Random Musings Friday…

Ahhhh…Friday…my favorite day of the week.  As much as I’ve been enjoying the 12 days of Christmas, I am happy to do a random musings post today.  I have lots to tell you this week…

  • On Sunday, J and I went to the Giants’ game and, man, was it freezing…
    All you could see was my big, red nose…like Rudolph…I’m so seasonally appropriate.

    I was a giant popsicle and I was not happy about it.  Of course, it was a really good game and J refused to leave.  It was really windy in the stadium and the goal post were vibrating.  J turned to me and said “Honey, look, the goal posts are colder than you are…they are shivering.”  It’s probably a lame joke, but it made me laugh.  I tried to take a video of the posts, but I was too far away.  After we got into the car, it took me almost a half hour to get feeling back in my feet.  I can’t wait for the next game!!!

  • J is off this week and he’s been doing some home improvements to the house that crack built.  The other night, after I got home from work late, I found him in the basement, removing the door that leads to the garage.  The hinges were loose and he wanted to tighten them.  He found that the screws holding the top hinge weren’t actually anchored into anything…the wood beneath them had split when the screws were put in.  Of course, it had never been fixed…like everything else in the house, it was just patched over to look ok when it was really falling apart underneath.  At first, J got really angry, but then we started cracking jokes…because, really, what else can we do but laugh about it?  So we decided that from now on, when we discover these kinds of ridiculous things we are going to refer to it as “being Santucci’d” (Santucci being the last name of the people who built the house).  This particular finding was a doozie, but the best example of being Santucci’d happened when we discovered old t-shirts shoved into a wall in lieu of insulation.  That one was classic.
  • Speaking of houses…we went with our realtor to see a house last Saturday.  When she opened the front door a cat came running out.  She freaked out because she wasn’t sure if the cat was supposed to be outside.  She started chasing the cat and the cat ran away from her.  Enter J…all cool, like he’s the Caesar Milan of the cat world.  He was all…I’ll handle this…and he walked over to the cat all calmly, talking to it.  The cat sat down and let him pet her.  Then she stayed still while he picked her up and started to carry her into the house.  J was very smiley and proud of himself…until the cat decided the whole thing wasn’t working for her and she wanted down…and she clawed him in the face to make her point!  He had to pull her little claws out of his skin and he had three nice little punctures that bled for over two hours.  We decided that if we end up buying that house, we are asking for a credit for pain and suffering. 
  • Speaking of J’s face (don’t you just love the segues today?)…on Wednesday night, J stabbed himself in the face with a screwdriver.  You see, he was trying to pry a piece of metal apart using said screwdriver and, of course, the screwdriver slipped…and hit him right in the lip.  The whole scenario had disaster written all over it from the first second he started, but I didn’t say anything because he never listens to me anyway.  So, he stabbed himself in the face, said he was fine and went back to what he.  Then a few minutes later, there was blood everywhere.  I was panicked…because I’m not a huge fan of blood and I really thought we were in for a trip to the emergency room.  J has…well, he had…a goatee and between that and all the blood, I couldn’t see  how bad the cut actually was.  Luckily, after he shaved and cleaned up the area, we found that it was a pretty small cut and we eventually got it to stop bleeding without a trip to the hospital.  The really awesome part is that I am being blamed for the whole mess.  He swears I said something that distracted him and caused his hand to slip.  The truth is…I was watching something on TV and not even paying attention to him at the time.  This was all his idiocy.  I take no responsibility.
  • On Wednesday, I had to come into work late and I never ate breakfast.  When lunch time came, I was starving.  I ordered some chicken and, for kicks, a piece of chocolate cake.  I have no business eating cake in the middle of the day…and apparently the universe agreed.  Because I could not open the cake container to save my life.  It was totally stuck and no amount of pulling would release it.  I was feeling like maybe I shouldn’t eat the cake and just toss it when it finally opened.  Thank goodness it did…because that cake was simply divine.  (BTW – when I say it finally opened…I mean that I took a really sharp scissor and sliced open the plastic.)

And last but, certainly not least…

  • This week someone found my blog by googling “dog sex woman you tube”.  I’m not really sure how that combination led them to me…but I’ve got the sudden urge to go remove all mention of sex from every post I’ve ever written…just so it never happens again. 

So that is what went on in my world while I was carrying on my 12 days of Christmas. 

And speaking of the 12 days of Christmas…a refresher on the rules…every comment earns you one entry…every mention on your blog earns you three additional entries.  All comments and mentions for this week must appear before midnight tonight.  Tomorrow morning, I will put all the entries into Random.org and choose 4 people to win this week’s presents.  You can only win one item per week.  If you are related to me…I welcome your comments and look forward to them, however, they do not earn you entry into the contest.  I will notify the winners over the weekend and post the results on Monday…when we start back with the fifth day of Christmas…and 4 more really good presents. 

Also…someone asked me this, so I thought I’d mention it here…these 12 days of Christmas giveaways are not sponsored by any of the companies or products being featured.  The whole thing is being sponsored by me and the items featured are things that I truly love and use all the time.  I am not being compensated in any way.  This is simply a thank you to all of my readers who have made this such a great year for me here on the blog. 

Wow…this is a really long post.  If you are still reading, I thank you for allowing me to go on…and on…and on.  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!


  1. You are a trooper Miss Frozen Pop! Truth be told if I could get tickets to go to a Steelers game I’d freeze my butt off too!!! T-shirts as insulation HOLY HELL!!!! That’s ridic! You may want to get J a helmet or a bubble that boy is accident prone! And clearly not the cat whisperer he thought he was 😉 hehe That sucks though, if you buy the house you should totally ask for closing costs and pain and suffering!!!

    I hope you have a great weekend – I always look forward to your Friday randoms w/ my morning cup of joe! ox

  2. I also just tweeted about it! Twitter name JenniDMC

  3. I visited my boss at her house and she has a cat named Pumpkin. I asked if Pumpkin was nice and could I pet her. She said yes, then when I pet Pumpkin, she hissed at me.

    My boss told me, “Oh no. You can’t pet her there. You have to pet her up by her head.” I was thinking “And that’s why I have a dog. There are no rules about where to pet her. She just wants to be petted.” So I tried petting Pumpkin again and that little MFer scratched me. Curse cats!

    My friend did something similar to what J did. He was using a screwdriver to try to stab open something that was in that super duper plastic covering (similar to that stuff batteries are in). He was holding the package in his hand and was stabbing downward at the container and missed and stabbed himself in the hand. He had to have surgery and suffered some minor nerve damage.

    It was a disaster waiting to happen and I don’t know how he didn’t realize what he was doing was stupid and dangerous in the first place. Boys.

    P.S. – I hope I win something!

  4. Holy moly – I think Santucci built our house too! We found old tea towels shoved into an air vent and the surrounding wall in the basement (when I say “we”, I mean a squirrel), and he built the bathroom vanity AROUND the water pipes – so when it came time to renovate the bathroom, we had to cut the vanity up in to pieces to get it out without destroying the pipes!
    We were totally Santucci’d!
    And I found a moment (it may or may not have been at work after a wine-filled Christmas lunch) to write a post, and mentioned your giveaway :)

  5. Wow, I never thought to put old tshirts in the walls for insulation :p That’s just crazy!

    Poor J. Sounds like he went through the ringer last week. Though the hell with blaming you when you were clearly watching tv in the other room?!? Men :p

    Also, I think it’s awesome that you’re sponsoring all these giveaways. Your prizes are awesome, Shana!


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