I’m all atwitter…

I am not an early adopter of technology.  I refused to text…for like a year after people started texting.  When I finally gave in and got a Blackberry, I didn’t set up my email for about six months.  Facebook?  I think it took me two years to set up an account. 

Of course, I eventually embrace the technology and then I love it. 

When it came to Twitter, I was fully against it.  I refused to even find out anything about it…like how to join.  To me, it sounded like a huge time suck…and J is already on my all the time about how much I use my Blackberry. 

However, I’ve decided it’s time. 

Time to join Twitter.

So yesterday I went to Twitter.com and I started to set up an account.  Then it asked me for a username. 

I had a short moment of hysteria.  It had to be a good name.  Nothing stupid.  Not my actual name.  But something that would let people know it was me. 

The panic at trying to think of a twitter name!

It was all too much pressure.  So I just moved on to doing something else.

But I’ve really got to do this.  Now that I’ve decided to join, it’s becoming an obsession. 

So, I’m asking for you help.  If you are feeling a little creative, leave me a Twitter name suggestion.

If I use one of the suggestions I will send you something for your effort. 

(I stole this idea from Fojoy…who is looking for some suggestions of her own.  If you are feeling extra creative, go visit her.  Actually, visit her anyway…because she is awesome!)


  1. yay you’re coming to twitter! I am going to have to seriously think about a name for you and come back on this one!

  2. FumbleOn? Shanaisnormal? NycFumble? PLEASE GET oN TWITTER

  3. Do you want to be similar to your blog name? Like “Fumbler-ette” or “Ms. Fumbler”?

  4. Stephanie says:

    My best suggestion is to pick something that you’ll remember and is meaningful to you. I see the whole gamet of Twitter names, so you really can’t go wrong (promise!).

    And when you do finally decide, I’d love to follow you and would ask you to consider following me (kentuckybelle). :)

  5. Hurray for you FINALLY becoming a Twatter!
    You can stalk Nathan Fillion with me 😉
    As for a name…I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Gimme a minute…
    Thanks for the love, Love!

  6. Umm duh. FumblingShana

  7. I just can’t believe you are going to twitter. I have no idea what name you should use because twitter so confuses me that I have absolutely no clue how it works (although I did load the app on my iphone, for what reason I’m not sure).

  8. Yes I had this problem as well. I settled on MakingStuffIs because makingstuffisfun would not fit and I didnt’ want to use my real name. I’m not that happy with my name but I guess it’s ok. I like the above suggestions. I’m drawing a blank on anything else.

  9. Okay, I vote we do it together. I already have a twitter account but I don’t use it. Mine is just my name – thinking of changing it but also thinking of starting a business so maybe it should be my name. For you – fumbling2normalcy OR fumbling2normal

    I still don’t get Twitter. But I’m determined to learn. Social Media for life!

  10. I second the ‘duh, FumblingShana’ :) link it back to your blog. I didn’t and then jumped through twitter hoops to do change it. For a while Twitter kept suggesting that I follow myself. I don’t tweet very often, but I’m @babyfeet3 it IS a good time and the#wineparty on Friday nights at 9pm are rockin’!

  11. Hmmm… I think it depends on whether or not you want this to be a personal Twitter account or more blog-related… or perhaps you’d like to combine both? Maybe @FumblingShana or something along those lines? Please find me! I’m on there, too (but I use it mostly for blog stuff. I’m @MyPixieBlog). It’s like Narnia though. I have been on for some time and I still don’t know entirely how it works.

  12. I just read your comments and clearly I’m not that creative. Seems FumblingShana has already been suggested to you!

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