Random Musings Friday…

J called me at work yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon and we had the following conversation:

J: What’s today?
Me: Thursday.
J: Really? It’s Thursday?
Me: Yup. 
J:  No…it can’t be…it’s only Wednesday.
Me: I’m sure it’s Thursday.
J:  Really sure?
Me:  Seriously?  Yes…I’m really sure.
J: How did that happen?
Me: Well…first it was Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday…now it’s Thursday.  That’s usually how it goes.
J:  Haha smartass…I just can’t believe it’s Thursday.

I would love to tell you the conversation ended there…but it didn’t.  We went back and forth a few more times before he finally agreed that it was, in fact, Thursday.  My point in telling you that conversation is that J is annoying.  Also…that this week seemed to fly by.  There were moments during the work day a few times that dragged.  By overall, the days went really fast.  Which is both good and bad.  Read on…

  • One of my co-workers, E, is pregnant and she’s due in about five minutes.  Today is her last day of work for two months.  She went to the doctor yesterday and he told her she can start labor at any time.  When E came back to the office after her appointment, mother co-worker, C, stated that if E goes into labor at work she feels extremely confident that she can deliver the baby.  We laughed hysterically at this…because C is afraid of both blood and of vaginas.  We’re not even really sure how she made it through her own labor and delivery.  We laughed so much at C’s conviction that I was afraid E was going to go into labor.  She didn’t…although when she came into work this morning she said she is feeling some contractions.  She’s going to the doctor in an hour and I have a feeling she’s not going to come back.  This makes me so happy for her…but so sad for me…because I’m going to have to do all her work while she’s gone. 
  • We spent last weekend at the new house, unpacking things and trying to get organized. While we were unpacking the pots and pans, J announced that we’d have to put them under the sink…next to the cleaning products.  Now…I haven’t shown you pictures yet of my kitchen…but there are about 12 lower cabinets and they were all empty at that point.  I asked him why they would need to go under the sink.  He pointed out that some of the cabinets were shallow and wouldn’t fit the pots…which is true.  Then he pointed out that the cabinets next to the stove had pull out drawers and were, therefore, no good for pot storage.  I tried to explain to him that the pull out drawers were actually designed for pot storage.  He still insisted that the pots should go next to the bleach and Windex and ammonia.  So he was sent out of the room and I finished unpacking the kitchen myself. 
  • The other night, J and I were watching TV and I was reading a magazine.  He mumbled something to me a few times and I wasn’t really paying much attention to him so I kept saying “What?”.  When I looked up from my magazine…he was doing a Google search for hearing aids.  He thinks he’s pretty funny.  He isn’t.  Although once…we were in the middle of a fight and I caught a glimpse of his computer screen.  He had searched “how to dispose of a body”…which made me laugh hysterically and immediately ended the fight.  That time…he was pretty funny.  Also…there are a lot of sites that instruct one how to get rid of a body…and some of them are serious.
  • Yesterday, I was trying to cross the street to get to the bus stop after work.  Some asshole in a Lexus came flying through a red light and almost hit the guy crossing in front of me.  Then he went flying into the pothole in the middle of the street and I heard the most satisfying sound…that of his tire popping and all the air rushing out!  He pulled over to the side of the street…into the bus lane.  A cop then came over and told him to move his car to the other side of the street.  So he had to drive up a block on a completely flat tire in order to get to an open spot on the other side.  I have to tell you…it made my day to watch!  You want to run a red light and possibly hit pedestrians who were lawfully crossing the street…well that you get a tire blowout.  And that’s karma…bitch!
  • The bus home last night was extremely crowded and overheated.  I managed to get a seat, but it was still very uncomfortable.  Luckily…the woman next to me was playing some game on her phone and it kept making a click-click, click-click noise…which wasn’t annoying AT ALL!  (This is sarcasm.)  The traffic was barely moving and it took two hours to get home.  After about an hour I’d had all the click-click, click-click I could take and I was about to lose my shit.  Then…through divine intervention…her battery died!  Which is good, because I was about to throw my own phone at her.  I don’t know what I was happier about…the dead phone or the busted tire. 

And lastly…

  • We have two new employees in my office.  Even though it’s a small office, we do not have a casual dress policy and the three of us who have been here a while dress up every day.  This includes E…who actually wore heels every day until a month ago and who is dressed up even today…when she’s about to go into labor.  The only time we are allowed to wear jeans is in bad weather.  Well…today…the two new employees decided to show up in jeans.  And of course…it’s a day when there will be many family meetings in the building and certain family members will be very upset about the jeans.  My question is…where did these two get the idea that they could wear jeans?  No one asked about it.  They just decided it was ok.  I let them know it was not ok…but why do I have the feeling this isn’t going to be the last time I see them in jeans?

That’s it for me this week.  I’m off to spend my weekend painting the entry way of the new house and hanging pictures and hopefully buying a tv…finally.  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Next time you should try to just convince him that it’s really Wednesday and see what happens. Have fun at your new house!

  2. Remind me not to annoy you – you have some kind of crazy mind power when you’re annoyed! You cause a guy to get a flat tire and can make phone batteries die!
    But on the other hand…you are a very powerful friend to have…
    Office dress is a HUGE issue for me right now…there is this chick in my office (we are “business casual, so jeans are OK if they are somewhat professional-looking) who has taken to wearing sweat pants and a flannel hoodie (often with the hood up, unibomber-style). Every day! The exact same thing…every day. And over the week we all watch the white hoodie get dirtier and dirtier.

  3. Oh my gosh, that convo with you and J is awesome hehe.

  4. You know, my company is business casual, and some departments are allowed to wear jeans and some are not. Mine, of course is not allowed except on Fridays, and it makes me so mad when I see other people wearing them! And even when I do wear jeans I dress them up. Some people look like they are going to plow a damn field they are so casual!

    Anywho, have a nice weekend!

  5. Um…OK. You know how much that clicking annoyed you on the bus? Imagine “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, pop, pop” about a thousand times. Yeah…That’s the sound that the horrible toy you got Max when he was two (the one that he loved so much) sounded. You are correct…karma is a bitch! And I just can’t wait ’till you have kids. You think the bus clicking was bad??? I have a whole list of annoying toys saved on my Amazon wish list with your name on them!!! But I love you so much, I’ll kindly deliver some anti-anxiety meds for you along with the fun kids gifts from Aunt Erin. :)

  6. This goes hand in hand with how I feel about people flying on airplanes in their pajamas. Remember how people used to dress up to fly because it was classy to fly? Well, I feel the same way about jeans to work. Maybe I would feel differently if I did dress up everyday…but I don’t…so…

    Also, I big hearty heart Karma.

    And Google used to save only the terms that you specifically Googled. So, if you got on to Google’s page and started typing in keywords, it would bring up everything that you had Googled that started with that letter. It’s how I found out that my 3rd ex fiance was still looking at porn. I no longer look to see what Neal Googles because I don’t want to get divorced in case I find anything. And you are probably on the FBI watchlist because when someone Googles “how to dispose of a body”…your blog is going to come up. 😀

  7. LOL at Emily’s comment… because, well, we work in the same office and I know EXACTLY what she’s talking about :) I used to work for a very casual publishing company and there was a girl who used to come in in sweatpants… and they said “Juicy” on the a**. If that’s not classy, well, then, I don’t know what is :p

    You and J crack me the hell up. I feel like you should have your own tv show.

    Karma is most certainly a b*tch. I would have probably applauded the flat tire. Because I’m really nice like that :) That’s what he gets though!

  8. So, I have to say, if you’re going to fight with someone, fight with someone who has a good sense of humor. I’d say 90% of the fights I have with my husband end because he says or does something to make me laugh. He’s gifted, what can I say.

    And guess what else? They say your pregnant coworker will be going into labor any minute, but when they say that, it usually takes like 4 million years for it actually happen. They said the same thing for me and I waited 4 days AFTER my due date and still had to have him basically forced out with an induction. That 4 days was the longest OF MY LIFE.

    Maternity leave is shorter for those on leave than those who took over while they are out 😉

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