a very long and happy marriage. 

Anyway…back to my reality that has nothing to do with being a princess and everything to do with suffering a severely allergy attack at the moment!  My allergies actually held off much longer than expected this year.  Normally, they start in March.  This year, I’ve made it almost to May!  Six weeks without sneezing and itchy eyes is practically a miracle.  For that, I’m very grateful. 

Now…enough about my allergies…time for this week’s random musings…

  • Speaking of the coverage of the royal wedding…some of it was absolutely ridiculous.  My favorite was when Meredith Vieira was reporting on Kate leaving her parents’ home and heading into London and Kate’s hair was pulled into an updo.  Meredith asked the person she was interviewing…who was some sort of expert on the royal family…whether this was some sort of indication that Kate would wear her hair up the day of the wedding.  Seriously, Meredith?  What does one thing have to do with the other?  Maybe she was just hot.  Or maybe she didn’t wash her hair that morning.  I realize with so many hours to fill with wedding coverage and not much to talk about, the anchors were really reaching for topics.  But that one was just ridiculous.
  • Normally, when I watch I fast forward through the clips of the rehearsals…because all I really want to see is the dancing.  However, on Monday I was watching the show live instead of on the DVR so I watched all the clips.  Kenda Wilkinson’s partner was trying to teach her to Samba and he was telling her to “shake what God gave you.”  She pointed to her boobs and said “You mean these?  Because God didn’t give me these.”  I laughed to hard at that.  I’m not a big fan of Kendra because I think she’s kind of a jerk, but I have to give her credit for being really honest.
  • I have a tendency to use words like “stuff” and “thingie” and “whatchamacallit” when I’m asking J for something.  Sometimes, I just point.  It drives him crazy and he often tells me to use my words.  The other night, I pointed at the ruler sitting on his desk and said “Can you please give me that?”  His response…”For someone who reads an awful lot of books, you really don’t have the best command of the English language.”  And that made me laugh…because it’s true.  I actually have a very broad vocabulary, but when I get home at night, I’m far too tired and too lazy to think.  The result is that I sound like a 1st grader. 
  • I have a note on my phone that says “ball caddy made me laugh for a half hour and then choke”.  The problem is…I have no idea what that means.  I remember writing it.  I remember that we were watching Cougar Town at the time and it was a golf themed episode.  I’m pretty sure that J and I started making dirty jokes about balls…but I have no idea what they were exactly.  I do know that I laughed for about a half hour and eventually laughed so hard that I was choking and J had to get me water.  I think I need to start taking better notes. 
  • I read online yesterday that Joey Lawrence went on the radio and endorsed Donald Trump for president.  It must have been a really slow news day yesterday. 

And that’s what I have for you this week.  I’m going to run out to Duane Reade now and get some eye drops.  While I’ve been writing this post, my eyes went from mildly itchy to massively itchy and irritated and practically falling out of my head.  I hope you all have a great…and allergy free…weekend.


  1. I am the same way when talking to Wilzie – except I”m not smart enough to say “that” or “thingie”. I’ll end up saying “Honey, can you please pass me the blruler?”
    Which just leads to constant teasing, and me getting the damn blruler myself.

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