On the 7th day of Christmas…

Part of what I love about the holidays is the weather.  I despite being hot and sweating, so I love when we start to get a chill in the air.  

Winter is my favorite season.  I love the cold and I love the snow.  12 degrees outside?  Fantastic!  A nor’easter is coming to dump 20 inches of snow on us?  Bring it on!

I will admit, by March, I’m usually over the cold and the snow and the whole winter season.  But during this time of year I can hardly wait to see my first snow flake.  This time of year I am always dreaming of a white Christmas.  

We actually had our first snow fall her on Monday night.  There had been a call for snow showers, but I didn’t think anything of it.  I thought we’d get a few stray flurries or something.  I was not prepared for what I found when I got up around 10PM to walk the dogs…


IT WAS SNOWING!!!  These were not flurries.  This snow was actually sticking to the ground.  So I bundled myself up and off I went into the yard with the girls so they could play in the snow. 

My dogs love the snow.  Sadie likes to prance around in it and bury her nose.  Sofie likes to eat it…but then, she likes to eat everything…

We ran around in the snow for a while.  Then we went inside and huddled under a blanket with hot chocolate.  I loved every minute of it. 

There wasn’t much accumulation and by last night it was mostly gone.  Sofie did find a few icy spots in the yard to chomp on and I managed to find the only patch of ice on the driveway to slip on this morning.  But it was really nice to see everything blanketed in snow for a few hours.

Now I want a full-blown snow storm…the kind that causes bus service to be suspended and I’m forced to stay home from work!

One of the best parts about the cold weather is the accessories that go along with it.  Gloves, hats, sweaters, boots…I love them all.  I dress pretty conservatively most of the time and I wear mostly black and gray.  But I love to wear really bright scarves and gloves.  The other day…while perusing the Grand Central Market yet again I came across these gloves…

I immediately fell in love with them…the different colors and the flowers…they remind me of being a kid and the certainly spice up my basic black!  So I bought two pairs…one for me…and one for one of you!  That’s right…today’s present is gloves.  They are really comfortable and very warm.  Trust me…it’s 19 degrees right now with a wind chill of 7 degrees…but my hands were nice and toasty warm when I got to work this morning. 

You know the deal by now I’m sure, but just in case…each comment gets you one entry and you get three extras every time you blog about the 12 days of Christmas. 

I also wanted to mention something great that is going on over at Fojoy.  In support of Santas Anonymous, Fojoy and her hubby Wilzie are sponsoring a toy drive.  Santas Anonymous is a fabulous organization that delivers toys to families in need and this year their donations are way down.  Please go visit Fojoy to hear her account of why this organization is so great and to get all the details about how you can help.  Because every kid should get a present on Christmas.


  1. Thanks, again for your support with the toy drive, Shan, it really means a lot to me.
    And if you ever falling short of your cold & snow quota, you are more than welcome to come on up to Edmonton…we got plenty to spare!

  2. I’m originally from the Caribbean so my preferences skew toward warmth. I hate anything less than 70 degrees actually so I’m not quite sure why I live somewhere that has seasons. LOL.

    And unfortunately, I work at a hospital so we’re always open. No snow days for me! Ever. Even though I work in the marketing department and can just as easily work from home on snow days but I won’t get started on that.

    My dog hates the cold. She won’t go outside if there is snow on the ground. She’s such a diva dog.

    I want those gloves. Come to momma.

  3. Those are fabulous gloves for sure. I am glad your snow was pretty and did not cause accidents! We haven’t had any yet this year. I am sort of ready for it… Last winter was insane! I live in Pennsylvania.

  4. I do not handle cold weather very well (although I also hate being hot). It’s been in the teens here the past few days and I’ve had to bundle up with gloves, hats, scarves, hooded sweatshirts under jackets. Whatever I can find.

  5. I love the first REAL snowstorm, too. Not this flurries business. But having to commute in inclement weather is the pits and my office NEVER closes. Well, they did last year when they had that crazy a** storm but that was a first.

    Snow days just don’t come the way they used to, huh??

    What an adorable pair of gloves!

  6. Pick me, pick me!! My sister would love these (she lives in Seattle – brrrrr), and I would be the awesomest sister in the wide world for giving them to her!

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