A tale of ticks and crazy…

J is obsessed with ticks. 

I told you that we found a tick on Sadie last week.  Well, on Saturday morning we found one of Sofie too. 

And J lost his freaking mind.

He started running around the house, stripping the beds and taking the cushions off the couch.  Then he sat on the internet for hours reading about ticks and ticks on dogs and ticks in the backyard and tick control.  He can now tell you what kinds of ticks are normally found in our area, the life-cycle of a tick, where you are most likely to pick up a tick, how to properly remove a tick from both humans and dogs and effective methods of controlling the tick population. 

He also spent the weekend torturing the poor dogs, who just wanted to run around the backyard and then go to sleep.  Every time they came inside he brushed their fur with the wire brush that they hate.  Then he rubbed them down with a white towel…you know, so he would see any ticks that he managed to get off the dogs.  By the end of the weekend, if the dogs saw him coming at them they would run in the opposite direction. 

He also established an area in the yard where the dogs are allowed to play.  He’s made over half the yard off-limits to them because he read that you are most likely to find ticks in the perimeter and in shady areas.  So, essentially what he’s done is bought a house with a giant yard for the dogs to play in and then cut their play area down to roughly the size of the yard they had before.  Brilliant!

When I told him that all of this tick talk and crazy behavior was driving me nuts, he told me I just didn’t love the dogs and didn’t care if they got sick.  Of course, this is not true.  I love my dogs and would hate to see them get Lyme Disease or something worse.  But I also did some research and found that most ticks will bite a dog, feed off them and fall off before anyone finds them.  I found that dogs rarely get sick from tick bites and even if they do contract Lyme, it is easy to treat when caught early.  I also found that ticks will rarely infest a home and if they do, they will most likely hide behind molding and under floorboards.  I also know that if the dogs were wearing their Frontline, this probably wouldn’t have happened, but we thought it was too cold for ticks so we hadn’t put it on them yet.

J is really concerned about this though…so I humored him.  I allowed him to strip the beds and take the cushions off the couch to be vacuumed and I agreed to call the gardener in CT to talk about spraying the property for ticks.  I helped him vacuum everything…under protest…and I did six loads of laundry.  We have an appointment set for Saturday for someone to come and give us a quote for spraying the property and the dogs are now wearing Frontline. 

I’m hoping the insanity lessens over the next week or two.  But I have to wonder…if he’s like this over dogs and ticks, what’s he going to be like when we have kids?  I don’t even want to think about it!


  1. It sounds a little like how I went when I heard about the current bed-bug infestation…and I didn’t even see any!
    you can’t fault a guy for wanting to keep his family safe…though you can tease him about it.

  2. I’ve done the same thing — figured it was too cold for ticks so I didn’t put Frontline on the dog and I ended up finding a tick on her. I have had quite a few experiences with ticks and I wouldn’t worry that much about them. They don’t infest your house like fleas or bedbugs. If you remove one from your dog, chances are there aren’t any more. The thing to worry about more so is Lyme disease. But even if that happens, my coworker’s dog came down with Lyme disease and yes it’s fairly easy to treat. It’s a lifelong treatment but your dog can still live a long and healthy life.

  3. Oh, I hadn’t even thought about it like that, but you are so right. The first time the baby gets a fever? Or diaper rash? Or…OMG…what if he FINDS A TICK ON THE BABY??? Maybe you should sell the country house and just live exclusively in the city where the child’s biggest concerns will be getting mugged in the subway or raped behind a bar.

    J needs a Xanax. And maybe some time off in a tropical island. I’m so glad there is someone who is level-headed in this relationship. Congrats on being the sane one.

  4. Yeah Hobie got a tick bite once and we both kind of freaked out. It was early on in our dog parenting though. B also freaked out when Hobie got the tiniest cut on his paw. He will definitely be overprotective if we have kids.

  5. *shudders* there’s a reason you two are together: if J and I were together we’d never leave the house! I’m like J, you’re like my husband! Violet once had a tick in her hair and omg, the drama I created. Then I discovered it was in her hair and not actually attached. Yeah, that wasn’t at all embarrassing. However, my husband has found a tick on himself while in bed — in OUR bed — more than once. And that allows me to justifiably FREAK the FREAK out. And once it was just happily crawling along his chest. GAG. Frontline the crapola out of those puppies, spray the yard w/ organic stuff. Go J!! :)

  6. You’re pretty much doomed once you have kids.

    Just saying.


  7. I’m going to type something right now that will make J’s skin crawl. When I was younger I made myself designated TICK PATROL PERSON in our house. This meant at the end of almost each day I’d sit with the dogs either on the back patio or close to the toilet in our bathroom and check them all over for Ticks.

    The dogs loved it because they thought they were getting a massage, and I didn’t mind one bit. Ticks are totally gross don’t get me wrong but I can handle them. Maybe not the HUGE ones… ugh I gag thinking about that. That’s when I called in mom and dad for help.

    Dogs are going to get ticks, like you said. Frontline should help, spraying the yard will help. J should really be more concerned about fleas, they are a pain in the ass. We’ve just finally finished the huge issue with them in our house, only for it to be spring again. OH THE JOY OF LIVING IN THE SOUTH!

    Frontline all year round I think is the best way to deal with all this. Regular baths and spot checking should help with the fleas. I think it’s good that he’s taking precautions but he can tone it down a bit.

    Make sure you check yourself for ticks when you do yard work :) They are sneaky little devils. I always check myself after kayaking etc.

    As for other bugs Tiki torches work wonders and they set off a nice glow!!!

    YAY FOR SPRING AND BUGS! P.S. next time he goes laundry crazy make him do it !:)

  8. LOL, J cracks me up. This is obviously a good cause so you can’t fault the guy for wanting to keep his family safe. It’s endearing :) That being said, he is definitely going to some extreme measures. Our family dog Linus was diagnosed with Lyme Disease about four years ago, was treated early, and you would barely know. I mean, he’s on medication, but he’s a 10-year-old dog who knows how to jump around and have a good time. In fact, he still looks the part of the cute little beagle puppy (so that means he can’t ever really get into trouble for anything. Those eyes!).

    Anyway, the point is, I’m sure you’ll all be fine. I’d be way more concerned about bed bugs. Those suckers are a B*TCH to get rid of!

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