On the 12th day of Christmas…

I can’t believe I’ve reached the 12th day already.  When I started this little event three weeks ago it seemed like Christmas was a long way off. But here we are on eve of Christmas Eve…time really does fly. 

We’ve reached my very last favorite thing about Christmas…and that is the actual holiday itself.  Tonight and tomorrow will be a whirlwind of last minute wrapping and baking and cooking and cleaning and setting up.  But there will come a moment…probably ten minutes before my family arrives tomorrow…when I will be done and I will get to stop and look around.  The decorations will be done, the gifts all wrapped and waiting under the tree, the cakes and cookies sitting on the counter, dinner all laid out on the table, Christmas music playing in the background, a fire burning in the fireplace…and I will sit on the couch and take it all in. 

Then my family will arrive and we will sit down to eat…seven people and four dogs.  We will eat until we are stuffed and then we’ll eat some more.  We’ll tell stories and talk and laugh.  We’ll head to the living room to exchange presents.  My family will head home and J and I will go to sleep.

The next morning, J and I will eat breakfast and open our presents from each other.  Then we’ll pack up some cake and cookies and head out to Staten Island to visit with J’s family…where we will eat until we are stuffed and then we’ll eat some more.  We’ll tell stories and talk and laugh.  We’ll head to the living room to exchange presents.  Then J and I will head home to hang out with the dogs, probably eat some more and check out the sales taking place the next day. 

It will all go by too quickly and I’ll be sad it’s over, but then I can start looking forward to next Christmas!

These 12 days of giveaways have been so much fun.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed them as much as I have.  Today is the last one and I’ve saved what I think is the best for the last.  Today’s present is a $50 gift certificate to Daisy and Elm

If you aren’t familiar with D&E jewelry, I insist you go check out the Facebook page immediately.  The jewelry is gorgeous and each piece is unique.  The prices are also really great.  You can use your gift certificate for one of the pieces in D&E’s inventory or you can work with Ally on a custom piece.  Here is just a little hint of the fabulousness you can get from D&E…

Well…technically that last bit of fabulousness cannot be yours…because it is mine.  But you can have something like it.

Because of the holidays this weekend, I will leave the entries open for this week’s presents until Saturday at midnight and I’ll do the drawing on Sunday morning. 

In other news…when I got home last night I found that J baked me a cake for my birthday…from scratch.  It was his first attempt at baking anything and it came out fantastic and delicious…

Do I have the best boyfriend ever?

Merry Christmas Eve eve!


  1. It seems you really do have the best boyfriend ever…even if he licked the entire cake before you try it.
    That necklace is WAY gorgeous, and I must have it (maybe even if I don’t win the GC)!
    Have a wonderful, joy-filled holiday.
    Merry Christmas eve eve!

  2. I can’t believe J found his way around a kitchen. I’m so proud of him. *tear* our little boy is growing up! And there is something wrong with that picture. There’s a huge chunk missing. I hope that was due to you and not him “testing to make sure it was OK to eat.”….which is what Neal’s excuse ALWAYS is!

    Thank you SOOOO much for honoring D&E with your 12th day of Christmas!! My fledgling business has really grown this year and that is in NO SMALL PART to you and your big, awesome mouth! 😉 I mean that with the most love possible. I am unable to do what I do if no one believes in me and I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that you are willing to use your name and your writing to boast my business. I can’t wait to see how we choose to accessorize ourselves in the coming year. You keep beautiful handbags on my shoulder and I will keep lots of sparkle around your neck!
    Merry Christmas to you, J, and the girls from me, Neal, and our girls!

  3. WELL DONE J!!!! That looks so yummy!!!

    I love the final feeling of accomplishment at the end of the beginning of the mad rush for Christmas Eve and Christmas day too. It’s so nice and warm and fuzzy to see all the hard work come together, topped only by watching people open your gifts you worked so hard to find for them!

    Daisy and Elm gift certificate!!! ROCK ON!!! Ally I love the gift certificates too by the way SO cute!

    Merry Christmas to you girlie!!!

    P.S. Ally/Shana – if it’s OK to eat chunks and claim I’m testing I’m totally doing that next time I Make a cheesecake!! Which is tonight!

  4. That was so nice of J! He didn’t get you a cake but he made one from scratch. Very impressive. There is always the Christmas night little bit of sadness b/c it’s coming to an end. I hate that part! I’m loving that jewelry!

  5. Wow Shana, you are awesome. Even if I don’t win anything from your 12 days – I’m so impressed. It’s been really fun to discover new and random things that other people love and want to share. And especially great to find out that you love the same random things. But seriously – that necklace is beautiful and since I haven’t won anything yet I vote you just enter my name and I win.
    The cake is awesome – great job J. I love when boys discover that baking or cooking is just following instructions, not so hard – feel free to do it every day! If I don’t make it in to check in on you in the chaos of Christmas… Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.

  6. Oooo . . . I’d LOVE that D&E gift certificate!

    Have a great Christmas Girl!

  7. Becca Carter-Werum says:

    I LOVE the cake! My DH started making from scratch cakes for my birthday a few years ago. I was surprised at how good he is at baking! I can’t time omelets and potatoes out to be done at the same time to save his life, but he sure can bake a cake :)!

  8. Any man that BAKES you a cake (heck just buying me a cake would have made me ridiculously happy) is a keeper.

    Happy belated birthday and enjoy the holiday!

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday and Merry Christmas, too!

    I would love to win that gift certificate. It would be a fabulous present from me to me!

  10. Awe, I love the cake J made. A cake from scratch is very impressive. Love the jewelry also. Merry Christmas!

  11. I’m very impressed with J’s baking skills~that is soooo sweet he made you a cake for your bday :) Awwww.

    Those pieces of jewelry are GORGEOUS (I am in love with that necklace). Definitely checking out the FB page. Thanks, Shana!

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