A decorating disaster…

J and I have very different tastes when it comes to decorating.  It wasn’t really a problem when we bought the NY house, because we just sort of merged all the furniture we already had in our apartments into the house and were done with it.  Nothing really matched or went well together, but we didn’t care.  It was all comfortable and that’s what mattered to us. 

When it came time to decorate the CT house, I wanted to make sure we did a good job.  I wanted the furniture to match and for the house to have a really nice, put-together look.  I was worried that J and I would never agree on anything and that we’d live in a mostly empty house for a long time.  Luckily, we were able to agree on a lot and the house is basically furnished.  We are only down to small items…like wall art and rugs.

And that is where we are running into trouble. 

J, bless his little heart, is trying to help in the decorating process.  He goes online and sends me images of rugs that he thinks “will go nicely in the living room” or “work well in the dining room”.  It would be really adorable…except J has no taste.  And he’s cheap.  So the things he picks out…are ugly.  UGLY. 

I’ll give you an example.  In the living room, we have a tan couch and a leopard print chair.  The accent tables are dark brown wood from Pottery Barn.  It’s all fairly contemporary.  We are going to put a piano in that room as well.  He finds a rug that is cream-colored with pastel flowers all over it.  He tells me that this is the perfect rug for the living room.  Where???  How???  Are you serious?  Pastel flowers and leopard print?  Um…no.

I want him to stop helping.  I will find and purchase lovely rugs that will match the rest of the decor nicely.  I will find complementary wall art and other accents and in a few weeks the house will look fantastic.  It might cost a little more, but it will be worth it and he’ll love it in the end.  But he refuses to just let me do it.  He’s driving me crazy!

I’m not sure what to do…short of taking a day off and going on a mad spending spree and getting everything we need in one day while J is at work.  Do any of you have this problem…a man who wants to help decorate, but has no taste?  How do you handle it?


  1. I can’t really help you here…Wilzie pretty much leaves anything decorating-related to me.
    I vote for “spending-spree”!

  2. Give him a man cave end of story – let him decorate that w/ frilly flower rugs 😉 hehe!

    Seriously – I think it’s great he wants to help but I wouldn’t blame you for going on a shopping spree and handling it all when he’s not looking 😉

    If you’re looking for items you want to last a lifetime or at least 5 years that’s not the time to go cheap! Trust me I learned this many times.

    Go cheap on pillows or drapes but get a good durable rug! Drapes and pillows will change more often as your style/moods change for the rooms – the rug won’t change as much.

    Mike and I compromise a lot on stuff but I usually like what he picks we are a lot a like and I think that helps. Every once in a while he will not agree with me or vice versa and the we must compromise. I gave him a man cave to go hog wild with [read spare bedroom that I now workout in] and he’s much less opinionated for the most part since he has his own space that I don’t say jack squat about.

  3. My husband is extremely color blind, yet he loves to criticize my choices in color for our home. Talk about annoying.

    In the end, I usually win because, well, I can see color. But it’s irritating to have to engage in a discussion about it in the first place – especially after 12+ years.

    On other things – furniture, lighting, flooring – we are on par with one another.

    I say get the things that really matter to you on your own, then let him pick out stuff (the less expensive stuff) that you won’t be bothered by as much and are moveable (hide-able) like throw pillows, picture frames, candle holders.

  4. baby bro says:

    When it comes to decor me and ris are on complete oppisite sides of the spectrum (just like everything else). But somehow we make it work. When I suggest something she doesn’t like she simply pats me on the head and says “your so cute” and move on till she finds something she likes. Lol. Lucky for her I just don’t care as long as I have a place to sit I’m good. As far as art she picks it and I hang it where and how I want. Lol. We won’t even talk about paint I mean come on my bedroom is purple and we know I didn’t pick that.

  5. LOL!!! Don’t dare let him in the house with a pastel rug :p It’s cool that he wants to be a part of the decision-making process though (have to give credit where credit is due!).

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