Poor, sad puppies…

A few Christmases ago I bought J a pet-cam so he could watch Sadie while he was at work.  I thought he’d get a kick out of it and he did.  Of all the awesome presents I’ve bought him over the years, he will tell you that the pet cam was his favorite. 

J has major guilt over leaving the dogs home alone while we got to work.  While we don’t crate them, they are confined to a relatively small area of the house.  They have access to water and all their toys and they have nice beds with lots of cozy blankets, but they are still alone and they do get bored…as evidenced by the chewed up banister and molding and dining room furniture.  So J feels bad for them and wishes he could be home with them all day.

I have always taken the position that we go to work because we have to go to work and as much as the dogs are my babies, they are still dogs and they are fine being home all day…just like almost every other dog in the world.  Besides are dogs are extremely spoiled and have a pretty nice life for themselves…being home alone during the day isn’t going to kill them. 

I was never able to connect to the camera website at work, but they recently made some changes to the server and now I can.   So for the past week I’ve been watching the girls periodically from work.  J and I also changed our work schedules around and now instead of me leaving first in the morning, I leave last.  And instead of seeing the girls snuggled up to J in bed, I see their little faces looking at me from the window as I walk down the street. 

It’s killing me.  I mean, basically they just sleep all day with the exception of when the mailman comes and they bark like lunatics.  But they just look kind of sad and lonely to me.  They look so much happier when I’m home with them.  I thought it would make me feel better to be able to watch them all day, but it’s actually making me feel worse and miss them more. 

I have no idea how people with kids go back to work. 

So I’ve been suggesting to J that I become a stay-at-home doggie mom.  And he’s not entirely against the idea.  If only I could still get paid…I would do it in a second.  Unfortunately, the paycheck is too important at the moment.  But the hunt is on for a new job or a new career that will allow me to work from home or spend more time at home so my poor puppies aren’t alone and sad. 

Am I totally crazy?  Do other dog parents feel this way?


  1. Yeah, both my boss and my mom (our office manager) bring their dogs to work with them. Having dogs in the office is kinda nice most days (if Mom has appointments out she’ll drop Molly off at doggy day care–no, I’m not kidding) but they are small dogs and the commute doesn’t involve a bus, either!

  2. I have four dogs, two big and two little. And the thought of them being alone all day brings on the sads. When I do leave the house for extended periods of time – 4 or 5 hours, let’s say – I worry about the house burning down, them choking on something or eating something that will make them very ill, like a raisin or a stray Advil (has happened). We are getting ready to leave on a trip for 6 days and I can’t bring any of them. We have people staying at the house, but I know I will still worry the entire time. I know it’s unreasonable to be this overly concerned, but I can’t help it. They’re my kids.

    So if you are totally crazy, that makes me totally crazy too. A couple of crazy dog mommies.

  3. In the beginning, I felt bad – and other people made me feel bad – about leaving Paisley all day. But then I spent a week of vacation at home (use it or lose it) and realized that she didn’t do anything but sleep anyway. I think it helps that Pais was crated and she likes her crate. She still goes in there when she wants to be alone. It’s comforting to her. Clover is a little different – I’m sure she’d rather be outside playing. But she sleeps a majority of the time on weekend days, too, and she’s happy to curl up with Paisley. I’m not sure what I’d see on a doggie cam, but I’m pretty sure it would be a lot of snoozing.

    The advantage of having just moved is that now they’re only crated from 7am-4pm, which is about 1.5 to 2 hours less than they used to be crated. And when they’re out, they have a yard to run and play and tire themselves out. If I can’t let them be free all day, at least their time out is fun and full of playing and cuddles.

  4. I actually don’t feel bad for leaving Maya home all day…am I a bad doggie-mommie?
    But my dog is very strange – when I am home all day with her, she just seems annoyed that I am interrupting her schedule (of sleep), and she looks relieved when I walk out the door. So I don’t have the guilts from sad, puppy-dog eyes to haunt me.
    I just have to deal with the fact that my dog doesn’t really like having me around…

  5. Ha, you are funny but sweet. My husband works from home for like half the week usually but I always feel bad when he’s out of town and I’m the one that has to see Hobie last as I leave the house. I also feel really sad when Hobie thinks we are all going somewhere together (when actually B and I are just leaving) and then we end up leaving him and he makes a really sad low barking/growling noise. It is the truest sound of sadness I have ever heard and I have to go back and pet him for a few minutes before leaving.

  6. I always feel the same about leaving June home during the day. She has her own room and a fluffy bed but I know she sleeps all day long. We would let her roam the house but her and the cat tend to rough house and I fear they might hurt each other while we are gone – or she’ll feast out of the cats liter box daily!

    On one hand you should think of it as a way for them to get their rest in during the day. June is always excited to see us when we get home and ready to play – by the time we are ready for bed, she is too.

    I wish I could get her a doggie daycare but honestly I think the rest does her good. She’s a healthy weight and she’s thriving – it sure beats being stuck outside in a back yard w/ no body to love her.

  7. Work is one of the reasons I’m not ready to get a dog. My hours can be so crazy and then I have various groups I’m a part of too so my time at home is very limited. Sounds like you have more than 1 though, which is a huge improvement to 1 dog being all alone alllll day. That would break my heart even more!

  8. You aren’t even a little crazy. Six months ago, before we got Lonestar, I would have said you were nuts. But there is nothing like those puppy eyes boring into your soul as you walk out the door. I’m sorry you have to leave them. They really are OK though and you gotta remember that they don’t know any different.

  9. Nope. I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I cry every time I say goodbye to Linus, the family dog, when I go to visit my parents. I just can’t take the sad puppy dog face. Breaks my heart.

    Awwww, I love that J is considering this working from home stuff :) Would you be able to do it maybe once or twice a week?

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