Random Musings Friday…

There is a lot of sad stuff going on in the world right now.  Earthquakes and tsunamis, deaths and miscarriages.  It’s all too much.  So I’m not going to talk about any of it here.  Instead I’m going to give you more of the regular nonsense you are so used to on Fridays…

  • I am completely enthralled by Charlie Sheen’s craziness.  I can’t get enough of it.  I read every single story and watch any news report I come across.  I firmly believe he’s making the whole thing up and that the crazy is just an act.  And it’s an act that I find hilarious.  If you haven’t seen it yet…you have to check out the Funny or Die video he did.  Of course, if it turns out that he really has had some sort of psychological break, I’ll feel bad for finding it so entertaining. 
  • Every little noise at work has been on my nerves this week.  Even yesterday when someone was filing, the opening and closing of the drawers was bugging me.  There has also been a lot of telephone chatting this week.  There is major bridal shower drama going on with one of the other girls and it’s required much telephone time.  What I wouldn’t give for everyone to go home early today so I can get some work done in peace and quiet!
  • I’m going out to lunch with a friend today and it’s the first time since I started Jenny Craig that I’m going to eat a non-JC meal.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  I’ve checked the menu for the restaurants and they have a lot of good low-cal options.  I just really don’t want to fall off the wagon.  I’ve been doing so great.  Wish me luck.
  • Sadie had a giant tick on her head last night.  J noticed it while he was petting her and since we’d never seen a tick on the dogs before, we had no idea what it was.  We managed to pull it off and I think we got the whole thing.  Now I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t get sick from it.  I’m also crossing my fingers that this is the last one we see because, man was it gross!

That’s all I have for this week.  It was kind of a slow week. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Champagne/Random Musings Friday! It has been a rough week, ending with a horrible natural catastrophe and me constantly checking FB to make sure my friends who are stationed in Hawaii are doing OK. But I appreciate the light-hearted approach this morning!

    For the record, I also think Charlie Sheen’s “break” is all an act…albeit a RISKY act because he will lose some people that he will never get back…but an act all the same. Also, he’s out of a job. But maybe TMZ is giving him a cut from all the news stories.

    And do you think the tick is one of CT’s gifts to the dogs? They are more in nature out there than in the city, right? Although maybe I shouldn’t bring that up because now you’ll start to think about the possibility of that tick having been there a week. So…sorry…never mind…

    And I REEEEAAALLLLYYYY hope your Friday night is 360 degrees better than last Friday.

  2. ugh, ticks = welcome to the ‘burbs. Our dogs got them all the time at my old home. June gets them rarely but we try to keep the Frontline on her at all times now for fleas and ticks. It’s expensive but if you don’t already have the dogs on it, it’s a great investment. Expensive but worth it! Trust me. We tried the cheaper stuff and it was total crap.

    I’m so heart broken over the tsunami. It’s insane.

    I’ve tried to avoid Charlie Sheen stuff – it’s not easy he’s everywhere. He’s a different kind of crazy and I don’t believe for one minute that he’s sober and if he is it’s a wicked trip left over from drug use. :) I’m not doctor but that’s my diagnosis.

    Ugh – don’t you hate people yapping at work? I wish I had my own office. Usually I want to scream STFU at the top of my lungs at least 2x a day!

    Good luck at lunch girl – YOU CAN DO IT! That has to be the hardest part of any meal plan or diet is eating outside of your comfort zone. I have faith in you girl!

    Happy Weekend to you guys! ox

  3. We live in the middle of nowhere. We see ticks all the time. Doesn’t make them any less nasty!

  4. I overloaded on Charlie right about the time he started his “Sheen’s Korner”. I don’t know if its an act or he’s cracked out, or just crazy – but I am just about done with it.
    Another good thing about our brutally cold winters is that we don’t have ticks. Which I truly appreciate, because I have zero interest in yanking one of those things out of my dog’s skin *shudder*.
    I am so with you on the annoying noises at work. For me though, its the too loud phone conversations. I’m sure the reason Steve Jobs invented the iPod was to block out the sounds inane co-workers around Apple HQ.
    Hope this weekend fares better than your last!

  5. Yea, I get sucked in to every Charlie Sheen story I see as well. I can’t help it; the man is just so entertaining! I do however hope he goes and seeks some help. I definitely think he’s having a bit of a breakdown.

    Finding ticks is the worst! I’m glad you were able to get it all out. Used to get them all the time when I lived in Rockland. They are totally nasty. Strangest thing was finding one when I was stretching on my friggin’ ELBOW! The hell??

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, girl!

  6. oooh good luck with lunch! Yum!!!!

    Ticks= one more reason I shouldn’t have gotten a dog. siiiiick.

    Charlie sheen. Ohhh boy.

    Thanks so much for your supportive words. Really great to have so much support from you and the rest of the blogosphere

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