Groundhog Day…


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Dear Punxsutawney Phil,

I heard that you have predicted an early spring this year.  That’s excellent news because this winter is kicking my ass. 

I usually love the winter, but nine snow storms since Christmas?  Yeah…I’m over it.  This morning’s storm was the worst yet…what, with the skating rink-like conditions of my driveway and street.  It sure made getting to the bus an adventure.  I’m still not sure how I made it up the steep driveway and then down the hill to the bus stop without falling.  I’m going with some sort of divine intervention…because, Lord knows I’m not coordinated enough to do that on my own.

Anyway, you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that we’d have an early spring.  It me smile even though my face was being pelted with drops of freezing rain.   You really made my day, Phil.

Now I just hope you were telling me the truth.  I did some research and I’ve read that you are only accurate about 39% of the time when predicting an early spring.  That’s not a great track record, buddy.  This weather has left me in a very fragile mental state and I’m not in the mood to be toyed with. 

So you’d better hope that you are right or you and I are going to have a problem.  I’m not above driving to Gobbler’s Knob and kicking a little rodent ass.  Seriously. 

I hope it doesn’t come to that.  Enjoy the rest of your big day!



A note to my readers…I’ve been keeping a secret.  A big one.  One that I’ve been dying to tell you.  One that I’m going to reveal…tomorrow.  I know…I’m such a tease…but I love suspense.  I blame all the reality TV I watch for making me this way.  But I digress.  Anyway…make sure you stop by tomorrow.  It’s going to be good…


  1. I was starting to worry that the storm had taken you. Now I’m not going to be able to work any today thinking about what your secret is.

  2. If I’ve learned anything from reality TV, its that tomorrow’s post will be the MOST EXCITING BLOG POST EVER! Can’t wait.
    In the meantime, stay warm

  3. It’s 55 today. I’m just sayin’…..

    I mean, you would have to actually find a flight that was leaving the ground in NY to get here, but once you’re up, it’s all smooth sailing from there on. And I promise to have champagne when you get here. I even have a bottle chilling in the fridge right this very second.

  4. I always root for more winter – or at least I did when I lived in Maryland. I loved snowboarding and more winter meant more rides and trips to the slopes…

    However this year I have spring fever – I long for warmer days, front porch happy hours at the end of a long work week and kayaking like no one’s business!

  5. your father says:

    I know the secret and I think it is very cool. I know I enjoyed learning about it as a big suprise. Even your mother was happy for you when, of course, she saw it.

  6. Oh my god, Shana. This post has me in hysterics (especially the part about you smiling even though you were being pelted in the face with freezing rain). If we don’t get that early spring, I say we hightail it down Gobbler’s Knob to talk (kick, whatever) some sense into punxsutawney phil (how cute is his little face though??).


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