Random Musings Friday…

Yesterday, when I was filling out my NCAA brackets, I noticed that CBS Sports had posted a bunch of celebrities’ picks.  The list included the president, David Letterman, Katie Couric, Boomer Esiason and the Harlem Globetrotters, among others.  One name that jumped out at me was Joe Mantegna, who is on one of my favorite shows…Criminal Minds.  I thought to myself “Ha ha ha, wouldn’t it be funny if I just copied Joe Mantegna’s bracket.”  I liked that it seemed so random.  In the end, I chose not to do that.  But apparently, the joke’s on me…because Joe Mantegna is doing so much better than I am!  My brackets have so much red on them they look like they’ve been shot.  I just checked the standings in my pool and I’m way down somewhere at the bottom.  I usually hold my own and end up somewhere near the top.  I even won once.  Right now I place the blame entirely on Michigan State.  Jerks. 

Anyway…on to the rest of my randomness for the week…

  • I’m not wearing tights today.  It’s the first time since October that I’ve gone out with bare legs and I’m loving it!  Except my legs are so pale, it’s frightening.  I busted out my lotion with self tanner this morning, but it didn’t make much difference.  Luckily, this weather is only going to last one day and I’ll be back in tights next week.  So I have some time for the tanner to kick in.
  • The other day I got into a cab and the driver spent the entire 20 block ride sucking something out of his teeth.  It was so irritating that I almost offered him some dental floss.  Luckily, he also drove like someone was chasing him…because we got to my destination in record time!
  • I’ve decided that movies should have fashion credits along with acting credits.  Last weekend, we watched Morning Glory.  At the end of the movie, Rachel McAdams wears this great dress…very flowy and swishy and such a pretty color.  I spent hours online trying to find out who made the dress and where I can get one…and no luck.  So Hollywood…if you are reading this…please make this kind of information more readily available.  Thanks.
  • Why do celebrities think it’s a good idea to make a sex tape?  I just read that Usher now has a sex tape…one that his wife did not know he’d made.  Now someone is threatening to make it public.  Shocker.  Again…Hollywood…if you are reading this…turn off the video cameras in the bedroom.  Because someone will use that shit against you at some point.  Learn from other people’s mistakes. 
  • I’m reading a book right now, by an author that I usually really like and I’m disappointed.  Not in the story…the story is great.  No, I’m disappointed in the editing.  There are three times where she has used the wrong tense, making her sentences sound awkward.  There were also two times where her characters said something that sounded like Yoda…”Fly you to the moon, they would.”  Seriously? 
  • Yesterday, the bus was really crowded…as I expected it would be.  There were no seats, so I had to stand all the way home.  There were about six people standing, but I was the only woman.  There were several men sitting down.  Not one of them offered me their seat.  I would never have taken someone else’s seat, but really?  You don’t even offer?  Also, one woman asked me to move because apparently I was standing in her “space” and she didn’t like it.  Um…yeah…tough.  It’s not like I was sitting on her lap.  I didn’t really like the situation either, but I had to get home and I had no choice.  They’ve cut the schedule so much that I would have had to wait 40 minutes for another bus…and that was not happening. 

So that was my interesting week.  My plan for the weekend is relaxation.  This whole time change thing is kicking my ass and I’m so tired!  I wish all of you an equally relaxing weekend…see you Monday.


  1. I totally watched Morning Glory last weekend when I was sick. Now I’m going to have to look up that dress. The teeth thing in the cab would have really annoyed me.

  2. Next time might I suggest you fart in that woman’s face? 😉

    I hope you have a great weekend!!! I feel you on the pale legs sister. We’re contemplating a float down the creek in our kayaks this weekend and I might have to wear sunglasses to protect me from the glare of my legs!!!

  3. What the… what book are you reading? That’s just weird (though the Yoda quote made me LOL).

    I am scared to show the world my white legs. I mean, they are SERIOUSLY white. I went out last night for St. Pat’s and wore tights AND legwarmers (those were unecessary) but I didn’t want the world to get load of how white they are. So I feel your pain. The problem for me is that they NEVER tan. Doesn’t matter how much time I spend in the sun, they only burn if they get any color at all. Stupid pale skin.

    Hope you enjoy a nice relaxing weekend (and boo to the men who don’t even offer up their seat. Bastahds!)

  4. I really need to watch more rom-coms. I have an unnatural addiction to historical fiction and political/historical documentaries. Very informative but not much in the way of fashion…unless you’re just dying to look like Dolley Madison or Betsy Ross. And when I’m on the elliptical, I tend to kick it into HIGH GEAR when I think of looking like Rachel McAdams. I hear she’s a bitch, but she has a rockin’ little body.

    Chivalry is dead. There. You just got the memo.

    I’m going to be sad when the bus stories go away…but maybe we can replace them with cabbie stories. Someone needs a toothpick.

    Usher has a sex tape?? Yum.

  5. I am swathed in jealousy at your bare legs, white as they may be.
    Its till too cold here for TIGHTS!

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