1. You are such a tease – you know I have to see that picture!
    I am always too scared to take pictures of bus-people for fear they will freak out and throw their bugs on me (yes I know, I have issues).
    You seem to be having a lot of bad weeks lately :( I hope things start looking up for you soon!

  2. I hate stapler throwing days – man wouldn’t that feel awesome though to ACTUALLY toss it at someone?

    You ARE a tease I agree! Now I want to see that man – I’m sure my vision in my mind wouldn’t do him justice!

    DAMN – that branch in the ground is no joke! HOLY CRAP!

    AND FINALLY CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS GIRL – you’re beating my tail! ox Keep it up!

  3. That tree trunk looks dangerous – someone could be impaled on that thing.
    I really want to see that guy on the bus. Could you maybe blur out his face in order to not feel mean? I did that once last summer – I took a photo of this middle aged woman with short shorts, a tight hot pink BeBe top and a fake tan who was at the fair and just had to blog about her, so I blurred her face out – guilt and shame be gone!

    Good job on the weight loss!


  4. I had the same kind of week! I’m glad I didn’t read this earlier in the week or I might have used your stapler idea. I don’t think my officemate would have liked me if I had chucked the stapler at him the many times I was frustrated.

  5. You’re like the Incredibly Shrinking Woman! I won’t recognize you next time I see you!! Great job, Shana. That’s awesome :)

    Thank heavens no one was anywhere near that tree branch when it fell! Scary. Dogs are too cute though!

    I wanna see a pic of this guy :) I always love your bus stories.

  6. Wow…that is branch was not messing around. I am so glad that a branch fell during the storm and no one heard it. J on a stick is no laughing matter.

    You lost weight…blah…blah..blah… ;-D J/K

    If you don’t post the photo, I might. Is that mean, too? Y’know I save everything. From the first thongs I ever owned to the picture of the guy on the bus. And I’m not above posting both of them.

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