Random Musings Friday…

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a random musings post.  I think it’s actually only been two weeks, but it feels like forever.  Although, I also feel like time, in general, has come to a standstill since Christmas.  It’s snowed 5 times here in the last month and work has been a complete nightmare.  I actually took this job to decrease my stress level and take it kind of easy and, instead, I’ve never been so busy or so stressed out in my life!  Oh well. 

Anyway…enough small talk…time for the random musings…

  • Some brain trust over at CBS has decided that Valentine’s Day is the season of love…and testicular cancer.  They have started airing what I think are the most hilarious PSAs of all time.  It’s a hot guy in silk pajamas, sitting in bed surrounded by candles, talking about testicular cancer screening.  The last line of the commercial is…”This Valentine’s Day, why give a diamond when you can give the family jewels…CBS cares.”  Seriously?  I wonder how many times takes it took before he could say that with a straight face.  If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here.  It’s so worth the click.
  • The other night J tried to poison me with rug cleaner.  He denies he was trying to kill me, but I know the truth.  Let’s see what you guys think…I sat down to eat dinner the other night and Sofie decided that would be an excellent time to pee on the couch.  I got up to clean it up and left my plate on the coffee table.  While I was putting the cushion cover and blanket in the laundry, J sprayed rug cleaner on the inside of the cusion…and across my entire plate.  He claims it was an accident, but I don’t buy it.  Instead of steak for dinner, I ate cereal.  It was not the same. 
  • Last week, I went to dinner with a friend at one of my favorite restaurants in the city.  I haven’t been there in forever and I was worried that it had changed.  Happily, the menu was exactly the same.  I found it very comforting that, in a city that changes so often, one restaurant can keep the same menu for 15 years.  What I found less comforting was the fact that the chairs seemed so much smaller than they used to.  Sadly, I don’t think it had anything to do with the chairs.
  • When I went to the ATM the other day I noticed a sign that says “sound available for the vision impaired”.  And while the sign was in braille, I still have to wonder how a blind person is supposed to find it.  Also…I was at a drive through ATM. 
  • A friend of mine has a pet peeve and it seems to have rubbed off on me.  When you buy a new coat, the vent in the back is always sewn together.  However, it’s not supposed to stay that way!  You are supposed to cut those strings and open the vent.  It’s amazing how many people don’t know that and walk around with the vent closed up.  I want to carry scissors with me to snip them for those people.  I think it would make the world a better place.  Along a similar line…a man on the train the other day still had the fabric tag sewn onto the sleeve of his cashmere coat.  I wondered if he didn’t know that he was supposed to remove it or if he was trying to let everyone know he was wearing cashmere.  Either way…not good.

Well…that’s it for this week.  Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for some better posts next week.


  1. I saw a lady walking the other day, wearing a long (below her knees) wool coat – she was teetering down the street, not being able to take full steps because the back vent on her coat was sewn shut. I was also wishing I had scissors with me.

  2. I’m going to have to go home and check the vents of my coats because I frankly have no idea what you’re talking about… 😉 Actually I am probably one of THOSE people. haha!

    I love places that keep their menu the same. Do what you love and love what you do and make sure if you have a menu of only say 15 items they are your best and keep it that way!

  3. Oh. My. GOSH! I feel like an idiot. I still have the fabric tag on the sleeve of my coat (it’s only a few months old now). I had no clue I was supposed to cut that off. I will remedy this immediately. Thanks for the PSA!!

  4. Buahahah about the vent! I can one-up you on this one: I walked around a whole day without realizing I had to cut the strings on the slit of my pencil skirt. And I wondered why I had a hard time going up the stairs. Duh, Brooke.

  5. YAY! I’ve missed your random musings (and also feel as though it’s been a while since you’ve posted them!)

    WHAT?!?! Okay, I have NEVER seen that commercial, but I need to. Right now. What in the hell…??

    I went out to eat the other night at a restaurant with my aunt; one that we’ve been coming to for at least a year now. And everything about it had changed. Service was terrible, food was disappointing, and music was obnoxiously loud. I want to Yelp about it, it used to be so good!

    OMG, I hate it when people don’t open that flap either! I don’t think it’s a bad idea to carry scissors around with you because I’m guessing they don’t know there’s anything wrong with this.

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