Thank you for being a friend…

I don’t remember how I met Erin exactly.  The guy living across the hall from me had a thing for Erin’s roommate and I think I was with him and we ran into them and he introduced us.  I think.  I also don’t remember exactly when that took place, but I think it was sometime in the middle of first semester of my freshman year in college.  I know we were friends by December because she was at my birthday party.  I’m not sure why my memory of this is all so fuzzy…I’m chalking it up to a ridiculous amount of alcohol then and old age now. 

So I don’t have a lot of memories of how we met…but we’ve been friends now for 18 years and I have a lot of memories of those years.  I could probably be here all day writing about things like the time we slept on the sidewalk outside Tower Records to get Bob Dylan tickets and the homeless guy tried to kiss Erin after we fell asleep.  Or the weekend that spent at Mohegan Sun and we got ID’d while we were gambling and we were thrilled to death that someone thought we were under 21.  Or Erin’s disastrous bachelorette weekend in Key West where I missed my flight and got there a day later than everyone else and everyone got drunk and ended up in tears and Erin had to take them all home and put them to bed.  Or the time we decided to move Erin to Brooklyn on the day of the NYC marathon and we played Beastie Boys “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” on the drive there. 

We actually lost touch for a while after college and it was a total fluke that we got in touch again.  I’d gone to the city one night to meet my boyfriend at the time and he stood me up at the last second because he had to work.  So I was left with nothing to do.  I called Erin’s dad in California and managed to get her number in NY.  I called her and she was free so we met up for dinner and we’ve been inseparable ever since. 

Since that time, Erin broke up with her boyfriend, moved to Brooklyn, met her husband, moved to Florida, got married, moved back to NY, got pregnant, moved to California, had a baby, moved back to NY, bought a house, got a job, sold a house, quit her job, bought a new house and recently gave up on being a blonde and became a brunette.  I broke up with my boyfriend, bought a condo, met J, sold my condo, moved to an apartment, broke up with J, got back together with J, got a dog, moved to the city, bought a house in the ‘burbs, got another dog, became a blonde and recently also gave up on the blonde thing and became a brunette again.  Erin and I have been through it all together…good and bad. 

I think it’s probably not obvious to everyone why we are friends.  We are really different in a lot of ways.  But I think that’s what keeps it interesting.  I also think we are more alike than we seem to be.  I think what it comes down to is that we just get each other.  We understand and appreciate each other…even when the crazy comes out.  We’ve been through so much together that we can be completely honest with each other.  And at the end of the day we just make each other laugh. 

There are days when Erin drives me crazy and I just want to throw her out the window.  I’m sure she feels the same way about me.  But I love her to death and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. 

Erin has decided to take on a little project recently and, while I give her major credit for the undertaking, I think she’s completely out of her mind.  There is a list called “The 1001 Books to Read Before You Die” and Erin has decided to read them all…at the rate of 1 per week.  If she stays on pace, it will take her 19 years.  That’s dedication.  Also…I’ve read some of the books on that list…and some of them are boring as hell!  If anyone else is interested in reading about Erin’s adventures in reading (and insanity) you can check out her brand new blog.  It’s worth checking out just to see the adorable picture of my nephew curled up with the dog. 

Also…speaking of new blogs…Miss Ally has decided to start a new blog to document her journey through Neal’s deployment.  Go read 400 Wake-ups so you can better understand the real life of an Army wife.


  1. I think probably when people get around you, RIDICULOUS things happen. Homeless men trying to kiss your friends…drunk hos trying to lick your friend’s fangs. REDONKULOUS is what we call that. I simply adore the stories that come from being friends with someone for SO long. Those friendships are the absolute best and pretty much indestructible. And they make for really good reading!

    I will add Erin’s blog to my list because I’ve seen this book list before and I think it is incredibly ambitious. It inspires me to read something other than Danielle Steele. OK I despise Danielle Steele but I should probably not read so much historical fiction – bad for “living in the moment”….

    And thank you for the shout out for “400 Wake-ups.” I think it’s going to be a great project to keep me motivated toward the ultimate goal – just 1 wake-up!!
    Happy Tuesday! It is soggy and the perfect day to read blogs. ;-D

  2. Whoa that is a great reading goal. I could never do it. The only one of the 2000s books I’ve read is Atonement. I lose interest way to easily in books that I’m not enjoying. I like having old friends (someone of whom I also went to Key West with).

  3. I love you toots and always will! Anyone who can stand me for 18 years is an absolute saint! Thank you.

  4. I love this story – I can’t wait to read Erin’s blog and Ally’s new one as well thank you for the link! Friendships that are meant to be span the test of time and distance and time apart. I am so happy you guys were able to hook back up and take off like you never skipped a beat. My HS best friend and I found each other on Facebook and other than having to fill in the time gap with back stories it’s like we never stopped talking! ox

  5. Awwww, I love the stories you share here about your friend Erin. It’s so important to have friendships like this. I have a very similar relationship with my best friend; we’ve been through thick and thin together and our differences are too many to count… but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her and vice versa. How rare a gift to find a friend like that in this world :)

    She gets so many kudos for attacking 1,001 books! I want to see what’s on the list (keeping my fingers crossed for Erin that Silas Marner is NOT listed!).

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