Weekend highlights…

Although I planned a relaxing weekend, it ended up being pretty busy.  Here are the highlights…

  • Remember how I said J was going to cut down a tree with the neighbor and I was going to hang out on the couch and watch movies?  Yeah…I should have known better.  J woke me up from a very deep and cozy sleep at 9AM to inform me that I had to be up because he was going out to get started on the tree.  I asked if he needed me to help and he said no.  So why did I have to get up???  He was outside for ten minutes before he asked me to help him.  Apparently, the neighbor was totally useless and also had his two daughters in the driveway…a few feet from where the tree was coming down.  So I went out and help and we had the tree down in a matter of an hour. 
  • J, in his infinite wisdom, decided that since the ladder was already out, he should climb up and clean out the gutters.  “It’ll be really quick…they shouldn’t be bad”…famous last words.  The gutters were a total mess.  They were completely full of leaves and dirt.  It took over two hours to really get them clean.  I sustained injuries when J “accidentally” threw one of the gutter guards at me and he was completely filthy and all cut up when he was finished. 
  • Favorite conversation of the weekend…J came into the house with his face and arms covered in dirt and sat down to eat lunch…
    Me: You aren’t going to take a shower before you eat?
    J: No, I’m starving.
    Me: Do you realize that you are completely covered in dirt?  It’s all over your face.
    J: No, I didn’t realize it…but I guess it goes with the blood gushing out of this cut on my leg.
    Me:  Oh my God, what do you mean?…(I rush over to where he’s sitting)…are you getting blood on the carpet???
    Yup…I’m all caring like that.
  • Saturday night, J decided he was going to cook the turkey breast I had in the fridge.  When I say he decided he was going to cook it what I really mean is that he was going to pretend that he was going to cook it and really I was going to have to do it.  So I did…along with glazed carrots, mashed potatoes and corn soufflé.  I’m a really good girlfriend. 
  • Sunday we had the Giants game and I really didn’t want to go.  I wanted to stay home in my pajamas.  The only bright spots were that it was a beautiful day for a game and the Giants’ were playing the Cowboys…which is my brother’s favorite team…and I was looking forward to some good trash talking.  Well…the Giants got slaughtered by the Cowboys.  It was a blood bath.  I couldn’t even make one comment.  The Giants really suck. 
  • The only interesting part of the game is when the lights in the stadium went out.  Every single light.  The place was pitch black except for the camera flashes that were going off.  Apparently, there was some kind of transformer problem and it was totally dark for what felt like a few minutes, but actually was less than 30 seconds before the emergency lights went on.  It was actually pretty cool to see…although I hope it never happens again.  Overall, everyone was pretty calm about the whole thing and the stadium staff and security did a fantastic job.
  • We watched Toy Story 3 and I cried my eyes out.  J made fun of me. 

It was a very productive weekend…we cut down a tree, cleaned out our gutters, made a turkey dinner, went to a football game and still managed to watch three movies.  

How was everyone else’s weekend?


  1. Wilzie also teased me mercilessly when I cries at Toy Story 3…but I think its not our fault that our men are heartless!
    We always put the gutters off until we can no longer ingnore them. We had a tree growing in one this spring…
    I applaud your very productive weekend, and hope that Wilzie never reads this, or he’ll start wondering what I do with my weekends…

  2. Wow, that is a VERY productive weekend! Awww, I wanna see Toy Story 3 but I know I’m going to be a total waterworks. Those movies always tug at my heartstrings. And you ARE a very good girlfriend. Your dinner sounds delish :)

    Weekend was pretty good; remind me to tell you about the craziest thing I saw on Saturday night outside of the Garden (I tried to get tickets to see Dave Matthews but wasn’t willing to spend an arm and a leg on them). Ended up going to Rocky Horror Picture Show instead.

  3. How could you not get teary-eyed at Toy Story 3. I mean, how cute was that little girl. I wanted to hug and squeeze her and put her in my pocket and keep her forever.

  4. So…3 things:
    1) Clearly, I’m the only clueless individual left who has not seen “Toy Story 3” and while I do love a good animation, I’m not up for crying my eyes out over a movie just yet. Give me…uh…the calendar says 11 days.

    2) When you said that J was going to cut down a tree last weekend and you were going to be completely uninvolved, I laughed. Hard. Because your denial and naivete are just so precious. You’re so pretty. Of course you will be involved. Because that’s how men roll. Every. Single. Time.

    3) I admire your Mad Girlfriend Skillz…both on the cooking and the football fronts. I can’t say that I would have done the same. Did I mention that I watched SIX hours of GA Public Broadcasting after I got home from taking Neal to the airport? SIX. No laundry, no dishes, just me and Generals Sherman and Lee. So, to that I say:

    Dear J:
    We have never met, but as soon as NYC thaws from the Arctic Tundra and I am free to wear shoes without fur lining, we will meet. And then you will see how truly blessed you are to have Shana for a girlfriend. I fully expect to be sending “Congratulations on Your Engagement” cards shortly thereafter because when you have a totally ridiculous woman living in your house for a weekend, you will want to rush right out and buy that ice. Trust me. And nobody gets me out of my PJ’s on a Sunday. Except God. And the Giants are not God. Looking forward to the Come to Jesus talk we’ll be having over your girlfriend (or fiance’s…whatever) fine cooking.

  5. I keep hearing that Toy Story 3 makes you cry and I look forward to watching those because they’re funny! So now I’m torn! I don’t wanna cry! Everyone will say I’m hormonal!

    Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend though, in spite of having to get up early on a Saturday for a tree. Damn trees. Ryan cleaned the gutters a couple of days ago and I have to say, sitting on the couch and watching was much more fun than getting hit in the face with a dirty leaf and a piece of metal. Much.

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