On the first day of Christmas…

For me, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving.  That’s the first day I will listen to Christmas songs on the radio and the first day of my Christmas shopping.  It is also the day when I do my first favorite activity of the holiday season…I decorate my Christmas tree. 

This year I bought a new tree…a 7 1/2 foot, pre-lit tree with fancy molded plastic branches.  It was a QVC Christmas in July purchase and really…it was the thing that kicked off my QVC addiction.  Because, you see, this tree has the cords for the lights built into the center pole of the tree.  All you have to do is assemble the three parts of the tree together and plug it into the wall and…viola!…you’re done.  The woman demonstrating it was able to do it in 23 seconds.  I was sold. 

So, last Friday, J and I went up to the attic and took all the decorations down to the living room.  All six giant boxes of decorations.  Then we took out the tree.  I kept telling him about the woman who assembled it in 23 seconds and how easy it was going to be.  He just looked at me and said nothing…because he knows that nothing in our house is that easy.

Well…it didn’t take 23 seconds.  But really, it only took about 5 minutes.  It was pretty simple and went smoothly…except for the part where I shifted something and pinched J’s finger inside the pole and he carried on like I’d actually cut his finger off.  Seriously…I thought he was going to want to go to the hospital.  He’s such a baby sometimes. 

Here was our creation before we started decorating…

Sofie was not a fan and was sniffing everything in sight...

J refused to help me decorate because he says I’m a Christmas dictator and I yell at him that he’s doing things wrong.  Which is true…I also move all the ornaments he puts on the tree and put them where I think they should go.  So he sat on the couch and conducted a running commentary while I decorated.

This is my finished product…

I also set up my nativity…

Please note the Swiffer dusting cloth behind the manger!

And my Christmas countdown calendar…

And J busted out this guy…who sings and scares the hell out of the dogs…

I still have some little touches to do…a gingerbread house for the dining room, the Christmas place mats for the table and the reindeer towels and oven mitts for the kitchen.  But overall, I’m so pleased with the house.  It’s very Christmas-y and I love it. 

Now…for the really important stuff…the presents! 

Starting today and lasting through Christmas Eve, I’m going to be doing my 12 days of Christmas.  The posts will appear Monday – Thursday…Fridays will still be random musings.  Every day with a 12 days post will feature a present.  These presents are going to be a selection of my favorite things (I feel just like Oprah!) for this year. 

So…how do you become a lucky recipient?  Easy…

  1. Leave me a comment – every comment counts for one entry
  2. Blog about the 12 days of Christmas – write about this on your blog and you earn three extra entries

That’s it…simple right?  All comments left for the week (Monday – Friday at midnight) will be entered into random.org and I will choose 4 winners.  Winners will be chosen on Saturday and I will post them on Monday morning.  To try to spread the fun, each person will only be eligible to receive one present each week.  Make sense?  I hope so…I had to read this three times to make sure. 

I’m sure you are all thinking…enough with the talking…get to the presents.  Here you go…

As I was decorating my tree I thought a lot about what I wanted today’s present to be.  It was the first day, so I wanted it to be something good.  I just had no idea what.  When I came to my favorite ornaments to put on the tree I knew that was it…

Yup…that is a sparkly pig and a sparkly cow with wings and crowns.  I love these guys…and I’m hoping you do to…because todays present is your very own pig and cow…

Please forgive my tackiness at leaving the prices on them…

There you have it…the first day of Christmas and the first present.  Good luck…

Have you decorated your tree yet?  What is your favorite ornament?


  1. Ooooohh!! I want a sparkly pig and a sparkly cow! And I’m going to mention your 12 Days of Chrsitmas in today’s blog post.

  2. Awwww, Shana! The tree and decorations all look beautiful :) Congrats on getting it up in under 5 minutes–that’s pretty impressive (though I’m sorry to hear about J’s injury). The sparkly pig and cow are ADORABLE!

    I don’t have a tree yet and am on the fence as to whether or not to get a little one. I didn’t last year and I kind of regretted it so maybe I’ll pick up a little something. I do have some Christmas lights around the apartment though as well as some decorations. I love this time of year.

    A few years ago, I collected Homies. Do you remember then? Then one year I didn’t have any ornaments, so I added them to my tree and it was a very Homey Christmas :)

    • Target has really cute little trees for $12-18 and then little kits for decorating them.

      On a different note…I’d never heard of Homies before but I just googled them. They are so funny.

  3. That tree is perfect!!! I love it. We totally go faux as well but mine is not pre-lit. Mike had a mini freak out when he was decorating ours, half the strand stopped working at the bottom. He was all “IT WAS LIT UP THREE MINS AGO!” for some reason he didn’t leave them plugged in as he was decorating – you always leave them plugged in to see where the light goes. I didn’t say anything, I know how to choose my battles. He also lets me handle the decorating because I become all “CRAZY ONLY CHILD DON’T DO THAT” girl. He gets to decorate outside which due to being sick, hasn’t happened yet.

    Your home looks so lovely and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t smitten with these ornaments. I have a soft spot for cows and oddly enough now pigs too – thanks to a house warming gift that we received a pig sits on top of my fridge and often tells me he needs a pal.


    • I went real one year and the tree was dead by the end of the first week. I ended up with a mess of pine needles and a slightly brown tree. Now I will only do faux…and pre-lit. It’s the best way to go.

  4. I love sparkly pig and sparkly cow. I decorated my Christmas Tree last night. We got a real one although I’m pretty sure I’m slightly allergic to it. My current favorite ornament is this green and gold pineapple I got on my honeymoon in Hawaii. It changes every day though.

  5. Very nice tree! I think we are going to get ours tonight and start the decorating!

  6. I think the Boy and I are going Christmas Tree shopping tonight. We’re planning on getting a baby real tree since we don’t spend Christmas at our apartment yet, but it’s our first Christmas as a betrothed couple so I voted that that means tree.
    Favourite ornament? Hmm… since we haven’t decorated I don’t think I have one yet – but I did peak in the box and was reminded of the Toronto Maple Leaf snow-covered hockey pucks and that made me laugh. They look like coal at first glance and the Leafs are terrible!
    Maybe next year I’ll have an easy answer of “My Sparkly Pig of course!”

    • Agreed…I think you definitely need a tree…even if it’s only a small one. You also need a cheesy “Our first Christmas” ornament.

  7. first of all, your tree is beautiful. it would have been nive of QVC however if they packed a little elf in that box to help you decorate. i mean men may not know how to place ornaments, but elves do. that’s their thing. also, men are babies. manfriend gets a sniffle and he is out of commission for a week. it’s just a fact of life i am afraid.

    also, christmas was clearly a brilliant time for me to get back into the blogworld because now i can win something :) we call my dog moo, so the cow would be perfect on our tree.

    you have inspired me to get my decorating done this week. must get to it asap.

  8. Yay! You’re back to the blog world. You’ve been missed.

  9. Your tree is gorgeous! My Mom and I would put up her tree every year, while my dad (and later Wilzie) sat and drank beer…they, too, knew better than to interfere.
    Wilzie put up our tree yesterday (by put up, I mean removed the garbage bag from the top of it, and placed the pre-lit, 4″-er it on the table).
    I don’t have a single spare moment to blog (3 scarves down, 5 to go!), how about I tweet your giveaway? Does that count for something?

  10. Those are adorable! You’ve got a great idea going! Your tree is beautiful! We are putting ours up tomorrow night. I’m excited!

    I’d like to promise a blog post, but I’ve just been able to get back to ‘this world’ and it prolly won’t happen. 😛

  11. I have to say that sparkly pigs and vampires ARE better than sparkly vampires!! I hope it’s not too late to enter this totally fun shindig of yours, but if so…I will just have to get with it next week.

    So, I finally went to Big Lots and got a 4′ tall tree for the ornaments that I’ve been dragging along with me since the year of my birth….things like huge ballerinas on a hook and snowmen made with cotton balls. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, but I also can’t really put them on the big fancy tree in the living room, either. These sparkly creatures, however, would get front and center on the living room tree! So, I’m throwing my hat in the ring. Mama wants the sparkle!

    And I blogged about all of the fun going on over here. And gave you a plug for Random Musings. Does that count? Also? I think you should design a little button for Random Musings so I can come over here and steal it from time to time. 😉


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