On a more positive note…

Yesterday was not a good day.  We had no phones or internet at work, making it very difficult to get anything done.  My boss was being a complete jerk.  I was really tired and cranky.  Overall, just a bad day.  I spent a the entire morning and most of the afternoon bitching about something or another.  I wanted to eat anything sugary just to make myself feel better.

Then I thought about Amy at PBJdreamer.  Amy has this uncanny ability to turn even the crappiest of situations into something positive.  Her Gratituesday posts always make me smile.  So yesterday, I decided to be a little more like Amy and try to see the good and be happy about something…instead of just continuing to complain.  I now give you my very first Gratituesday list…


We had no phones or internet in the office yesterday.  I can’t tell you how many times I picked up the phone and started to dial only to remember I couldn’t.  At first I was frustrated at not being able to get anything done.  Then I realized I had a huge pile of mail and insurance claims and bills and other random stuff to go through.

Being able to tackle the ever-growing piles on my desk without being interrupted by the phone every five minutes…FABULOUS!


Normally, while I eat lunch, I read blogs…or celebrity gossip.  Yesterday I was able to do neither.  I didn’t have a magazine and my Nook decided to stop working at that very moment.  I was facing down a salad without any distractions…until I realized that my co-workers didn’t have anything to do either.

Sitting around with my co-workers, chatting and eating lunch…FABULOUS!


Since there were no phone calls coming in, I didn’t have to worry about my iPod being too loud.  I was able to turn up the volume to a level where it was actually music and not just a hum of background noise. 

Being able to listen to Barry Manilow (yes, that’s right…Barry Manilow) tell me how it looks like we made it…FABULOUS!


As I mentioned, my boss was being a jerk yesterday.  I had requested two days off last week, but he decided to take a vacation instead.  He left me alone (the other senior person here is on maternity leave until next week) for the whole week…and it was really busy.  I requested one day off this week and he asked me to wait until my co-worker returns from maternity leave next week…because he doesn’t want to be the only one here.  Well, that just didn’t work for me!

Standing up to my boss and taking the day off on Thursday…FABULOUS!


I decided to make Easter a Jenny Craig-free day.  I made some of my Easter favorites…corn souffle, mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows, cranberry and apple stuffed pork roast.  It was delicious.  As a special treat, we had gourmet cupcakes from a place near my house.  I was worried what it would do to my diet, but this morning I got a pleasant surprise when I got on the scale.

Eating a delicious dinner and the most amazing raspberry and cherry cupcakes and not gaining a single ounce…FABULOUS!


There are leftover cupcakes.  J had to go to Connecticut last night and he was supposed to take the cupcakes with him.  But he forgot and left them home.  I REALLY wanted one…but I managed to resist temptation.

Putting the leftover cupcakes in the microwave and forgetting they were even there…FABULOUS!


When I was thinner, I had a fabulous wardrobe.  Most of those clothes have been at my mom’s house for a long time.  Now that I’m losing weight, she packed a huge bag of stuff and brought it to my house.  I tried everything on over the weekend and while nothing fits quite yet, I know that it will all fit soon. 

Almost getting into my not-yet-skinny-but-skinnier jeans…FABULOUS!


I slept in really late on Saturday, but on Sunday J woke me up at 7AM on Sunday.  He’d gotten up about two hours before and went to watch TV in the den.  But he was bored and wanted company.  I was tempted to just stay in bed for another hour since I didn’t have to get up quite so early, but I gave in and went to hang out with J in the den.

Getting to spend an extra hour laying on the couch with J, watching a movie…FABULOUS!


Part of the reason I dragged myself out of bed is because I got an email from Ally the night before reminding me that even though J sometimes drives me crazy I should be happy that he’s actually here to drive me crazy…as opposed to having him be off at war, like her husband…or worse. 

Having a wonderful friend who reminds me of what’s really important in life…FABULOUS!


It’s going to be 80 degrees outside today!  When I woke up this morning it was foggy and drizzling.  But the sun came out and it’s turning into the first truly gorgeous day we’ve had so far this spring. 

Being able to go out without tights on…FABULOUS!

And there you have it…ten fabulous things for which I am grateful on this Tuesday. 

What are you all grateful for today?


  1. You know, sometimes you just need to look at things from a different perspective. It’s easy to get so carried away with being mad about things that you dont see the FABULOUSNESS in them. I call it “counting my blessings”

    I’m thankful for the treats we’re getting at work today because we all participated in a system survey. Here’s to hoping they are cupcakes.

  2. I’m grateful that I’ll be going to happy hour tonight. Is that a trifling thing to be grateful for? LOL. Oh well.

  3. I love this!!! Well done no the Easter day – I used it as my treat day as well and I actually weighed the same the next day as well and today I was down 2 lbs. YAY!

    Cupcakes are such a great treat but good for you for using willpower!!!

    Hmmm what am I thankful for.

    #1 Following Ally’s smart lead in telling you… I’m thankful for having Mike by my side very day

    #2 I’m annoyed by the rain we’ve been having but thankful – it gives us fun rides down the creek while kayaking and it will lead to lovely flowers – not to mention hopefully help with the drought we always have in the summer here

    #3 Free fun stuff in the mail!!!!

    #4 Eating and enjoying a single slice of cheesecake I made and having the smarts to leave the rest of it at Mike’s parent’s house after Easter Sunday’s meal

    #5 my health

    and so much more. I love this concept thank you for sharing girl! YAY FOR ALMOST SKINNY JEANS TOO!!! ROCK IT SISTER!

  4. I’m grateful that I got this account at work to balance today when yesterday it was off by $10000 and then by 2 cents. I’m also grateful that I just realized I’m hungry because I forgot to eat my yogurt earlier today. Time to get on that. Great POST!

  5. Why is everyone having better weather than Californiaaaa! Getting to enjoy a greener summer and water in the waterfalls during July hikes because our spring was so late? FABULOUS

    And good for you for standing up to your boss! I left my job in NYC because there was no balance and the guilt for taking vacation was just too much!

  6. I love this post! I need to remind myself to be more grateful on a regular basis. I’m also a Barry Manilow fan; I’m not quite at Fanilow status, but I like some of his music. I reeeeeeeally wish spring would make a more permanent visit to Minnesota! Sunday was fantastic weather, but now we’re back to mid-forties and raining.

    YAY for continued weight loss and almost being able to wear “skinnier” clothes! :-)

  7. YEAH

    This list is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really found a lot to be grateful for.

    I heart you


    that is all

  8. Great and very fabulous list, Shana :) Also, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and realize what we have. I don’t do this nearly enough, so thank you for the reminder.

    I’m grateful for the sun (finally!), leftover Easter chocolate, a new baby among my circle of friends.

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