Random Musings Friday…

This week has been…interesting.  There is a guy at work and we think he’s lost his damn mind.  Seriously…we’re pretty sure he’s made a clean break from reality and is now living in his own personal fantasy land.  And it seems that I’m the main target for the majority of his insanity.  It’s made for some very entertaining emails.  One of the attorneys and I spent yesterday morning cracking up as email after email rolled in from this guy…each one crazier than the last.  I wish I could give you the whole background, but it’s confidential…and it’s a loooooong story.  The bottom line is this…he’s got his panties in a twist and, per the advice of counsel, I’m no longer communicating with him directly. 

Like I said…interesting week!

Here’s what else happened…

  • When I left work last night, I waited over 30 minutes for my bus.  The bus finally showed up…trailed about ten feet behind by the bus that was supposed to come at that time.  One bus was totally packed and the other totally empty.  Guess which bus stopped to pick us up?  Yup…the full one.  Luckily, I got a seat…the very last seat on the bus.  On the highway, we pulled up next to the other bus…there were eight people on it.  We had forty eight…packed in like sardines.  The logic those two drivers were using really escapes me. 
  • The bus stop is in front of Hermes and while I was waiting, a guy with an entourage entered the store.  He tried on several bracelets and left a few minutes later wearing one.  That guy may or may not have been Zac Efron.  On a side note…when I emailed two friends to tell them this, my phone’s spell check wanted to change Hermes to herpes.  I found this hysterically funny. 
  • We leave the radio on during the day for the dogs and three times this week the last song I heard as I left the house was Cracklin’ Rosie by Neil Diamond.  And it’s been stuck in my head all week.  The problem is…I only know the first few lines and the chorus.  So that’s what’s been playing in my head…over and over and over again.  I realize that this piece of information isn’t very interesting…but I had to share it anyway.  So maybe I won’t be the only one singing it over and over.
  • The other day I was driving and Open Your Heart by Madonna came on the radio.  I suddenly had a flashback to my ten-year old self, singing and dancing around the living room, pretending I was Madonna.  I remember singly loudly…and badly.  Really, really badly.  But man, did I think I was hot stuff!  I think I should probably still dance around the living room thinking I’m Madonna.  Maybe we all should.
  • The other night, J wanted dinner from Cheesecake Factory.  If you aren’t familiar with this particular restaurant, the portions are huge.  Seriously…huge!  I once got a breakfast burrito there and the leftovers lasted me a week.  So I decided to order steamed asparagus, figuring I’d get a nice portion.  HA!  I got six teeny, tiny, skinny stalks.  J got the world’s largest burger and even his appetizer came with fries.  This is why America is fat.  Cheesecake people…if you are reading this…maybe you want to make the veggie orders a little bigger in the future!
  • Sofie did her best Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible impersonation last night and snuck out of the bedroom and downstairs while we were asleep last night.  Usually I hear her do this and follow, but I didn’t hear a thing last night.  When I woke up and went downstairs I found aluminum foil all over the floor.  In the living room, I’d found that the little brat had gotten into the trash can under J’s desk.  There were little bits of napkin and candy wrapper everywhere.  She also pooped.  It was not what I wanted to find at 5:30 in the morning.  J’s reaction…”She’s funny.”  I disagreed and I yelled at her so she jumped onto our bed and covered her face with her paws.  Then I felt bad…so when I left for work I gave them extra cookies.  I’m such a pushover.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  I hope you don’t have to spend it shoveling out from a foot of snow!


  1. There is nothing better than dancing around your living room pretending your Madonna. Unless its dancing around your living room pretending you are the star of a hit Broadway musical…
    Zac Efron is totally dreamy. And you thinking so is no worse than me swooning after Darren Criss…
    I think I have a serious problem with ellipses…

  2. I think you and I are cut from the same Dog Mom cloth girl. I am the same way!!!

    Is your co-worker Charlie Sheen? Geez sounds like a real piece of work.

    Zac Efron is one hot little piece – I feel rather cougar-ish by saying that but hey, if the shoe fits right. I need to take a picture of Mike’s younger brother, he looks a lot like Zac and that other dude from Gossip Girl that looks like Zac – I’m horrible with names, obviously!

    CURE FOR STRESS: Dancing like Madonna around your living room. I hated M back in the day when she was overly popular. Something about me wanting to be a “good girl” and loving good girl acts like Debbie Gibson… my how times have changed.. I love Madonna and Debbie’s been in Playboy. We all grew didn’t we? haha

  3. I’m very upset to hear that about Cheesecake. Because I’m a veggie and I want to know that I’ll be just as satisfied with a meal I ordered as someone who takes on a cheeseburger. Also, please tell me you had something to go along with the asparagus!! That would never fill me.

    Awww, you’re so cute with your doggies. You just can’t ever stay mad when they make the sad face. It’s so unfair!

    PS: Sometimes I still dance around in my apartment. And maybe I listen to Ke$ha while I do it. Don’t judge 😉

  4. You’re a store bought woman, but you make me sing like guitar humming . . . yeah, yeah, yeah

    I totally have that on itunes genius and just got done rockin’ out to it. For real. The kids know it, too. Sweet Caroline? Bring it. I can also totally go for ‘Open your Heart’ Except I was like, 14? And I’m sure I sounded WAY worse than you. I love that your phone tried to auto correct to herpes! Have you seen that FB thing about all the horrible auto corrects on the iphone? If you haven’t, ask around, somebody you know has. Laughed so hard I cried. Also, I think I need a picture of this dog feeling shameful :)

  5. At least you’re dancing around in the privacy of your own house. You don’t want to see me in my car. I dance and sing and I’m sure it’s a crazy sight for other drivers.

    The Cheesecake Factory portions are INSANE. I like having the leftovers for later but sometimes I wish I could just order a half portion (and pay half as much of course) because just the sight of the portions they provide makes me feel like a gigantic pig. And then you still have to get the cheesecake in addition to your family-sized meal! Well, I have to get cheesecake; not sure if other people have stronger will power than I do.

  6. Yeah I’m always SHOCKED by the portions that I get from Cheesecake Factory. We don’t go often because the closest one is about 45 minutes away. The food is good but HUGE.

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