Lobster fest…

Last night, we were laying in bed and J was half asleep, but still trying to watch TV.  A commercial came on for Red Lobster.  The following conversation ensued…

J: Want to go to Red Lobster?
Me: Now?
J: No, not now…but it’s lobster fest.
Me: Sure, honey.  We can go to Red Lobster.
J: Except we always miss the fests.
Me: What?
J: You know…lobster fest, shrimp fest…every time we go, we miss the fest.  I want to go when it’s a fest.
Me: Well…it’s lobster fest now, right?
J: Yeah, but I think its only a fest on, like, Tuesday.  But I always go on Wednesday.  It’s never a fest on Wednesday.
Me: Ok, well, I’ll check when the fest is on and we’ll definitely go while it’s a fest.
J: Ok…thanks

I assumed, incorrectly, that he’d fallen asleep because he was quiet for a few minutes.  But then I got this…

J: Mmm…lobster.  Let’s make sure we go when it’s a fest.  I like fests. 
Me: Ok, honey. 

Sometimes, J cracks me up. 

Also…week 1 on Jenny Craig was a success.  I showed a 4.6 pound loss last night.  I know it’s probably mostly water, but I’m very pleased!


  1. WOW! Congratulations, Shan, that is a fantastic start!
    Way better than some crumb-y cake (I say crumb-y because I highly doubt your cakes are crummy)…

  2. J is funny. 4.6 pounds is really good. Good job!

  3. YES!!! I completely agree with J! Go to Red Lobster! Go during a fest! Because I’m pretty sure that Red Lobster of any kind, fest or not, is not on the Jenny Craig program. And also I did not lose 4.5 lbs this week, but it couldn’t be helped. Neal kept saying “don’t diet, try it!” and I did…all over the southwest. But that’s OK..you will be bellied up to a lobster fest and I will be sucking down a fruit smoothie and trying on my bikini. Way to get my back, J!

  4. 4 lbs. You go girl!!! This conversation cracked me up… I’ve only ever once been to Red Lobster and missed the Shrimp Fest by a day… it’s way better to go during a fest, I agree with J!

  5. “Mmmmm… lobster” – i imagined that in a Homer Simpson type of voice. :)

  6. That’s such a good loss for a week! Good job!

  7. LMAO!!!! J is awesome :) I love your convos.

    And congrats on the weight loss, that’s awesome!!!

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