Some days you should just stay in bed…

Here’s what’s happened so far this morning…

The bus broke down again…in the same exact spot where it broke down on Friday.  Luckily, we were once again able to run across the street to catch the train and I still managed to get into work on time.  But seriously?  I’m over this whole bus mess.   The county executive has made it very clear that he wants to discontinue service.  Well…he should go ahead and do it.  At least then I wouldn’t find myself standing on the side of the highway once a week, running across it like a game of Frogger.  I just sent an email to his office telling him so. 

Then I came in to find an email from my boss that said “What is the status of X and can we get it wrapped up by next Friday?”  Um…the status of X is that it isn’t even started.  Before I could start X, I needed a decision from my boss.  He never made that decision.  X is going to take 4 weeks to complete…so no, we can’t get it wrapped up by next Friday.  This is, of course, a major problem.  Also…I emailed my boss back an hour ago asking again for the decision on X…and I’ve heard nothing back.  Typical.

I also had an email from my other boss (there are 3 bosses total) assuring me she’s not avoiding me and saying that she’s sure by now I no longer need to speak with her.  The back story here is that major stuff is going down at work.  We are short-staffed, it’s busy and people are unhappy.  I wanted to make the bosses aware that people are unhappy so they could do something about it before everyone quits.  I spoke to boss #1 and he sent me to boss #2.  Boss #2 has been avoiding me for two and a half weeks because she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say.  She’s kind of right that I no longer need to speak to her because the office supervisor already quit, so it’s mostly too late to make any changes.  In an office that should have a staff of 7, we are down to 2.  The 2 of us that are still left…are looking for new jobs.  Soon there won’t be an office.  As one of my co-workers said…the boat is going down and the bosses feel that everything is fine and the musicians should keep playing…just like on Titanic.  It was the greatest analogy I’ve ever heard. 

Oh…and we are about to get a severe rainstorm that is going to add to the flooding going on around here. 

So, overall, today would have been a fantastic day to stay in bed and watch movies with the dogs.  Sadly, instead I’m sitting at my desk getting ready to work.  Oh well.

The good news is that I lost another 1.2 pounds last night.  My total weight loss since starting Jenny Craig is now 5.8 pounds.  Ally is sucking my dust right about now!  Actually…that’s not really true.  Right now we are pretty much neck and neck.  But in the end, she will go down!

If you are on a similar quest to lose weight go check out Cocktails and Cardio.  The fabulous Kelly of Dare to be Domestic started the new blog to chronicle the ups and downs in her personal weight loss battle.  She’s also got lots of great links to other fitness blogs that she’s using as her inspiration.  Go take a look…you won’t be sorry.


  1. Great job on your weight loss! Yesterday was definitely a day where I wanted to stay in bed all day and watch soap operas with Hobie.

  2. 6 pounds in 2 weeks – you are doing awesome!
    And here I am scarfing down bacon like there’s no tomorrow…
    You win

  3. So, with the abandonment of the bus goes the death of all bus stories. And I can’t lie…I’m going to need a moment for that to really sink in and grieve over it. But you’re right…getting on the same bus every morning and HOPING it will get you to work in a timely fashion is just lunacy. I guess it’s time to find a new route. And 47937272 points to you for working “Frogger” into a blog post!! Woot! Woot!

    I am telling you, it’s time to find a new job(s). Also, if you decide to start working at a free-range dairy farm, can I come help? I’ve always wanted to milk a cow. I’ve only ever tipped them.

  4. I remember getting stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel during my Hoboken/West New York days. There was no train to catch. But two days in a row?? MTA needs a serious overhaul!

    • It’s not MTA…that’s the problem. Westchester county took over the line from the MTA and they want to do away with it. So they are running it into the ground. It’s ridiculous!

  5. Ugh man, definitely a day to stay in bed!

  6. Woohoo!!! Congrats on the weight loss, Shana! You are doing an awesome job :)

    Sorry to hear about all your commute issues :( It always seems that when I experience problems going in to work one day, it happens again at least once more in the week.

    Also, I’m with Ally. The fact that you mentioned Frogger in your post is pretty amazing. Well done!

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