The continuing saga of the house that crack built…

So, yesterday we left off in April of 2006.  We’d just lost THE HOUSE and decided to put our house hunt on hold.  I was sick of looking at houses and I was frustrated that we couldn’t find anything…and I was really mad at J.  I blamed him for the fact that we hadn’t found anything and that we’d lost the deal on THE HOUSE.  In retrospect, I realize that we did the right thing and that our offer at the time was more than fair, but in 2006 I was pissed off and J got all the blame.  In fact, we spent a good deal of that spring and summer fighting…but that’s a different post altogether. 

In the fall of 2006, J and I sat down and had a long talk about what we were going to do.  It was obvious that CT wasn’t working for us.  So we decided to move our search further down to Westchester…specifically to Yonkers, NY.  We chose Yonkers for several reasons…it was close to the city and an easy commute, the taxes were relatively low and we felt we could get a good value there.  But we knew we had to be careful too…because some parts of Yonkers are nice and some parts are the ghetto.  And sometimes those parts…are at different ends of the same street.  So we found a realtor and the search was on. 

Once again I was spending every Saturday looking at houses and not finding anything we liked.  In the spring of 2007 my realtor took me to see the house that crack built.  I like the outside of the house, but the condition of the inside along with the shared driveway had me crossing it off the list.  In fact, the house we toured right after it was a serious contender and I ended up forgetting all about the crack house.  Not long after, someone else made an offer on it and it went off the market. 

We kept searching and not finding anything good.  Then in June of 2007 we got Sadie and Sadie changed everything.  First, we had been splitting our time between the NYC apartment(J’s)  and the Westchester apartment (mine) which had a backyard where we could barbecue and have friends over.  However, Sadie wasn’t allowed in the Westchester apartment…which meant we were stuck in NYC all the time.  Sadie also got big really fast and the bigger she got, the smaller the apartment seemed. 

In October of that year, after I’d realized I had spent a total of two nights out of three weeks in Westchester I officially gave up the apartment.  On the 31st, I packed all my stuff, put my furniture in storage and started to go stir crazy.  J and I were driving each other so nuts that I started spending nights at my mom’s just to get away from him!

We were getting frustrated again because we’d seen pretty much everything on the market and we hadn’t found anything.  Then one night in December, while I was fast asleep at my mom’s J called my cell and left me a message.  All it said was an address.  The next morning I looked up the listing and found…the house that crack built.  I called the realtor to find out the deal.  Apparently, the previous deal fell through and the house was back on the market.  So on December 29th, J and I drove up to Westchester to take a look at the house. 

Now…remember yesterday when I told you how we looked at THE HOUSE like 5 times and J inspected every nook and cranny and we did tons of research before we ever submitted our bid?  Well…when we walked into what is now our house, J walked through the entire thing in under 8 minutes.  He barely looked at the rooms, gave only a cursory glance at the electrical system and checked out the backyard through the window.  I thought for sure that this house was just another fail to be crossed off the list.

We regrouped with our realtor in the entryway and she asked what we thought.  I just shrugged and started to shake my head when I heard J say…

It’s good…I think we should make an offer.

I was shocked.  I actually sat down on the steps because I couldn’t believe it.  It was so out of character for him to make a decision like that.  But there he was…discussing an offer price with the realtor.  She kept looking at me and finally said “What do you think?”  I just shrugged again.  I was speechless.

Ten minutes later, without looking at a single comparable or doing any kind of research, we arrived at a number and paperwork was filled out. 

You probably think that’s the end of the story, right?  I mean, after all, we are living here so it must have all gone smoothly from there…right?  Well, I think you should know me well enough now to realize that’s totally not the case.  Nothing about our house purchase went smoothly.  In fact, the night before our scheduled closing I got a call from J saying “Deal’s off” and I almost had a come apart.

But more on that tomorrow…


  1. You are so good at this suspense thing!!! I actually said NOOOO! Outloud when you gave the “to be continued…”

    I freak about big purchases – we just bought a TV with money from my dad for Christmas… girl I freaked out about it… I can’t imagine a house. So many things to fear but between watching Property Virgins and your blog so far I’m going to have to lead with my head and not my heart – I can’t wait to hear the rest. How strange that J jumped on it!

  2. I have to say, this is the best “house hunt” story I’ve ever read… all suspenseful and stuff!! :)

  3. Nice job with leaving us hanging like that! I’m excited to read the next part–and I wish that these things moved a bit more smoothly for you.

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