Open Letter Thursday…

I realize I’m a little late to this particular party, but I’ve decided to contribute my two cents anyway…

Dear Christina Aguilera,

I would like to put this out there right from the start…I’m not a fan.  Don’t get me wrong…I think you have an incredible voice. 

The problem is…you have no idea how to sing.  You oversing…everything! 

I have to tell you…it’s really annoying and off-putting. 

The main reason for my letter is to discuss your spectacular fail at the Superbowl.  

I’m not here to criticize you for messing up the words.  The National Anthem is a notoriously difficult song to sing and I can’t even imagine how nerve-wracking it was to stand up in front of an audience of millions.  You are only human and you certainly aren’t the first person to mess up while singing The Star Spangled Banner.  I mean…it wasn’t your proudest moment…but it wasn’t Roseanne Barr at the Padres game either. 

No, I’m not here for that…I’m here to criticize you for oversinging it. 

When your name was announced to sing the National Anthem, J and I both groaned.  The first thing I said was “This should be horrible.”  I had no idea just how bad it would be.

See…the singing of the National Anthem is one of my favorite parts of a football game.  I actually get goosebumps when I hear those first few words.  In my opinion, the National Anthem represents something special and sacred and it should be sung the way it was intended.  I think it is disrespectful to try to tailor the song to your own personal style.  It shouldn’t be subject to your interpretation.  You should go out there and sing it properly and without all the flair…and the oversinging. 

According to your Wikipedia page, you’ve sung the Anthem before dozens of sporting events throughout your career.  I have no doubt that you know the words.  I think you really did just get caught up in overdoing it and you truly did lose your place.  But maybe if you weren’t oversinging, you would have been able to concentrate on the lyrics more. 

I heard that you have been asked to sing it again in the coming weeks.  I am begging you to sing the song the way it was intended and not the way you did on Sunday.  With your amazing voice it could be incredible.  Please try not to screw it up again. 



 So tell me, dear readers…what did you think of X-tina and her epic fail?  What do you think of her in general? Do you think it’s ok for people to put their own spin on the National Anthem?


  1. I defnitely agree. She oversings everything. And her face and mouth look really weird as well. Also she was wearing a suit that seemed normal but with stripper shoes. I mean I guess that’s ok, it just seemed a little weird.

  2. I’m also annoyed by her oversinging. Which is a constant for her. It’s like she can’t NOT do it. Just give it a rest already!

  3. This is why I adore you!
    I said the exact same thing, too bad about the lyrics but it was an honest mistake. The atrocious butchering of the entire anthem was unforgivable.
    It annoys me when Wilzie and I are at a hockey game and I can’t sing along because the anthem singer had to put their own stamp on it.
    Lea Michelle did a much better job on America, the Beautiful – simple arrangement, yet still sounded wonderful.

  4. This. All of this.

    I’m equally pissed at her singing style & for effing up the lyrics. I used to be a big fan of hers (had her debut album & loved a lot songs off her subsequent ones), but my enjoyment of her has been permanently damaged by that SB performance.

    I still say they should have had Martina McBride sing. 1) Her voice is beautiful (IMO). 2) She kick ass singing live without oversinging. 3) No way she would’ve effed up the words.

    P.S. BEP weren’t all that either. Where’s my Bon Jovi?! 😉

    /rant (lol)

  5. I knew as soon as she started (with the oversinging) that people were gonna be pissed. She was being way too extra for the National Anthem and people are very protective of the Anthem.

    I still think Whitney Houston’s rendition was the best of all time. She showed off her vocal prowess without being disrespectful or overdoing it.

  6. I am less agitated by her and more by the oversinging of the National Anthem. It’s not Ice, Ice Baby, it’s difficult to sing. And if you sing it as it was intended to be sung, it will bring a tear to people’s eyes. If you oversing it, people will roll their eyes and dismiss you as a genuine artist. I have sort of intense feelings about the whole thing, though, because I hear the National Anthem 5 days a week. This week it was 7 due to a ceremony and a basketball game. And when it was sung as song of triumph and victory, it literally made my heart swell with pride to be an American and the wife of a Soldier. When it was oversung, I just wanted to punch her and finish the song myself. Clearly, I have a few issues…

  7. I couldn’t agree more. I really can’t stand when musicians oversing EACH.DAMN.NOTE. Completely takes away from the performance for me. But I wonder if it seems strange nowadays to sing songs the way they are meant to be sung. Mariah sort of started this movement and it seems a hard habit to break.

  8. I admit to not watching the superbowl. As soon as I heard about this, I youtubed it. To be perfectly honest, I had to listen to it twice to even realize she HAD messed up.

    In the younger days, when she first hit the scene I was a fan. Up though Moulin Rouge really-after that-not so much. She does oversing everything. I think her voice is absolutely amazing. What a gift! But dude-we know you can sing, we know what you are capable of-just tone it down now and again.

    I love when singers put their own spin on the national anthem. We here it all.the.time. Mix it up! Gimme something new!

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