The day of suck…

Yesterday started great.  I was a beautiful day and I wore a new dress…in a smaller size!  I took a late bus, but still got to work on time.  It was shaping up to be a really good day.

Then I got to work and it all went down hill.

Everything at work that could go wrong, did.  I forgot to do things…like give someone their paycheck and wire funds to people.  I lost a wire transfer with tons of backup that I really needed.  I found out that I screwed up a medical claim.  It was a mess and everyone in the office was going through the same thing. 

My boss’s five-year-old daughter got rushed into emergency surgery for a perforated appendix.

J made plans to go to CT with out only car on my night to go to Jenny Craig and we got into a major fight about it.

The president was in town and right down the block so traffic getting out of the city was a nightmare. 

By the afternoon, I was miserable and I just wanted to go home.  5:30 couldn’t come fast enough.

When I got home, I went to Jenny Craig and things got a little better…despite my Easter pig out, I lost another 1.4 lbs, bringing my total loss to 20.8.  I was also told how skinny I’m looking from three different people. 

So things were looking up when I left Jenny.  I decided to go pick up J’s favorite dinner and stop into the Whole Foods next door for some fruit. 

It was while I was standing in line at Whole Foods, reading some Tweets, that disaster really struck.  I was holding three containers of fruit, my wallet, my purse, my car keys and my phone.  I should have put my phone away until after I was done…but I didn’t.  When I put the containers down on the belt, my phone went flying out of my hands and landed on the floor with a slap. 

Now, you have to know two things about me.  First…I’m obsessed with my phone.  I always have it with me.  J says I should have it permanently attached to my hand.  I use it all the time…to email, text, check random facts, take blog notes, make calls and now to tweet.  Being without my phone…is not a good thing. 

Second…I drop my phone all the time.  Because I am clumsy like that.  I dropped it just the other day and the back went flying off and the battery came out.  But once I put it back together, it was just fine.  It’s kind of scratched up, but it has survived my clumsiness.

Well…at least until last night.

When I picked the phone up off the floor in Whole Foods, I just knew that it hadn’t survived this fall.  I slowly turned it over to find a shattered screen.  I swear, I almost burst into tears.  I looked so horrified that the guy ringing my order asked if I was ok.  I wasn’t ok.  I was freaking out.  I mean…my life is on that phone.  I don’t know anyone’s numbers or what is in my calendar…and my Random Musings Friday notes…I have good ones for this week, but in that moment, I had no recollection of what they were. 

I paid my bill quickly, grabbed J’s dinner from the place next door and drove as fast as possible to AT&T.  I ran in there and approached the first person I saw “IdroppedmyphoneandIreallyneedallthedataandthepicturesandthecalendarandIdon’tcarewhatitcostsforanewphone…please help!”

After telling me to calm down, the very nice salesman who was helping me and his lovely manager worked some magic for me.  Not only were they able to retrieve all the data from my phone, including my notes and my pictures, but they gave me an early upgrade on a new phone.  So I went from a Blackberry Bold to this…

A lovely new Blackberry Torch.  A touchscreen and a keyboard!  What’s better than that?  Nothing.  And this little baby only cost me $49. 

So the day of suck that I had yesterday actually ended on a really positive note.

Oh…and I got flowers from my boss. 

They were for secretary’s day.  I’m not a secretary…or an administrative assistant…or whatever the PC term is.  But who turns down perfectly lovely, sweet smelling flowers?  Not me.


  1. Uh yeah that sounds like a crappy day. But one that featured several high points. Congrats on reaching 20 pounds. That is quite an accomplishment. Every year on Admin Professionals day the whole Accounting and Registration Dept (we work at a college) get to go to an appreciation luncheon. Yesterday’s luncheon featured a tiny room where the AC had broken and a bunch of dirty glasses for us to use plus an Italian themed buffet. I would have preferred the flowers.

  2. Hurray on the new phone (even if it is a Blackberry and not a super awesome Sumsung Galaxy…) – I am so glad that the AT&T people were able to retreive all your data. I know I would have been freaking out too!
    I am SO proud of you for reaching the 20lb mark! And you celebrate with blackberries instead of black forest cake – you are my hero!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I can completely relate to the freak out about the phone. I drop my iPhone constantly and last summer – after only 8 months of ownership – I dropped it on a concrete floor and the screen shattered. It still worked, but being the vain creature I sometimes am, I couldn’t live with a shattered screen forever, so I shelled out the $ for a replacement ASAP.

    And the next time your husby tells you it’s like another appendage, just retort “More of me to love!” 😉

    Congrats on the 20 lbs mark!

  4. OMG. we’re just talking about how obsessed we are with phones on Twitter, so you know I feel your pain. I am itching for an upgrade, but I can’t get one till May 1…that’s right, thee days away. And sprint blows, so no way they will be able to work magic, although after 3 replaced phones you’d think they would do something. Amazing how a new phone can make your day, huh? :)

  5. Sexy phone! Sorry to hear your day was so full of suckage. Hope your weekend was better. :)

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