Time to send a message…

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be all political again today.  I know I said I had a rule against talking about politics here…most of the time I’m pretty good about keeping my political soapbox in the closet.  But what went on last week was really too important not to address.  So I hope you’ll all indulge me one more time. 

I spent Friday night alternating between checking CNN.com for breaking news, emailing Allyson and discussing the situation with J.  J and I share very different political views most of the time, but we generally agree that this government is not working as it should be.  So imagine my surprise when my ranting was met with a calm J who told me “relax…they’ll work it out…they aren’t going to shut down the government.”  I ignored his sudden optimism and went back to emailing Ally…who agreed that J’s denial was just adorable. 

When the news of a deal came just before midnight, J turned to me and said…

J: See…I told you.
Me: Unreal…since when do  you have so much faith in Washington?
J: I don’t.
Me: ???
J: Come on…did you really think that they weren’t going to pay the military…who are currently fighting a war?  No way.  Who was going to be the guy who took the blame for that?  No one…it would be political suicide.  This was a game to see who would blink first.  But at the end of the day, they weren’t going to let it happen.  So they made the deal.  Done.  Everyone’s happy  and they get to pat themselves on the back for saving the day. 

And that’s exactly what happened.  All day Saturday I read and watched as politician’s shook each other’s hands and patted themselves on the back for a job well done and acted like they were heroes.  All for doing their jobs…six months after they should have!  It was disgusting and I eventually just turned it off. 

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  This whole thing made me realize that the focus of being in Congress…or even of being the president…is no longer running the country.  The focus has become running for office, getting elected and then staying in office.  No one fights for the right thing anymore.  They don’t speak for the people anymore.  They simply do what best serves their interest and what will best get them re-elected.  Nothing gets done.   Nothing changes. 

I voted for Barack Obama because he promised change and I had hope that he could deliver it.  Well, clearly he can’t.  But we still need that change.  The career politicians of Washington aren’t going to change on their own, so it’s going to be up to us.  We have a voice and we should get our say.  We, as a people, need to care more about what happens in our government.  We need to be more involved.  We need to make them hear us. 

What happened last week is unacceptable.  We need to use our votes to make sure it never happens again.  Get to know your senators and representatives.  Find out what they stand for and make sure their voting records really reflect that.  And if you don’t agree with them or if they aren’t doing their jobs, let them know it’s unacceptable and give their job to someone who will do it better!  We need a real change, not just a bunch of meaningless campaign promises and lies. 

Ok…rant over.  Thank you for listening.  The soapbox is back in the closet and tomorrow it will be back to the usual semi-amusing non-sense you are all used to!


  1. I love how he was so calm. And then said ‘I told you so.’ And he’s still alive. You’re one strong woman. :)

  2. Everyone deserves to hop on their soapbox every now and again. I get mine out to take a stand against WIizie throwing his socks on the floor, you save yours for trivial matters like keeping your country running and you military paid….
    Maybe if more people were like you, and stood up and spoke their minds, then you might just get the change you want.

  3. I have no faith in government. I can’t ever see it changing, mostly because there are still enough stupid, lazy or disillusioned people in this country who will either vote for the wrong person or be persuaded by someone who seems like a good choice. I think we underestimate the “old school” voters who just waltz in and vote straight ticket every time..I mean more power to them, I guess, but I’d rather vote for someone whose views are most aligned with mine, not just because they are a republican or democrat. Anyway, I’m off topic here. I agree, they should have done this months ago. If I don’t’ almost miss a deadline, but then get it done at the last minute, I don’t’ get a pat on the back…I get a “well, next time you should get it done sooner.” how are they not just as accountable? Sickening. I feel like no matter who I vote for the same thing is going to happen, so it almost makes me not want to vote….but I will vote because it’s my responsibility as an American. Keep on keepin’ on, I suppose. Great post!

  4. I like when you bust out the soapbox, personally. I totally agree, but this is nothing new. There is always a motive behind any kind of political agenda. I had a feeling that would all get straightened out in time for the deadline and that Washington wouldn’t shut down. It’s another hit that Obama can’t afford if he’s hoping to secure his seat in the next election. But it’s sickening all the same.

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