Random Musings Friday…The Thanksgiving Edition…

Happy Thanksgiving!  I planned to pop in yesterday and talk about all the things I am thankful for this year.  However, the turkey got the better of me…first cooking it and then going into a food coma…so I never got here.

Instead I’ve decided to give you a list of things I’m thankful for…Random Musings style.  This year, I’m thankful…

  • For getting to spend Thanksgiving with my family yesterday.  We had a really nice day and I was so glad they came over.
  • For J…who helped me cook and clean and then shoved two cupcakes in his mouth at once to make us all laugh. 
  • For my two puppies who are cuddling up to me and giving me all kinds of love.  I think they are trying to use their affection to get more turkey…and it’s working.  I’m a sucker for puppy love.
  • That J noticed me putting the curtain over the lit candle while we were cleaning yesterday and grabbed it before it went up in flames.  I’m pretty sure burning down the house would have ruined Thanksgiving.
  • That my turkey came out juicy and delicious…even though I overcooked it.  I’m also thankful that I was able to tell J to shove it when he accused me of ruining Thanksgiving with a dry turkey. 
  • That my brother agreed to go shopping with me at 2AM…in the freezing rain…so I could get my Target doorbuster deals.  I’m also thankful that we were able to push and shove our way through the crowd to get everything we wanted/needed.  I actually saved more money than I spent…which is a successful shopping trip, if you ask me.

    Little brother in the Target parking lot at 3AM.

    Don't I look pretty at 3AM in the rain?

  • For the delicious nap I got to take when I got home from shopping.  Also for the delicious turkey sandwich and sweet potato casserole I had when I woke up. 

There are a million other things I am thankful for…like cupcakes and Abba’s greatest hits and comfy sweatpants and Diet Coke.  But I can’t list them all now…I’d be here all day and there is a delicious cupcake calling me from the kitchen. 

There is one last thing I’m thankful for that I want to mention…and that is all of you…who come here every day and read all this crap that I talk about.  Thank you so much…my blog wouldn’t exist without you!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday.  Enjoy your leftovers.


  1. !!! Scary! My mom burned her hair on Christmas once when she was little. She leaned across a candle and her long hair went up in flames. My uncle saved the day and mom had a bob after that. Not. Awesome. Glad J saved the house! And the curtain!

    As for Black Friday, we’ve never gotten along well. Sounds like you made a killing though! Congrats! I wish I was good and thrifty like that. The gene skipped me.

  2. Shopping at 2am? That is dedication!

  3. Awwww, I’m thankful to have met you via blogging, too, Shana. *HUGS*

    OMG, so glad J caught the curtain before your house went up in flames. That’s scary. And congrats on a successful bird! You are CRAZY for going shopping so early but kudos on saving more than spending :) Atta’ girl!

  4. YAY -I’m thankful for you too girlie!!! You are a trooper getting out there for all the great deals!! Happy Late Thanksgiving! xoxo

  5. You are such a better woman than me. I know what I was doing at 2 AM and it was not standing in the rain and the dark, waiting on Target to open. Although…I heard there was a fist fight at the Target in Macon, so maybe we should have come home for that. Congratulations on your turkey!! I’m not a fan of the bird, myself, and so it seems like a lot of work for a meal that I don’t really like. Ribs in the crockpot though? Slap yo mama!! I think all turkeys that were cooked thoroughly and served to the praise of many means the cook gets to eat all the cupcakes she wants.

    And while I have been an uber crappy blog reader lately, I am going to fix that. Soon. Very soon. Cuz I miss y’all and I feel like an important part of my day has evaporated. So, I’m very thankful this year for your continued dedication to your blog because otherwise, life would be all oatmeal and no reading material.

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