Sofie is going to be the death of me…

The soapbox has been put away.  We are now back to our regularly scheduled non-sense. 

Our street in CT is a circle with only one access point to a main road.  The only cars that drive on the street are those that belong there and everyone drives slow to watch for children and people walking dogs.  This is not the case in NY, where our street is a main through street and people speed up and down it all day long.  Oh…and there is no sidewalk.  Walking the dogs in that neighborhood is dangerous.  So I love being in CT and when we are there I always take the dogs for at least one long walk (around the circle twice) per day. 

On Saturday, we were on our second loop around the street when I noticed dog poop.  I got very indignant.  I couldn’t believe someone in the neighborhood would walk their dog and not pick up the poop.  I always leave the house armed with plastic bags…just in case.  I dragged the dogs past the poop and continued on.  When I got home I told J how disgusted I was that some asshole let their dog poop on the street and didn’t pick it up.  I was seriously annoyed.

On Sunday, we spent a few hours in the yard, cleaning up fallen tree branches and sticks and dead leaves.  Then it was time for the girls to go for a walk.  It was really warm out, so I didn’t bother to grab my jacket…I just got the leashes and off we went. 

About halfway around the circle I noticed that Sofie was walking a little slower and sort of trailing behind, instead of walking ahead like she usually does.  I turned around and looked behind me…and found that Sofie was pooping…while she walked!  What is she…a horse?  What dog does that?  But no big deal…I reached into my pocket to take out a bag.

Except I didn’t have a bag.

Because I left my jacket…with the bags in the pocket…at home. 


So I call J and tell him that I’m walking back to the house and please meet me with bags.  As I start walking back up to the house, something slowly dawns on me…

The poop from the day before?

It must have been Sofie’s.

And the asshole that didn’t clean up after their dog?

That would be me.


So now I know that Sofie has to be watched every second…because unlike a normal dog who stops to do their business…Sofie will just keep on walking. 

It’s a good thing she’s so cute…

I hope no one was offended to read about dog poop.  If you are a dog owner, you know that poop comes with the territory.


  1. Maya walks and pees – which I don’t have to pick up, but I do have to wash out of her fur (Note to self: do not feed the dog asperagus again.).
    Our puppies aren’t weird, they are just super-smart multi-taskers who don’t believe in wasting time that could be better spent smelling other dogs’ asses.
    We should be proud.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am adamant about picking up after my girls every time. My husband? Not so much. He’s content to leave it if no one’s watching. And my mom? They don’t even carry bags. She told me once picking up after them is gross. Well, it may be, but scraping dog poo off my shoe is way grosser, if you ask me. It’s just common courtesy.

  3. Hobie speed walks and then all of the sudden stops to go. It has given me whiplash multiple times even though he is tiny. I always take bags but I always make my husband pick it up when we walk Hobie together.

  4. LOL!!!! This post totally cracks me up :p I have never seen a dog do that before. And yea, she’s too cute for her own good :)

  5. Night before last, my dog ate a packet of butter. Last night, she got into a bag of flour. When we got home from the movies, she was covered in flour which had hardened into a crust on her face, nose and legs. So I had to give her a bath at 10:30 at night when all I wanted to do was go to sleep. And there was flour all over the floor which had to be slept and mopped up. She also ate a granola bar and several packets of soy sauce.

    That dog is gonna be the death of me! Dogs do the darndest things but they’re just so freakin’ lovable.

  6. Most dogs will do that – hence the hanging back – if you keep walking they think they need to keep up or get choked so they diddle and walk. It’s too funny thought that you were cussing another neighbor when it was you 😉 Now you know. And Knowing is half the battle! :)

  7. I always feel so guilty when i forget a bag, but it happens. Doesn’t stop me from judging others who leave it behind though :)

  8. That is too funny. Don’t worry about telling your dog poop stories to me. I have one of my own from this past weekend: my black lab projectile pooped all over – ALL OVER – our kitchen floor and cabinets Sunday morning due to some unfortunate lower GI issues. I actually sort of think it’s cute that your dog poops like a horse.

  9. Hey

    This post reminded me of something that would happen over in my corner of the universe.

    Silly Sophie the walking pooper..

    I love it when I figure out the idiot I am mad at is ME


    love your bog

    that is all

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