I love the Academy Awards.  I love the fashion and the statues and the speeches and the corny jokes.  There is nothing I don’t like about it.  I think awards shows are lame…except for the Academy Awards. 

Even though I didn’t get to see all of this years nominated movies, I was very excited to watch the show.  I love Anne Hathaway and James Franco and I was looking forward to what they would bring.  Sadly…not much. 

Here are the rest of my observations on the Oscars…

  • There were a lot of fashion disasters this year.  My favorite dress by far went to Hailee Steinfeld.  It was perfect for her and she looked great…but she also looked 14…

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  • The opening skit…terrible.  You guys are seriously telling me that with all the talent in Hollywood at your disposal, this is the best you can do?  That’s pretty bad. 
  • I realize that the joke with James Franco’s grandmother was kind of lame and cheesy.  But the fact that Mark Wahlberg really has no sense of humor about being called Marky Mark made that bit priceless in my eyes. 
  • Who the hell thought letting Kirk Douglas present an award was a good idea?  The man is a legend.  Can’t we let him keep a little dignity?  The whole bit was so uncomfortable that we just fast forwarded through it. 
  • Justin Timberlake’s reference to “Banksy” was completely lost on me.  I had to Google it to figure out what he was talking about.  I guess I’m not in the young, hip demographic the Oscars were catering to this year.
  • For some reason, I had no idea that Christian Bale was English.  When he started his speech and I heard his accent, I thought it was doing some sort goofy bit.  How did I manage not to know that?
  • Could Scarlett Johanssen not find a hair brush?  Maybe she thought not combing her hair made her edgier.  I can’t stand her on a good day, but this was just made me like her less.
  • The Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. bit was the funniest of the night.  Of course, hooker jokes are always funny.  But those two have such a great rapport and that made it so much funnier.
  • Jennifer Hudson looked pretty hot in that dress…but was it me, or was she talking funny?  It’s like she was trying to be too proper and it came out sounding bad.  Right?  I don’t know…there was just something off about her. 
  • I thought Natalie Portman’s speech was great and thank goodness she didn’t make any corny jokes like she did at the Golden Globes.  Although…I think she should have switched her dresses for the two events.  Her Golden Globes dress was so much prettier.
  • Sandra Bullock’s speech while presenting the best actor awards was great.  Of course, she could have stood there and said nothing and I would have thought she was great…because I had a bit of a girl crush on her, but that’s besides the point.  She’s always funny and charming and classy…and so much better off without that idiot husband of hers.  I wish she would get together with Ryan Reynolds.  I like them as a couple.
  • I thought the ending with all the kids singing and all the winners coming out was great.  I know some people hated it (at least, that’s what I read this morning), but I thought it was adorable and a good way to end the show. 

Next year, I think they should stop trying so hard to be funny.  Stop trying to force comedy and leave the funny lines to the comedians.  And for the love of God…please try to come up with a good opening skit!  It really can’t be that hard.


  1. Ahh I didn’t watch it. I haven’t seen any of the movies at all. I have a lot of movie watching I need to catch up on. But I did look up the fashion online.

    • I did watch, but I still had to look up all the fashion online. Now I’m patiently waiting for my People magazine to arrive so I can see the dresses again. I’m addicted.

  2. I thought the opening skit was OK – it was the most I enjoyed either of the hosts all night.
    Sandra Bullock is awesome – her and Colin Firth should host next year.
    I thought Christian Bale sounded like he stepped out of Mary Poppins. It kinda freaked me out.
    James Franco was so high!

    • It was sad for me because I like James Franco and Anne Hathaway so much. But I think the thing I enjoyed most was all the commercials they did leading up to the show.

  3. I didn’t get to catch all of the awards this year but I did see all the pre-Oscar stuff on E! and did you think that Giuliana Rancik looks a bit anorexic? Eeeesh. I kind of loved Scarlet’s dress (don’t hate on me) but I’m with you on the hair. And Hailee is too cute for words and I LOOOOOOVED that dress on her.

    Also, I had no idea what the hell “Banksy” was and neither did my friends.

  4. Well, I only tuned in for about five minutes… it was right around the Mila Kunis/JT presentation. And I have to admit, I didn’t understand one single thing they said. I swear it was like they were talking in another language. Bansky? WTF is that???

    • I’ll impart my newly found knowledge…Banksy is a graffiti artist in London (I think) and his stuff is actually pretty amazing. However, he keeps his identity a secret and no one really knows who he is. There was a documentary about him nominated for an Oscar.

  5. I’ve got rumours for you on Portman’s dress – apparently she had a dress by Dior and in the wake of an Anti-Semetic rant by one of the designers John Galliano – apparently it was all the news last week or something and is available on YouTube via someone’s cell phone – she did a last minute switch to the purple dress like the day before. I don’t know the details that’s just what the shows told me this morning while I was not going to work on time! I’ve googled and the additional story is that Nicole Kidman did go with a Galliano dress (a hideous one at that I might add) and now there’s a big “should she or shouldn’t she” have debate in the gossip world.

    The more you know!

    • Oooh…I love a good scandal. I looked this up and found a very scary picture of Galliano. His dresses are often gorgeous, but the man needs a What Not To Wear makeover. And Nicole Kidman should have chosen differently. Her dress was one hot mess.

  6. I love the glamour of the oscars. I loved James Franco, but Anne Hathaway seemed like she was trying too hard and she came off as a bit over the top. I didn’t like the whole Mila and Justin section either, I just didn’t get it. Billy Crystal was the funniest of the night imo, they should bring him back as a host next year.

    Stopping by from SITS

    • I agree about Billy Crystal. I think they would bring him back but he’s said it’s far too much work and he won’t do it again. Sad…because he’s so awesome.

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