An open letter follow up…

Dear Punxsutawney Phil,

Apparently, when I wrote this you thought I was joking.  Well, I wasn’t even slightly kidding.  I was dead serious, my friend. 

It turns out that your prediction for an early spring was a big lie.  A lie that got my hopes up and then left me crushed when he had a freaking snow storm at the end of March.  A snowstorm, Phil…with hail and everything! 

Despite one exceptional day when the temperature reached 75 degrees, it’s been freezing and snowing since your brilliant prediction.  Today is March 28th…when the temperature should be in the high 50’s.  In reality, it’s 26 degrees with a windchill of 17.  What is that about? 

I’m sick of coats and gloves and hats and scarves and tights.  I want to run around in summer dresses with bare legs and sandals.  I want to leave the house without needing a ten minute head start to bundle up.  I don’t want to have to cut the dogs’ walk short because my fingers are frozen.  Even J, who never complains about being cold, complained this morning that this is the winter that will not end and he’s sick of being freezing all the time. 

Phil, you are a jerk…toying with us like that and making promises you couldn’t keep.  Now you and I have a  problem.  Make sure you keep one eye open at night and you look over your shoulder often.  Because I might be paying you a little visit so we can have a nice chat and I can teach you what happens when you lie to freezing cold people just looking for a little nice weather. 




  1. Yeah I am pretty confused with the weather. Last Monday it was 80 degrees. It is currently snowing outside right now and I had a bunch of slush on my car when I left for work. What is going on?

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. This isn’t just typical fickle spring weather. This is straight-up winter. And I want nothing to do with it! I just want it to go away.

  3. We had such a tease of spring here in the South but it’s been raining and thunder storming non-stop for 3 days and I’m over it! I feel water logged and I want the warmth back. When it arrives I’ll send some to you!!!

    P.S. I know good and well if I purchase rain boots tomorrow it will stop raining and I’ll never get to use them!

  4. I could not agree more! I was planning on writing my own stupid-cold-weather post tomorrow.
    I told Wilzie that I don’t even care that’s its -3 instead of -30…its still cold, and I am sick of being cold!

  5. LMAO!!!!! Shana, telling a groundhog to sleep with one eye open nearly had me spit my coffee all over my computer screen. Thanks for this.

    Apparently Mother Nature and Punxsutawney Phil are in cahoots. I hate them both.

  6. I caught myself humming chirstmas tunes while cleaning house yesterday. It’s BS. I’m so done with cold, and with insane weather! Last week we had a day that was almost 80 degrees. No joke. Today-inch of snow, scraping ice of my car. When you visit with Phil, tell him I hate him.

  7. Is this a good time to complain about how miserable it’s been here this week….60 and rainy. BRRR!!! Please don’t throw the remote at your laptop. That’s not nice. I’m suffering too.

    I really don’t know how you do NYC winters. If the Pilgrims could have traveled a little further south before settling, this would not be a problem. Our most beloved cities…NYC, Boston, Chicago, would all be somewhere south of North Carolina. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Because your other option is Miami and nothing good ever came out of there…except the white blazer.

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