On the 8th day of Christmas…

There is a reason they call it the Radio City Christmas Spectacular…and that is because it is, quite frankly, a spectacular show.  I’ve probably seen it 20 times in my life and every time I love it just as much as the first time.  When the lights go down and the curtain goes up and the orchestra starts playing, I still feel the same amazement I felt as a little kid.  The show is 90 minutes of pure Christmas magic. 

There are, of course, The Rockettes…

via Radio City Music Hall


They have their very own version of The Nutcracker, which involves the most adorable dancing bears…

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There is the Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, where The Rockettes fall down like dominos and is so cool…

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There is dancing and singing and Santa and ice skating and they make it snow on the audience and then…at the very end is The Living Nativity…

via Radio City Music Hall


The pictures is a little far away, but there are wisemen and shepherds and sheep and donkeys and camels and it’s just the most spectacular finale.  I get tears in my eyes every time. 

Sadly, I didn’t get to see the Christmas Spectacular this year.  We went to see Elf on Broadway instead.  (BTW – Elf was also terrific and we loved it!)  It’s actually been about three years since I’ve been to Radio City and I really miss seeing this show.  Looking at these pictures has made me miss it even more and I’m looking at my calendar now to see how I can squeeze it in among all the other stuff I have to get done!

If you are in NY I highly recommend getting your butt to Radio City and catching a performance…there are about 5 per day.  You will love it. 

Right now, some of you are thinking “Gee thanks for getting me all excited to see this show, but I’m not in NY and I can’t go see it.”  That’s where I come in…because today’s present is a copy of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular on DVD!

Whoever gets this DVD will be able to experience the magic right in their own living room.  It’s not quite as awesome as getting to see it live…but flying people in and buying tickets to the show was a little out of my price range!  By now, you should all know the entry rules.  If not, click here.

Have you seen the Christmas Spectacular before?  What was your favorite part?  Did you ever want to be a Rockette?


  1. That is so cool! I’ve never seen it, but they’ve started doing it here in Austin too… so maybe I’ll get my chance eventually. I have a girlfriend that was a Rockette forever and she totally loved it.

  2. I have never seen, but had friends in NYC last Christmas and they raved about the show. Also…Elf on Broadway? Colour me jealous!

  3. This show looks awesome! I really want to try to get to NYC during the holidays soon!

  4. I’ve never had the chance to see it, but your review really makes me want to. Especially the part about the dominoes–I had no idea! I’m also DYING to see Elf–so glad you had the chance to go :)

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