A shower debate…

J, it seems, cannot take a shower without getting the entire bathroom wet.  Soaking wet.  The floor, the bathmat, the toilet seat, the counter…water everywhere.  I’ve always been sort of amazed at just how much water he can get everywhere.  The bathroom after J’s shower rivals the bathroom after we give the dogs a bath and I’ve never been able to figure out how he does it.  Because I can take a shower without getting anything wet…just a little steam on the mirrors. 

So I decided to investigate and two nights ago, I got the perfect opportunity. 

When I came home from work on Monday, I found J in the fireplace trying to fix the damper that had come loose.  When he was finished he was covered in soot and I herded him straight into the shower before he was able to touch anything and make a terrible mess. 

Since I’d just gotten home from work, I stayed in the bathroom and chatted with him about my day while he showered.  When he was finished showering and completely soot-free, he pulled back the curtain and I learned how he gets the bathroom so wet…he stepped out of the shower dripping wet!  Water poured down his legs and puddled around his feet.  Then he started walking around!  Almost pacing while he dried off…leaving wet puddles everywhere he stepped. 

While I stood there, leaning against the sink and staring at him in horror, he asked me what was wrong.  I pointed to the puddles on the floor and asked him why he would step out of the shower while he was soaking wet.  His response…well, what do you do, dry off in the shower?

YES!  That’s exactly what I do.  I turn off the water, ring out my hair and wrap it in a towel, then dry off the rest of me before I lay a foot on the bathmat. 

Apparently…this makes me “weird”.  Also, getting out of the shower while soaking wet is why bathmats were invented.  I argued that a soaking wet…and freezing cold by the time I shower an hour after J…is not a nice thing to step on, but I got nowhere.  According to J, getting out of the shower while soaking wet is the normal way to do it.

We argued about this in circles for about an hour and then I just gave up.  But now, I’m turning this debate over to all of you.

I ask you…do you towel off while still standing in the shower or do you step out of the shower to towel off and leave puddles on the floor?  I’m actually fascinated by this.  Because maybe J’s right and I’m the odd one.  Although I really doubt it.


  1. Clearly Mike and J were cut from the same bath towel! Maybe it’s a guy girl thing. I am exactly like you. Wring out my hair, flip it up on a towel, get 2nd towel and dry off in the shower.

    I usually shower before Mike so I don’t have to worry about the cold shower mat [we use a wooden one] – the issue comes in if I am in socks and going in to say do my hair after he’s finished and I step on a puddle… ACK drives me mad!!!

    I started taking a shower, then I get out, do my skin routine, put in my contacts, brush my teeth and do my hair and make-up all before exiting or before he wakes up. Makes for less traffic in there and less having to share the mirror etc while rushing through our AM routine. It also stops me from having to step in puddles.

    Boys are SO strange!

    Do you have 2 baths at the new house? Claim yours now and you’ll never have to deal with his wet puddles again – or better yet let him read the comments I think he’ll find he’s incorrect. Sorry J, gotta call you out on this one!

  2. I wring my hair out first, but my towel hangs on the hook behind the door so I guess I do step out before I completely dry off. I don’t really drip all over though. I always wondered about that too.

    Chris gets water everywhere, but our bathroom is so small that there is no where to walk around and leave puddles!!!

    Max is the worst. Water EVERYWHERE! But he’s also 8.

  3. Hahahahahah!! This is so funny. My reaction would have been the same as yours. I do exactly what you do. I dry off with my towel INSIDE the tub, legs first. Then I wrap my hair in a towel and put on my bathrobe. I’m practically dry before I touch my bathmat. My husband does the same, minus (possibly) the wrapping the hair in a towel part.

    And we definitely use separate bathrooms. Not necessarily my choice, but his. He likes to have his own spaces. And genius me, we made his bathroom the guest bath so he has to keep it clean.

  4. I think J’s the weird one. =)

    My eleven siblings and I were taught to dry off before we step out of the shower.

    My stepson does not do this, and every time I go into the bathroom after he’s showered, I go a little crazy.

  5. Ha that’s funny. OK here is what I do. I squeeze the water out of my hair and grab the towel from the door and sort of wrap it around myself as I carefully step on to the bath mat and dry myself off (once I’m actually out of the shower). If I wash my hair I always carefully wrap my head first so it doesn’t leak everywhere. Then I put on my robe. I’m pretty sure my husband tries to get his towel before he steps out of the shower but he gets it pretty wet in there too. I definitely would not walk around in the bathroom soaking wet with no towel. I hate stepping on already wet bath mats. Or going in to the bathroom to pee and getting the entire foot of my jeans wet from the wet bath mat.

  6. Dear J (sorry, Shana. This has nothing to do with you…),
    Please stop being so weird. Even my husband, who seemingly shares a brain with you, knows that he must completely towel off before stepping out of the shower…especially in KY where we don’t have a bathmat so much as a wooden, Zen-like square that absorbs absolutely nothing.

    And I think we can all agree that standing water is gross. It’s where mosquitoes congregate. And you know what happens where there are mosquitoes? Malaria. I know how you feel about ticks so let’s not introduce malaria into the household.

    Also…although you are young and spry now, you will not always be. Someday you will be a little shaky on your feet, not quite as sure-footed as you used to be. And all of those puddles of water will become a death-trap. And you know what they say…once you fall and break a hip, you really aren’t long for this world. Do you really want to try to change the habit of drying off BEFORE stepping out of the shower that late in life? Why not start now and keep yourself from going to an early grave.

    I really only have your best interest in mind. And Shana’s. Because stepping into cold water after your long, hot shower? EWWW!
    Nuttin’ but love,

  7. J is insane.

    Hubs and I both towel off in the shower before stepping out of the shower. Because for real, who wants all that water everywhere?

    J is a weirdo. You can tell him I said so 😉

  8. J is most definitely weird!
    Even Wilzie dries off in the shower…so that says something right there.

  9. Well, here’s a +2 for you. My husband and I both dry off in the shower and then step onto the bath mat after we’re clean and dry. So there’s very little water that gets anywhere. My husband even has to sometimes step out of the shower to get his towel, but he gets back in to dry off fully before he comes out.

    I’ll be interested to see how this one turns out….

  10. Yet another quintessential difference between men and women: I have found *most* of them to be guilty of this. I always dry off while IN the shower.

    You are NOT the odd one, girl!

  11. Another plus 2 for you here. Matt and I both dry off before exiting the shower. I could have written your routine Shana. Wrap hair in towel, dry completely off before stepping on the mat. I am in full agreement with Kelly above. The worst is when you wear socks into the bathroom and step in a puddle. Wet socks just are gross.

    My brother is similar to J though. The bathroom was always soaking wet after he was done. I also thought he would take baths and play battleship or something but now I know how he did it. Thanks for the investigation!

  12. It appears I am in the minority here. I do not dry off in the shower but I’d like to make it clear – I do not leave puddles all over the floor – nor do I soak the bath mat. Here’s my question – how are you people so wet? What are you doing in there that you are SO wet coming out? Is the shower still running when you’re stepping out? I am seriously confused by this.
    My vote as far as J’s puddles is it’s not that he steps out of the shower onto the bath mat to dry off – I don’t think that’s weird. The problem is the walking around while still wet and sans towel I assume. Is he just wrapping the towel around him? Does he not know there needs to be drying off movements in order to be dry? And seriously how wet can he be?
    I’m planning to ask the Boy this tonight because I am very curious – I didn’t know that people dry off while still standing in the bathtub.
    Isn’t it weird how differences in our daily routines seems so unbelievably foreign and generate such conversation!

    • See, this was what I was wondering: is he like holding onto water and flinging it around? Generally the act of turning off the water and opening the shower curtain shakes off much of the free water, doesn’t it?

      I prefer to dry off in the shower and will close the curtain again on cold mornings as the little bit of heat remaining helps keep my teeth from chattering but even when I’ve left my towel hanging across the room and have to get it, I’ve never soaked the bathmat!

  13. This has been an issue my entire life, except when I lived alone. Whether it was my brother, an ex, or a roommate I never understood the get out of the shower wet thing. I dated a guy who would get out of the shower wet, put a towel around his waist and then leave the bathroom…NEVER actually drying off with a towel. Why even bother?

  14. OMG. This has me cracking up.

    I’m totally with you. Dry off THEN get out of the shower. I mean, what are we, cavepeople? I wear socks in the house in the winter and the last thing I want to do is step in a wet puddle in my own bathroom with my socks.

    What is a minor offense but I similarly don’t understand is how my guy manages to mess up the bathroom hand towel so much. I mean, when I use it, it pretty much looks the same afterward. When he uses it, it looks like a balled up sheet of paper. How does simply drying one’s hands cause that?

  15. I am a guy and I always dry off my body, legs and feet before stepping off the shower to prevent getting the floor mat and floor wet.What is so hard about that? I think some people are just too lazy or just don’t care about cleanliness or care about other people that may have to use the bathroom after them. People that don’t dry off after shower are usually are messy people that don’t pick up after themselves.I’d seen it in College with some of my room mates.Talk about gross people they sometimes don’t even flush the toilet after they poop they poop let alone dry off before stepping out of the shower! Lazy just plain lazy and gross people…

  16. I definitely agree with you Shana. It is extremely annoying having a roommate leave tons of water on the floor. It then also creates a muggy nasty smell after sitting for a while and you need to wash the floor rugs more often as well. Overall just dry off in the shower, cuz it is very normal too. It’s selfish to soak up the bathroom floor. F*ck all you who do it.

  17. If said person doesn’t stop leaving puddles all over the floor & saturating the non-absorbent bathmat, just use their towel as a mop to put the water where it should have gone in the first place 😀

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